Here are the updates for today’s shows on Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

EJ and Kate are working on a way to make Lucas decide to give Sami a divorce. Kate is worried that Lucas will find out and then she will never get him back. EJ assures her that he will not find out. He tells Kate he is late meeting her because he had to stop and get some supplies. She asks what kind of supplies and he shows her a gun. He tells her that they are going to make this look like an assassination attempt on Kate’s life. He shoots out the window in her car. They come up with a story to convince Lucas that this is real. She makes EJ cut her on the head with a piece of glass from the broken widow to make it look even more convincing.

Kate calls Roman and tells him she was attacked while in her car. She says someone shot at her and tried to kill her. Roman is doing his Detective Columbo investigation by asking all the questions that seems to have answers making this all look suspicious. Roman calls Lucas and tells him about his mother. Naturally Lucas goes out to see if Kate is OK, which is of course exactly what she was hoping for.

Belle goes to Sami for some sisterly advice. Sami asks her if she is in need of a maid of honor. Belle breaks down and tells her it’s worse than that. She says she slept with Phillip. Sami is shocked and wants to know where, but Belle says it doesn’t matter. Belle says in the room over the Pub. Sami says, in the bed she shares with Shawn? Sami asks her does she have feelings for Phillip. She says she cares about Phillip but she really, really loves Shawn. Sami tells her then she has to make sure Shawn never finds out. Belle confesses that someone else knows. Sami thinks she means Marlena but Belle says no. Hope knows and has promised to never tell Shawn. Sami tells Belle that she has to stay away from Phillip. Belle doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. Sami says he is no longer her friend, he is her lover now.

Marlena and Hope talk about her missing John. She tells Hope she should take her husband and kids and get as far away from Salem and the DiMera’s that she can so they will be safe. Bo tells Marlena he will do what he can to try and stop Sami from marrying EJ.

When he leaves he kisses Hope good bye and Marlena warns her not to take advantage of hearing Bo’s voice. She tells Hope there is only one way she can think of to really stop this wedding and that would be to kill EJ. Hope tells Marlena that it is human nature to want revenge. Marlena confesses that ever since John died she has had fantasies of ways to kill EJ and how to cover her tracks. She says she honestly thinks it is more than just fantasies now though. She tells Hope these thoughts are not going away. She says she is a psychiatrist and she knows exactly how to set up a case for a jury. Hope tells her she is not a violent person and to stop this.

Bo goes to talk to Sami and tells her what her Mother has asked him to do. Sami isn’t surprised but still refuses to give in. She tells him he could support her in this and remember that she is doing this for the family. He says no he can’t do this. She stands by her decision though. Lucas walks in and asks Bo if he can speak to Sami alone. He tells her what happened to Kate and now admits to her that she was right and has been all along. He now thinks they do need to go down to Santa Domingo and get their divorce. He tells her he wants her to promise him something if he does this. He wants EJ to feel like a fool. He wants her to make it clear that they will never be apart. He wants to meet her in restaurants in a dark corner for romantic dinners, and he wants to go together for long drives. He wants EJ to remember that he will never be out of her life.

EJ goes to see Stefano and tells him that he is almost positive now that Lucas will give Sami that divorce. Stefano is excited and says he wants to see him and Sami together with the little time he has left on earth. EJ says not to talk that way and that he has some news that will make him even happier. It looks like the little boy Sami gave birth to could be his. They will know in 24 hrs when they get the DNA tests back. If this is so then they can use the stem cells from the baby to save Stefano’s life.

As The World Turns

Katie is still in shock after seeing Carly drinking and dancing. She is at the studio when Brad, wearing a mask, comes up behind her and scares her. She tells him about what she saw and how weird it was. She tells him he should have seen Carly, she was really dancing. She has to wonder now if maybe Carly is not as sick as she claims to be. Brad tries to get Katie off the subject to get her mind off of what she saw. She invites him to a party tonight for the kids at the hospital. At the party Katie can’t get it out of her head seeing Carly like she did. She asks Brad if he knows the name of the neurologist that Carly was using. Brad tells her no that he can’t remember the name. Later she is talking to one of the nurses and she asks her about the doctor. The nurse tells her as of today that doctor is on an indefinite leave of absence. Katie asks why, she says over something to do with a misdiagnosis of a patient.

Brad covers for Carly and then calls her to tell her that she almost blew it. He tells her that Katie saw her dancing and drinking beer. Carly says she needs one more night. They are going to her sister’s wedding with Jack and she just knows this will do the trick.

Jack comes home and when Carly hears him drive up she hides the beer bottle and sits on the sofa looking exhausted. Jack comes in and shows her the wedding album Katie left for him.

Alison tells Bob about Chris being home, but he didn’t know he was there. Later, Susan offers to help Kim with the decorations for the kids when Chris and Emily walk in and surprises them both. Susan asks Emily what is she doing with Chris and Kim asks Chris what he is doing with Emily. Susan tells Emily she is too old to be dating Chris and wonders how Alison is going to take this. She tells Susan that Alison already knows and surprisingly enough she took the news very well.

Rosanna and Paul prepare for their wedding. Rosanna is really nervous. Paul thinks about Meg. When Meg sees the announcement in the paper about the wedding it really upsets her and Craig notices right away. She goes out to see Emma and talks to her mother. She tells Emma that she and Paul would be together right now but things keep getting more complicated for them. She tells her she is pregnant and the bad part is she isn’t even sure who the father of her baby is, Paul or Craig. She says her life is in such a mess right now. She feels that the baby deserves to know who its father is but when she told Paul that the baby could possibly be his he didn’t even care. She guesses that he is so angry with her still for staying with Craig after she thought he was dead.

Barbara is helping Rosanna with her wedding gown and she tells Barbara all she has to do is keep Meg and Paul apart and then she and Paul can be happy. Barbara tells her she doesn’t have to worry about Meg. Barbara tells her to look in the mirror at how pretty she looks. Just then Paul walks in and says she is the most beautiful bride he has ever seen. They scramble to cover up telling him it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding in her dress.

Paul receives a phone call. It is from Meg and she tells him they need to talk before this wedding. He tells her it is a little late for that now. She says they need to talk in private and if he doesn’t meet with her she will show up at the wedding and tell Rosanna the truth. He tells her ok but she will only have 5 minutes for her but he can not be seen in public with her today. As he is about to sneak out Jack stops him and tells him he is there for Carly’s sake. Paul tells him to go in and make himself a drink and he will be right back. Jack asks where is he going and he says he has an errand to run. When Rosanna comes in looking for Paul Jack tells her that he left and wouldn’t tell him where he was going.

Emily goes to talk to Alison to reassure herself that she has no problems with her and Chris being together. She tells Alison all is forgotten about her and Dusty being together. She is just happy now and she wants to stay that way.

The Young and The Restless

Victor has hired some private investigators to find out if it was sabotage that caused the collapse at Clear Springs. He tells Nick that if that is the case then someone has a grudge against their family and he wants to know who the hell that is.

Nikki and JT discuss the wedding plans, hoping to get a reaction from Victoria. Paul and Maggie come in to check on Victoria. They try to get JT to leave Victoria’s bed side to get a shower and a little rest but he says he is not going to leave her til she wakes up. JT is out in the hallway in the hospital when David walks up and JT wants to know how long he has known Joe. David denies doing anything illegal. David says he is tired of the insinuations being made against him and if they don’t stop he will be suing someone for slander and he walks out.

Jack tells Sharon that it is good to see her happy and smiling again. She tells him it is because she knows her son is going to be ok. Jack gets a call and is told that the press got hold of the information that he is a prime suspect in the Ji Min case. Sharon asks how, he says apparently someone from the police department leaked it.

Jana and Phyllis hear on the radio about Jack. Jana blames Jack for a lot of wrong doings. Phyllis defends him but Jana gives her more to think about concerning John Abbott’s will. Phyllis decides to talk to the prison chaplain about John.

The news is just spreading. Jack is thinking of retiring from the senate seat, but Sharon doesn’t think he should. She says she supports his position as a Senator and she doesn’t want to hear anything else about him giving up. Then Jack sees his father sitting behind Sharon and he hears him say that he did not raise a son to be a quitter. Jack tells Sharon this isn’t about quitting, but it is about protecting his family. Jack says he is not a killer. John is talking to Jack telling him he is married to a smart woman.

Jack gets a call from his lawyer and finds out that there was never a DNA test on the dog hair found on Ji Min’s body. They just led him to believe that they had evidence that it was his dog’s hair. They have been smearing his name for nothing.

Victor talks to Paul about the possibility of David being behind all this. Paul makes it clear that he was down there trapped under all that concrete and could have died himself so he would like to know if David was involved at all. If he is he will definitely find out.

Adrian visits with Victoria. He tells Nikki his leg only hurts when he laughs. She says well ya know what a doctor would say to that. They would say don’t laugh. Nikki gives him some private time with Victoria and once they are alone he tells her that she has to wake up. He whispers to the baby that its mom is strong and she will pull out of this, he promises. Then he tells Victoria he just made the baby a promise so she can’t make him out to be a liar.

Nick is with Victoria talking to her about things that happened to them when they were kids. He brings up times when she was always the tough one. He tells her she was never a quitter and that she never gave up on things worth fighting over.

Victor tells Nikki he is going to find out who is involved in all this that has happened. She tells him David was not involved. He says well not as far as they know anyway. Nikki says she wants to know who is responsible for this, even if David is involved. That’s her daughter in there injured, she wants to know who put her there. Victor says he can promise one thing, who ever it may be, he will make them suffer.

Victor goes to the chapel and says a prayer. He tells God he guesses that he has come there because he needs help. He says he will do anything possible to save his daughter’s life and he needs help with that. He says that when something like this happens to your own child, there is nothing you can do to help them with all the money you have so that’s when it is time to go to a higher power for the help. Nikki comes to the chapel finding Victor there. He tells her not to look so surprised, after all she wasn’t the only one that prays.

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