Here it is, the middle of the week already. Here are the updates for today’s shows for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

At the Sorority Halloween party Stephanie has a hard time dealing with seeing Max with Morgan. Stephanie tells Max that she got a job at the Cheatin’ Heart Club. Her Aunt gave her the job. She says she hopes it won’t make things awkward for him with them working together. He says no, why should it. After all they are friends right.
Morgan walks up and Max covers up about Stephanie’s new job. One of the girls comes up to Morgan and tells her a lot of the other girls are complaining about Ford, he is drinking and he is hitting on all the women there. Morgan goes to check on him. When she is gone, Stephanie asks Max why he didn’t want Morgan to know that they were going to be working together. He says he doesn’t know, he just didn’t want her to blow up over it.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that maybe she needs to start playing the field. She says that maybe she could find someone else. Stephanie says Max is the right one. Chelsea says, so in other words what you are saying is that if you can’t have Max you don’t want anyone. Stephanie looks at Chelsea and tells her she needs some air.

Ford is drunk. Max tells Morgan that they need to get him out of here before he breaks something. Just as he says it Ford drops a glass. Morgan tells Ford she is not going to let him drive himself home. Chelsea says maybe they should call her Mom. Ford is amazed that Billie is her Mom. Chelsea talks to Max about Stephanie but gets no where with him. Morgan tells Ford she can not be babysitting him all night. He says then she has two choices, either give her his keys or give him a lift home. Fine she says, let her go get her jacket. When she goes to get it, he pours a drug in her drink.

Cordy’s parents are there to pick her up. When Stephanie and Chelsea go to let her know, Cordy hears Ford talking loud and slams the door so she can’t hear him. She tells Chelsea and Stephanie she can’t talk about this. Chelsea asks Cordy directly, what did he do to her. Reluctantly, Cordy says he raped her.

Sami and Lucas are in Santa Domingo to get their divorce. Lucas still doesn’t like the idea of them getting a divorce. Sami tells Lucas that no matter what happens, no matter what she says, or who she is with or where she is at, he will always be in her heart. Sami wants one more romantic night with Lucas when a knock comes at the door. Their lawyer comes in with papers for Sami to sign for the divorce and is startled to see Lucas there with her and both in their robes. Sami starts to sign the papers when Lucas says maybe they can find another way for this. Sami talks to him one more time and finally convinces him they have to do this, so he signs the papers. Sami is in tears now.

Kate calls EJ to meet her at the hospital. She tells him Sami and Lucas are in Santa Domingo spending their last night together as man and wife. He says well what did she need to talk to him about. She tells him he had asked her to find out about the DNA tests on the twins, well the results are in, she says. She has the results and she says he wouldn’t believe what she had to go through to get it. He takes the paper and is excited. He is the father of the twin boy. EJ goes to tell Stefano the news. He says congratulations Father, you now have a grandson. Stefano laughs with joy and says Bravo! 

In Santa Domingo, papers are slipped under the hotel room door from EJ. It tells Sami that the results of the DNA tests reveal that EJ is the father of her son. When Lucas comes in she hides the papers, and then cries to him that she is sorry. Then she says its just her hormones.

As The World Turns

Rosanna asks Carly if she is ok. Jack asks Rosanna if Paul is back yet. Her phone rings and it is Craig. She wants to know what he wants. She tells Craig that her guests are starting to arrive and she is about to put on her wedding dress. He asks her where is Paul?

Meg is threatening to stop Paul and Rosanna’s wedding. She tells Paul if he goes through with this she will crash the wedding and tell Rosanna that he loves her, and she loves him. He tells her that she is pregnant. When that happened it ended everything between them. The baby means nothing to him. Meg says he could be the Father. He says that baby is Craig’s, she set out to get pregnant and that’s what happened. She asks him what if the baby is his. Could he really be satisfied that Craig Montgomery would be raising his child?

She says she spoke to the doctor and they were able to figure out when this child was conceived. It was the week that they were together in the cabin. He asks her if she told her doctor how many times she slept with Craig that week too. She says that isn’t the point. He says this baby is not his. She begs Paul not to marry Rosanna.

Rosanna goes out looking for Paul. She finds them in the graveyard but they don’t see her. She hears Meg telling Paul she knows him, if this is his child he could never turn his back on it and her. He tells Meg that she made her choice before and he has made his. His future is with Rosanna now. He says what happened between them in the cabin was a mistake, and if he had known what she had done with Craig then he wouldn’t have let it happen. He tells her to go home to her husband and he walks away with her calling out his name.

Rosanna goes back to the house and Carly asks her what is wrong but she doesn’t tell her anything. Paul comes home and Rosanna doesn’t know what to say to him. She comes right out and says to him that she has given him lots of chances to change his mind on marrying her if he has been having second thoughts.

Katie is talking to the nurse about Carly’s doctor and is shocked to hear he is under suspension for misdiagnosing one of his patients. Brad comes in after looking for her with a candy apple and Katie asks him if he knew anything about this. When Brad says no, Katie asks the nurse if she happens to know the patients name and she can’t remember it. Katie tells Brad she will just have to ask the right person but Brad stops her. She is going to find Bob and Brad asks her does she really want to do that. He tells her that if she carries on with this it will just make it look like she is doing it for revenge against Carly.

Lily tells Luke about her and Holden being separated. She says they wanted to wait and tell the kids after Halloween. Luke feels like it his fault. He tells Lily that it seems like their fighting got worse after this happened to him. She assures him that is just not the case, that’s there is so much more to this. Noah comes in to spend time with Luke. Luke tells him he doesn’t have to give up his fun on Halloween night just to be with him. Noah tells him he would rather be there with him than any where else. Noah talks Luke into going to the Halloween fair and while there Luke gets embarrassed after he falls. He yells at Noah not to touch him and then gets Lily to take him home.

The Young and The Restless

Jeffery calls Gloria and asks her out for dinner and she accepts. Michael and Lauren are against her going but she says if he wants to spend his time telling her how fabulous she looks then she is not going to stop him. Besides she can use a night out for a change. When he gets there, Jeffery says one day he would like to invite the whole family out to dinner. He would like to get to know them all better. Kevin says well he is free right now, so even though Gloria is against it, Jeffery says that will be just fine.

While at the club eating Kevin comes right out and asks him exactly what his intentions towards his Mother are, shocking Gloria. Gloria tells Kevin not to be so rude and Jeffery answers by saying that his intentions are to spend as much time with her as he can.

Maggie goes to see Jill to talk to her about the leak to the press. She is trying to find out where the leak came from. She leaves asking them if they can think of anything that would let her know who leaked it to please call her. After she is gone Cane tells Jill he can’t believe she went to the press and told the story.

Paul tells Heather after surviving something like being caught under all that rubble in Clear Springs gives you a new prospective on life. He says it makes you appreciate things a lot more. Maggie joins Heather and Paul at the coffee house. Once Heather is gone, Maggie says that is the first time he talked to Heather since Clear Springs. He admits that he could have died down there and Heather would have never known he was her father. Maggie asks if he is ready to tell her the truth now. He says ok wise one, what does she think he should do. She says for Heather to have him as her father would only give her something to gain. Maggie says if it were her, she would want to know the truth.

Lauren tells Michael that every night she dreams about her being trapped in Clear Springs under all that concrete and its dark but yet she isn’t sleeping, she is awake. She doesn’t understand why this is happening. She says she knows she is safe there at home. She just doesn’t know what’s going on. Michael makes some popcorn and digs out an old video and sits with Lauren. She falls asleep on the sofa in Michael’s lap. Suddenly Lauren wakes up scared, she was dreaming that they were in the rubble with Paul and she is pretty sure Paul was dead in the dream. Michael calls Paul and lets Lauren talk to him. When she tells him about the dream he says oh no he is very much alive and asks if she wants him to come over and prove it. She says could he? He asks Maggie if she minds, Maggie says it sounds like Lauren needs him more right now than she does, so Paul tells her he will be right there.

Paul and Lauren talk about mistakes they have made in their lives. He says he has a lot of regrets but not everyone has a second chance to make things right again. Lauren tells Paul to think of it this way, if what happened in Clear Springs was tomorrow, would he tell Heather today. Paul decides to call April and talks to her about him telling Heather about him being her real Dad.

Cane and Heather discuss how he started looking for his Mother. Heather tells him that she didn’t know until she was 13 that her step father wasn’t her real father. She had mixed feelings about it. Cane tells her that he use to not want to know his Mother and blamed her for giving him up but now that he has found her he is happy about it. He says his Mom is a wonderful lady and they have really gotten close now.

Kevin is worried that his Mother is falling for everything Jeffery is telling her. She says no way. She says well she has to give him credit though, he is good. Then she looks into Kevin’s eyes and says but she is better, then turns around and walks out. Later when Jeffery gets back to his room, he takes out a tape recorder. He recorded the whole conversation with Gloria and Kevin.

Jan Barrett

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