Here we are starting another week in the soap world with today’s updates.

Days of Our Lives

Phillip gets the Tulsa PD to help him find Lauren and his son. The detective isn’t too happy about being called in as a special favour but after Phillip and Belle explain to the man the situation he agrees to go in and try talking to her. After questioning everyone in the shelter the detective says that all there agrees that there is no baby there. He goes back in to get Lauren to go outside and talk to Phillip and Belle. She admits she has left the baby with someone she trusts but then presents the detective a paper with Phillip’s signature giving up all legal rights to the baby.

Jeremy changes his mind about running and tries calling Stephanie but he has no idea that she was on the plane with Max and forced to jump with a parachute. Stephanie hurt her ankle when they landed after jumping. Max wrapped it with his torn shirt and then they end up fighting with Stephanie as she defends Jeremy.

Stephanie tells Max there could be a chance for them, that he and she could be together. Max tells her that she has to make her choice between him and Jeremy. She can’t have them both. Giving her that to think about, he turns over and goes to sleep.

Jett is going to be ok, and Chelsea is relieved. She tells Kayla and Bo about Stephanie going with Max to try and get the girls out on the plane after Jeremy ran off. Chelsea confesses to Kayla that when Jett thought he was dying he told her he loves her and she is trying to figure out if he meant it like as in a friend way or like he wants to be with her for life kind of way.

As The World Turns

Noah’s father is talking to Henry about Noah’s past. Henry is getting a bad feeling about things and is uncomfortable about how The Colonel is avoiding telling him something. Luke walks in and the Colonel suddenly has to leave. Later Henry tells Maddie that he gets the distinct impression that the Colonel thinks something is going on between Noah and Luke. Maddie says no there is nothing between them but later goes to see Luke and comes right out and asks him about it. Luke tells her no not really but in his voice she knows something is wrong. He tells her he just doesn’t know how to answer her, but she says he already has and now she needs to talk to Noah.

Katie finds out that Jack doesn’t really want kids causing her to have second thoughts about getting married now. Jack tries to talk more to her about it when the real estate agent walks in and interrupts them. Katie starts to cancel the meeting but Jack insists on them talking with the woman and says that he and Katie will be married soon and they will need a place to live after the wedding. They send the real estate lady out so they can tour the place by themselves. Jack tells Katie that it is hard to support three kids on a cop’s salary. Katie tells him she makes 6 figures of her own salary and he says that it will be hard to get use to not having to worry about money.

In the meantime Carly is in the other room on the sofa and she hears them talking, and gets caught by Katie. She explains that she is there because she was hired to do some decorating in the apartment. After telling Katie she is humiliated enough, Carly tells Katie that Jack loves her and he has finally made her understand and then she leaves.

Meg goes to see Paul right after the maid goes to him with a picture of Meg and Paul together she found in the guest room where Meg slept. She wants him to lay off of Craig if it’s her he wants to hurt.

Lucinda goes to Craig to gloat to him about all that Rosanna is doing to him now that he has no money left.

The Young and The Restless

Jill tells Cane and Katherine that as much as she would like to take all the credit for the tape being aired on TV, she can’t. Cane asks her does she realize what this could do to his grandmother’s company and Jill says she is making more out of it than it is.

Katherine tells Nikki she wants to go to the press right away and make statements of their own about the tape. Michael walks in and she asks him to help her convince Nikki that it is a good idea. Katherine wants to make it look like someone impersonated Ji Min’s voice to make that tape but Michael seems to think that is a bad idea.

Nick tries explaining to Noah that when you are elected a public official there are times when people say bad things about you. Sharon urges Jack to tell the truth for a change. People expect politicians to lie so it might be in his favor to admit the truth. She wants Noah to be able to look up to him but she doesn’t want him to do this for Noah, nor her, she wants him to do it for himself.

Jack tells Nikki that she needs to be blaming Victor for the tape being released. So she went to Victor and asks him directly. He of course denies it asking why would he do that to hurt her deliberately. Then she said she isn’t surprised that he doesn’t remember, She says “Happy Anniversary” and his response was “Oh, that”

Jack and Katherine and Nikki hold a press conference to talk about the tape. Jack denies that the conversation had ever taken place. Nikki says that she enjoyed working with Ji Min very much and he was a man of his word and she is appalled by anything or anyone that implies otherwise. Katherine says she accepted business with Ji Min in good faith according to her counsellor and to his.

David thinks the press conference was a complete success. Jack tells Sharon he did what he had to do, that if he handled it differently it would have ended his career and hurt him financially. Victor walks in and warns him that it’s not over yet.

Jan Barrett

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