Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Sami is in thoughts of the kiss that EJ gave her when Lucas comes in with milk for her to drink. She says she is not in the mood for milk. He tells her he has a surprise for her and leaves the room. Then a knock at the door brings in a clown with balloons. Sami asks if he is Lucas’s surprise. She tells the clown that she doesn’t really like clowns. He reveals who he is, he is Andre and he jumps in her bed with him warning her if she makes a sound it will be the last sound she will ever make. Lucas walks in and finds the clown next to Sami’s bed and Andre motions for Sami to be quiet. Lucas runs after him but doesn’t see him. Sami calls Roman and he sends a cop to guard her door.

Stephanie wakes from a noise and screams for Max to wake up because she really sees a bear this time. Max jumps up and goes looking. He disappears leaving Stephanie alone and when he doesn’t come back right away she looks for him and he comes in from behind her carrying a little rabbit telling her that was her bear.

Bo and Kayla find Stephanie and Max in the cave just as they are about to make love. Kayla tells them to get dressed and they would wait outside for them. Kayla explains to Stephanie about why Steve is in jail. She also lets her know that Jeremy showed back up in Salem looking for Steve to help him.

Phillip surprises Belle with a room service dinner with wine and her favorite meal. He then tells her they can watch a romantic movie. She says maybe a good comedy would be better but he says he thought she wanted to watch romantic movie. She asks him if he has noticed that there was only one bed in the room, he says he gets the couch and she gets the bed. Someone knocks on the door and Phillip opens it only to find Shawn and Claire standing there with flowers and saying surprise. Shawn isn’t too happy to see them sharing a room and gives Belle an ultimatum and says he will catch the next flight out going home. Belle tells him to leave Claire with her and he says he loves her, and then walks out.

As The World Turns

Lily is in the lobby looking for Dusty when Holden finds her there. Holden tells Lily its time for her to make a choice. Either she stays away from Dusty or their marriage will be over.

Craig looks for Meg to tell her his lawyer found some money for them but she is with Paul trying to make him admit he still loves her. She kisses him and then tells him she knows he felt something in that kiss. He told her yes he did feel something. What he felt was pity for her and the second she put Craig’s ring on her finger the love he had for her died.

Craig is upset that Meg left without telling him anything and realizes he does not like living at the farm. It’s just not for him. When Meg comes back he is aggravated when he asks her where she went. She tells him she is sorry but she went to see Paul.

Carly is looking at dresses when she thinks about what Jack told her making him remember everything in their past. Meanwhile Jack and Katie still argue over them starting a family of their own. Katie wants something that will be theirs, something that won’t involve Carly but she tells Jack that’s just not going to happen, is it? Katie tells Jack she loves him enough to let him go. Jack refuses to give up on them and they are still getting married.

Katie decides to go looking for a dress, not knowing Carly is in the same shop too. Katie finds one she just thinks is perfect but the shop doesn’t take credit cards and she doesn’t have much cash on her so she asks the clerk if she will hold it for her while she goes to the ATM machine. While she is gone Carly sees the dress and falls in love with it and before the clerk can stop her she is in the dressing room trying it on. When Katie comes back saying she found enough cash in the bottom of her purse the dress is gone and when she asks where is the dress Carly walks out with the dress on.

Jack and Holden talk and Jack tells him that he and Katie argued over having kids. Holden tells him things to make him see it differently. He makes him see how kids can be a blessing to them. This makes Jack think about it and he goes to Katie and tells her he has been thinking and he has changed his mind. He does want kids after all, making Katie happy. When Jack leaves to go to his car Katie turns around only to find Carly standing there but she doesn’t look so good. Katie was about to lay into her about how Jack does want a baby with her when Carly turns away. About the same time Jack comes back only to witness Carly passing out and falling to the ground.

The Young and The Restless

Amber and Daniel and Kevin are sharing an apartment. Amber is wearing Kevin’s shirt and she offers to trade him just as the doorbell rings. She runs to answer it finding Lily standing there only to have Daniel come running out from the shower wanting to know who is at the door. She brought the divorce papers for Daniel to sign. After he signs them she is about to leave and he tells her that just because he signed those papers it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her anymore. Amber and Kevin try to console him.

Amber tells Daniel that Ji Min had the money that they lost. She says that before Ji Min died, Carson stole the $100 bill that she got from Ji Min and he checked the serial numbers and it was from the stolen money, so that’s why she was in his apartment when she found him dead. Daniel suggests they rent Ji Min’s hotel room for the night and that way they can look for the money in the room themselves. Just as they are about to enter the room, Carson shows up telling Amber he had been looking for her. Amber keeps Carson busy while Daniel goes to the room to search it. She slips away saying she will be right back and calls Daniel. She tells him she is going up and he needs to go down and make sure Carson doesn’t go up to the room. She takes a panel off the wall and finds the money.

JT offers his condolences to Cane and his family for their loss. He can see Cane is not exactly OK. Cane tells him someone is stealing from Clear Springs Construction site and he just can’t figure it out. JT offers to work for Cane investigating the thefts and Cane agrees to hire him for the job. They discuss a plan that just might work but JT needs to clear it with Paul first.

Sharon runs into Brad and tells him all about the tape of Ji Min and Jack. He had been out of town and didn’t know anything about it. He tells her that she needs love and support right now and that’s all she was going to get from him. They are having lunch when Jack finds them. When Sharon gets a call and has to go outside to take it, Jack warns Brad that he doesn’t want him having breakfast, lunch or dinner with his wife again.

Jan Barrett

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