Well today starts another week in the Soap World. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea is trying to talk Max into letting them auction him off but so far he is saying no. Stephanie interrupts the crowd watching the football game by turning the TV off and is having trouble getting their attention. He guys are more interested in watching the game than being auctioned off for a date with a sorority girl. They start protesting so Stephanie turns the TV back on. Stephanie says that she could always auction Chelsea off, she says they could reverse the plan but Chelsea says no.

Chelsea uses some eye drops to make it look like she had been crying and gets up in front of the guys once again to make a plea with them to agree to be auctioned off for the sorority girls. She tells them it will help keep someone off the streets and feed someone. She has their attention now and the bar is quiet. The girls come in and are anxious to get the bids started. No one moves, so Chelsea asks Max one more time to get it started and he finally agrees. Stephanie receives a high bid of $500 for a date with Max leaving Stephanie jealous.

Billie goes to Phillip and Shawn and Belle with a plan to try and find Tyler. Phillip remembers Lauren telling him that Tyler was just fine that she left him with someone she trusts. They come to the conclusion that Lauren returned to Salem at the hospital apparently because that is where she left Tyler.

Kayla has Pocket at the hospital and doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. The doctor tells Kayla that Pocket has symptoms of chemical poisoning once again. She tells him that they told her the same thing a few weeks ago and she resents being accused of poisoning the baby. He says he is required by law to report his findings to child protection services. A woman from child protection services comes in and tell Kayla that they have to remove Pocket from her care and as long as there is an investigation going on they have no choice.

Billie finds out that there was a baby left at the hospital about the same time as Lauren claimed to have left Tyler. Belle remembers that Steve and Kayla are foster parents for a baby and that must be Tyler.

Sami tells Lucas to listen to what EJ has to say about this marriage between him and Sami. Lucas doesn’t want to go along with it and refuses to give her the divorce. EJ tells him that Stefano’s health is deteriorating and could die any time now. Once that happens Sami will be free to end the marriage and go back to Lucas anytime she wants and he would just disappear. Stefano tells EJ he got annulment papers from the church for Sami and Lucas’s marriage making her free to marry him now. Lucas and Sami walk in and EJ tell them of the papers that Stefano has, saying all it needs is both of their signatures.

As The World Turns

Dusty is awake in the hospital and he tells the cops that Colonel Mayer is the one that shot him. He tells the officer that the Colonel murdered his wife, Charlene aka Cherie and wanted to shut him up, so he tried to kill him.

While on the fishing trip The Colonel aims his gun at Luke and says to himself that he should have kept his distance away from his son. Holden and Lily are out at the camping area and can’t find Luke or Noah. Holden is blaming Lily on this happening by not telling him anything about the Colonel to begin with. Noah is with Luke and the Colonel can’t shoot. When Noah leaves the Colonel follows Luke and when Luke spots him aiming his gun at him he fights with him to stop him. Noah shows up and they all fight. Then Holden comes up and fights as Luke runs off. The Colonel shoots just as Holden knocks him down screaming at him asking him what has he done to his son. Lily runs after Luke and finds him on the ground unconscious and bleeding with a gash on his forehead but the Colonel gets away.

Katie has all the papers necessary to buy the house they want but has a hard time getting Jack’s attention. He interrupts her to ask an officer a question about a case they are working on and Katie asks him sarcastically would he like for her to forge his name since she has done everything else to buy this house? Katie offers to do her part to help out with Carly by maybe picking up the kids after school so Jack can spend more time with her.

Jack is feeling guilty about putting Katie through all this with him and Carly. He told her his decision on staying with Carly 24/7 without even discussing it with her and he feels he was wrong. Margo gives Jack the pep talk. She tells him he needs to make a plan to be sure to spend some time with Katie too. He says Katie deserves that. She says no not for Katie, to do it for himself.

Jack goes to see Carly only to find her on the floor and not able to get up by herself. He helps her up and offers to call the doctor and she says no. She goes off to freshen up and Jack finds the video Carly made for him telling him that she still loves him and she needed him to know that. When he turns it off he hangs his head and she walks in saying she meant what she said in the video. She says she is glad he has Katie and just wants him to be happy but she asks one more thing from him that would make the world of difference to her. That is to give her one more chance, for him to hold her one more time so she can feel what she use to feel in his arms.

The Young and The Restless

Neil invites Karen for dinner tonight at his apartment but she says she needs a night off. She says that every time they have dinner over there the subject always ends up with business talk. He tells her Lily got a 98 on a paper for school and its tradition for them to celebrate with ice cream night, and after wards perhaps some sort of board game. She finally agrees to go. Lily and Devon are upset that Neil invited Karen to join them on ice cream night but he apologizes and promises it won’t happen again. Karen comes in wearing a hat that was just like one that Dru use to wear and it upsets Lily to see it. When she walks out the room Neil tells Karen what just happened and come to find out she bought the hat at a Thrift Store and by coincidence, it is the very same hat that Neil donated which was Dru’s hat. Later while they are playing cards Karen doesn’t quite know how to play the game and Lily and Devon are irritated by it causing Karen to get nervous and uncomfortable.

Jack and Sharon fight off the reporters because of the story in the tabloids and then Jack is being questioned by Maggie about Ji Min’s death, only he refused to talk to them until he has his lawyer present. Sharon tells Jack if the police have nothing on him then they must think he knows something that will help him.

Jack gets Katherine to join him in a meeting with Heather to talk about it. He tells Heather that Maggie has asked him to answer some questions about this case but he needs some protection from some media abuse and he will be happy to help the department with the Ji Min case if she can guarantee him that they won’t be charging him with anything to do with the Jabot case. Heather agrees to talk to Maggie and then get back to him. Jack gets a call and they have agreed that if he cooperates completely with them in helping them with Ji Min’s case then they have agreed not to file any charges on him.

Later in a meeting with heather and Maggie Jack is filling them in on the conversations he had with others the night Ji Min was killed. Maggie asks him how he persuaded Ji Min into cancelling his press conference. Jack looks stunned and says he never said he did. Maggie says she was under the understanding that he had so she wants to know how he did it. Jack is quiet. He finally admits he did meet with Ji Min that night and he tells her that he told him that he purchased land his family lived on and threatened to evict them if Ji Min held the press conference. He then turns to Sharon and apologizes because he knew that she didn’t approve of him doing that but he was desperate. They ask him if he had a fight with Ji Min that night and Jack says certainly not. They inform Jack that Ji Min had cuts and evidence on his body proving there was a fight between him and someone the night of his death which surprises Jack and Sharon both. This causes the case to go from an accident to a homicide case.

Maggie and Paul are talking and she tells him with Jack insisting on his lawyer being present to be questioned makes him look like he has something to hide. She gets a call from the lab telling her they found some sort of new evidence on Ji Min’s body that she needs to know about. She rushes over to the lab to find out what it is.

Maggie talks to Jill asking questions about whether Ji Min owned a dog and Jill wants to know why she is asking this. She tells Maggie that Ji Min was highly allergic to dogs, and wants to know if she found out something new. Maggie just tells her she will update her as soon as she can and then leaves the table. Later Maggie tells Paul they found a sample of dog hair on Ji Min’s body and Jack has no idea about it.

Jan Barrett

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