Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Will walks in and over hears Lucas talking to Sami about her leaving him. He wants an explanation and doesn’t like it when they say she is going to marry EJ Wells. Once they explain it Will tries to understand. Sami assures him that she loves Lucas just as much as ever and she always will and asks him if he hates her now. He says no he doesn’t hate her, he thinks she is amazing. After Will leaves Lucas admits to Sami that he saw her holding EJ in her lap when they were in the pub together. He thinks she has feelings for EJ but won’t even admit it to herself.

Belle is at the bar talking to Adrienne waiting for Phillip. He comes in and tells her the search is over for his son and Lauren. Phillip is about ready to give up when Belle gives him the pep talk about not giving up.

At the hospital Shawn gives the nurse a hard time about staying in bed, so he talks her into giving him 5 minutes (10 tops) to find a magazine. While rumbling through the magazines he spots Lauren walking down the hall and follows her. He looks for his nurse and tells her this could be an emergency that a kid’s life could be at stake, he needs to make a phone call. He calls Phillip and tells him Lauren is at the hospital and for him to hurry before she leaves. Shawn corners Lauren and refuses to let her go til Phillip gets there. She shoves him to the wall and knocks him down and starts to run just as Phillip and Belle walk in and Phillip stops her. Phillip wants to know where Tyler is and she tells him Tyler is gone. Phillip is raging mad and wants to know what she done with Tyler. The police come as they start struggling and Lauren pulls away and runs off. She opens the door to the stairway and trips and falls down the steps and tumbles to the bottom.

Stefano is at the station harassing Bo about making sure Steve gets prison terms. Then he rubs it in that soon the two of them will soon be related. Bo laughs at him saying that is just a joke. Kayla shows up and Bo tells her Stefano is there. She goes in to see Stefano just as he says it is almost over and she says not quite as she closes the door behind her. She tells him she wants him to drop the charges against Steve. She says he owes it to Benjy. Stefano denies having anything to do with the murder of his son, and she tells him to prove it by doing what his son would have wanted him to do. Let Steve go.

Stefano says that he appreciates how she was with Benjy but nothing he does or doesn’t do will bring him back. Kayla says well then that means he will refuse to honor Benjy’s death. Kayla says she should have killed him when she had the chance. She warns him that she is a doctor and he is a sick man. One day he may end up in the hospital and she just might be by his bedside and he knows how those little fatal accidents could happen in a hospital and if she doesn’t think she is capable of doing it to just try her, because if he doesn’t drop those charges against Steve she will prove it to him that she can do it.

As The World Turns

Jack comes in to see Carly and Parker says he can’t wake her up. Carly is on the sofa sleeping and Jack runs over to try and wake her. She wakes up just as Jack is about to call the paramedics saying she is fine, that she took her medicine and they must have put her to sleep. She tells Parker he is going to be late for his soccer game but he doesn’t want to go but she insists that she is ok.

Rosanna comes in with a breakfast tray for Paul and she is in a good mood. He tells her he just got off the phone with the Reverend and they now have a wedding date. She gets excited and asks when. Paul smiles and says Halloween night and Rosanna is less than pleased. She asks him if he is kidding. She thinks getting married on a day that represents trickery is not a good idea, and she says if he loves her like he says he does it seems to her that he would want something different than that. He doesn’t see anything wrong with getting married on Halloween but she thinks it is a morbid choice of dates. He says that unless she wants to wait like 3 months Halloween is the only date the Reverend has available. Sunder these circumstances then she smiles and agrees, then Halloween night it is.

Aaron takes Sofie to the farm to stay to keep her from living on the streets pregnant. When Aaron comes in Sofie tells him as soon as she finishes cleaning she is going to leave. He asks her why. She says because his girlfriend Alison made it clear that she wasn’t happy about her being there and he says well it isn’t up to Alison, its his choice.
He says she should stay at least til she gets another job. She says no she has to go and he says he is worried that she won’t have enough money to take care of herself. He says maybe Alison can talk to her boss and get her a job where she works.

Alison reports to Gwen about her latest doctor’s appointment and they are talking when Barbara pops in. She assumes they are having problems with Alison and jumps right in there at the chance to put Alison down but Gwen stops her telling her they need her to be supportive with what Alison is doing for her and Will and if she can’t be then maybe she shouldn’t be there. Barbara tells Gwen she is trying to be supportive and that is why she gets so upset. Gwen lets Alison lay on the sofa and tells Barbara she will walk her to her car. She tells Barbara outside about the problem and Barbara says she understands and apologizes. When Gwen leaves Barbara storms back in and yells at Alison telling her she better not mess things up for Will and Gwen. As she goes to the door to leave Iris is standing there. She tells Barbara she is looking for her son’s girlfriend, Sofie. Barbara tells her she is out at the farm and Alison yells at Barbara for telling her, saying Sofie doesn’t need that kind of stress.

Iris finds Sofie out at the farm and lays into her about her not getting that abortion with the money she gave Cole. Iris tells her she wasn’t about to help her with that little brat she is carrying. Gwen and Aaron are inside and they hear them outside so they come running. Aaron tells her to leave and never come back and she says fine but she wouldn’t believe that lying little tramp.

Parker tells Carly he has decided it was time for him to let Jack adopt him. This makes Carly really happy. After Parker leaves she and Jack are talking about it and Carly has another attack and passes out. When she wakes up she tells Jack she thought she had more time but she doesn’t. She starts crying saying that she is not ready to die.

The Young and The Restless

When Victoria gets to Clear Springs JT takes her to their hotel room where he has it all set up for her. He gives her a gift, it is her favorite perfume. She says she never wears it because it isn’t Newman’s but she thinks she will tonight. Her phone rings and he talks her into letting it ring. He wants it to just be him and her tonight and she agrees.

David tells Nikki that Victor owns the drilling and mineral rights at Clear Springs. Nikki goes to Victor and asks him when was he going to tell her about his involvement and says he doesn’t care if this project fails or succeeds because he will win either way. He doesn’t care about her failing, she thinks he will get great pleasure out of watching her lose everything. She says he has more money than he needs and that Clear Springs means everything to his daughter and all he cares about is himself. They start arguing about her going into business to begin with. He says how dare her to come in and start trying to play in the big leagues. He says she is not ready for the big leagues.

JT and Victoria are finishing dinner and her phone rings again but she has a hard time not answering. So he moves the table away and she grabs her phone seeing it is a text message. The message says “Will you marry me?” She is surprised and she says “Did you?” And he says it better not have been someone else. He asks her will she marry him. He gives her a ring with a birthstone in it, the birthstone for the baby. She tells him she doesn’t want him to take it the wrong way but she is a little superstitious about things concerning the baby so she wants to wait to put it on when the baby is born. He asks her does that mean the answer is yes. She says yes she will marry him.

While Nikki and Victor are arguing her phone rings and it is David. She tells him she is with Victor now. Victor asks if that is David and before Nikki can answer he grabs her phone and throws it telling her angrily “Don’t you ever flaunt that man at me, not in my own house” Nikki says so now it’s his house. He said she left it. She tells him it has been her home for over 20 years.

She thinks back to when she first seen this house, and how much she loved it. She says when he first brought her there she thought he was the butler. It was before she knew he was the great Victor Newman. He asks if she is saying it wouldn’t have mattered if he had of been the butler. She says “Victor, it was never about the money”. She said she fell in love with him. They sit and have a heart to heart talk about their life together. Nikki says she needs someone to accept her like she is and for who she is now. He says he can not accept her anymore. When he looks at her she is not the woman he married. She says well then she guesses it is over. He says he will have his attorney draw up the papers in the morning. When Nikki leaves Victor sits there with tears coming from his eyes.

At the coffee house Heather and Cane are going to have coffee but she says she would understand if he was uncomfortable with his ex working there. He suggests that they go to the club instead. Amber calls Daniel and tells him she changed her mind, she would like to go eat with him to keep him company at the club. While eating, Amber and Daniel watch Cane with Heather at the club. Daniel makes her realize it would be a good idea if she let Cane see her having a good time. All Amber can think of is how sad she is about losing Cane.

Lily and Colleen go to the club to hang out and when they walk in they see Cane and Heather there too. Lily goes up to them to say hello but declines the offer to join them for a drink. Later Lily sits so she can watch them together.

Jan Barrett

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