Here are the updates for the soaps today, ending yet another week in the Soap World.

Days of Our Lives

The doctors rush to Lauren after she fell down the stairs. She whispers Tyler’s name. Shawn is in pain and Belle gets him to go back to his hospital bed. Before he leaves, Phillip tells him thank you and Shawn says he hopes Lauren will be ok. Phillip turns to Lauren and asks her to please at least tell him if his son is alive. She takes Phillip’s hand and says yes he is. On the operating table the doctors try their best to save Lauren but with no luck. Lauren dies without telling Phillip where his son is.

Belle tells Shawn she is proud of him for helping Phillip by calling him to let him know Lauren was there. He tells her he didn’t really do it for Phillip though, he done it for himself. He admits thinking that if Phillip could find his son then that would mean he could get her back all to himself again. Phillip tells Shawn and Belle that Lauren died. They ask if she told him where Tyler was before she died and he says no and he may never know now.

Billie walks in and says not only will they find Tyler but they will bring him home. She is going to help him find his son. Phillip says all they know is that Tyler is alive. They figure it out that Tyler must be there in Salem for Lauren to be there today.

EJ tries to make Sami admit that she really cares for him. She tells him she is mad because she is being forced to give up the man she loves to marry the man she hates more than anyone else. He assures her that when they are married her family will not be harmed. She tells him she doesn’t want him and she doesn’t love him, it will only be a marriage of convenience. EJ says in order to join Santo’s and Colleen’s souls together they need to make this marriage real. He wants Sami to want him as much as he wants her.  She kicks EJ out and goes back to cleaning when Hope walks in startling her.

EJ is making himself a drink in the pub when Tony walks in. He tells Tony that Sami is leaving Lucas to marry her. Tony suggests a nice Island off the Pacific as a perfect little get away for them. EJ goes back in to Sami and tells her he will lie to his father about their marriage. He agrees to share separate bedrooms and not tell Stefano. He agrees to respect her feelings for Lucas also. Sami is suspicious and wonders why he has changed his mind. She asks him why he changed his mind now. He tells her there are no conditions on his part. She asks why, he says because he loves her and he would like the chance to prove it to her.

As The World Turns

Aaron buys Sofie a milkshake at Henry and Vienna’s diner hoping he can get her a job there as a waitress. She is still worried about Cole even though Aaron can’t understand that. She recalls how mean Iris was to her and she says she still doesn’t know how Iris even knew she was out at the farm. She knew Gwen didn’t tell her. Just then Alison walks in and Aaron just looks at her. When Sofie leaves Aaron blames Alison for telling Iris. She tells him it wasn’t her, it was Barbara and she explains it to him.

At a cabin Meg is knocked out by Colonel Mayer. He is in the woods with his rifle. After the Colonel leaves her on the floor there, somehow Paul shows up and wakes her. She doesn’t remember what happened. She tries to get up and almost faints so he picks her up and carries her to the bed. She says her head hurts and he asked if someone could have hit her from behind. She asks who would want to do that. He says he doesn’t know, her husband perhaps. Meg asked Paul why he stopped to help her if he doesn’t still have feelings for her. He says he wasn’t just going to leave her like that, he isn’t that type of man. They end up sharing a kiss. When Meg pulls away he tells her that he knows now he can never say goodbye to her. Then they kiss again falling onto the bed together.

Noah and Luke buy all new fishing gear for their fishing trip with the Colonel. Noah is all excited not believing this is actually going to happen for them. Maddie walks up and she sees all the equipment they just bought and she says all this just for fishing at the pond. Luke tells her its not for the pond, it is for a fishing trip he and Noah are going on with Colonel Mayer. This bothers Maddie and she begs Luke not to go on this trip. Luke wants to know why not and she says he is going to think she is crazy and paranoid but she doesn’t trust the Colonel.

Lily is back and Holden tells her that Luke is going on a fishing trip with Noah and his father. Lily thinks back to when Dusty told her about The Colonel being involved with Cherie. She tells Holden Dusty didn’t skip bail. She goes to talk to Margo and tells her the same thing. Margo wants to know what Lily knows. Lily was about to tell her about The Colonel but is interrupted by the phone ringing. Lily decides to leave. She goes to the farm looking for Holden but before she can go inside Dusty comes up and collapses on the ground.

When Luke and Noah arrive back at the farm The Colonel is there waiting with Holden for them. He says he wanted to hurry and get out there before it starts raining. In the woods he tells them he has something he wants them to see and tells them to go on ahead. Once they are gone he looks behind the tree where he has his rifle hid. The guys find the tent all set up for their campsite. Mayer sends Luke in one direction for firewood and Noah in the other direction to get the tackle box out the truck. When Noah walks away he tells himself that Noah will never know just how much he really loves him.

In Old Town Maddie runs into Holden. He says she seems a little upset and he wants to know if she is ok. She asks him if he knows where Noah and Luke was going fishing and he wants to know why she wants to know. She says because she is worried about them and she thinks he should be worried too.

The Young and The Restless

Brad makes sure the sleazy tabloid magazine is seen by the girl working at the coffeehouse with Sharon and Nick’s picture on the front cover. Daniel walks up and sees her reading the magazine and she shows him Nick and Sharon’s on the front page.

Maggie and Paul discuss the Ji Min case. She says all the evidence keeps coming back to Jack. David comes up and asks how the investigation going. Maggie says it is making progress. David makes a point to make them suspicious of Jack.

Nikki goes to Victor and asks him if he will keep the news of their divorce from the media. He asks why the hell would he do that. She says for the sake of Clear Springs and for Newman. He says news of their divorce will not affect his business at all. She says but it will affect Clear springs. She says she knows there is more to this than just money, there has to be. He says he will keep quiet until their children know about it but after that he has no plans to keep it quiet. 

Paul meets with Cane to discuss the case about who is stealing stuff from the construction site. Cane turns the topic of discussion into the Ji Min case. He asks Paul if Maggie has found anything new on the case. All Paul tells him is Maggie says the case is coming along and he is sure that it will be soon that his family will be able to put some closure on this.

Daniel goes to visit Phyllis. She can tell something is wrong so she drills him til he finally tells her that he knows about Nick kissing Sharon. She asks him did Nick tell him that. He said no, he read it in a tabloid magazine. After Daniel leaves she calls Nick and lets him know she knows about the headlines in the tabloids. They seem to think that Brad was the one that leaked it to begin with.

Sharon tells Jack she has had enough of the reporters so she is turning her phone off. He tells her there is one sure way to stop all this. He can resign from the seat in the senate. Sharon says she can never ask him to do that. She remembers him once telling Noah it’s not good to quit on something. She can handle all this, she only needed a break. She tells him that’s why she married him, because he never gives up. He kisses her and says she is right and turns his own phone off too. They leave to go to lunch. Maggie comes in looking for Jack but Daniel says they went to lunch, but he can probably reach him on his phone if she needs him. She says she has been trying but it keeps going to voice mail, so she will just try to catch him later.

Nikki is forced to go to Victor to tell him she won’t be able to make the first payment on the loan. She can pay half and make arrangements for the other half to be paid. Victor refuses and says she has til the due date of the payment. If it isn’t made as agreed he will call in the loan.

Maggie stops at Jack and Sharon’s lunch table and asks him to meet her down at the station to answer a few questions for her. He says he isn’t going to answer anything without his lawyer present. She suggests he gets his lawyer and meet her at the station.

Jan Barrett

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