Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

As Andre runs out the door with Hope, Bo runs after them. Stefano turns around and tells Steve congratulations, he saved Roman’s life but he just got Hope killed. Andre drags Hope to the rooftop with him. He tells Bo he could jump, he has done worse before, but lucky for him he has Bo’s beautiful wife with him to cushion his fall. Andre drags Hope closer to the edge of the roof, threatening to jump as Bo and Hope try to talk him out of it. Bo gets a clear shot and shoots, but Hope goes over the edge too, Bo grabs out for her and catches her while hanging over the edge and pulls her up saving her life.

Sami tells EJ that she is only going through this marriage to him to save her family. She says Lucas is everything to her and she loves him. EJ says it will be worth it, he promises. Later at the hospital Lucas tells Sami he is worried about her. He wants her to leave Salem with him. She says it would be so nice to be able to live without having to look over their shoulder all the time but says Salem is their home. She is determined to go through with this. Lucas tells her if she marry’s EJ he will never let her go.

They take Roman to the hospital. Steve tells Stefano that he no longer calls the shots. Stefano says with this vendetta ending dealing with him will be a pleasant distraction. Before Stefano can leave EJ walks in and is happy to see his father ok. He tells Stefano that Sami and he were together and she is ok, but he wants to get him home, he needs to rest. All Stefano is thinking of is how Andre could do this to him and Benjy. EJ tells Stefano that tonight Sami showed her that her heart is actually with him

Stephanie and Chelsea corner Max in an attempt to get him to let them auction him off in a Charity Auction, with the benefits going to A Shelter for Battered Women. He declines the offer. Chelsea tells Stephanie that all she has to do is say the word and Max would be hers. Max goes to Adrienne and asks her for a job in the bar and he finally convinces her to hire him.

As The World Turns

Paul gets Rosanna to admit that she does remember everything. She tells him she lied about it because she thinks he is still in love with Meg. He says he is not in love with Meg and doesn’t know what he has to do to prove that to her. She says she can see it in his eyes. She can see that he is in love with her. She tells him to look at that video and see for himself what she saw in it. He says that he doesn’t see what she sees. He is upset because she let Craig walk by lying on the witness stand. She asks Paul to look her in the eye and deny that he loves Meg and with his silence she says “See, you can’t”. He says ok if she wants the truth, he hates Meg now for what she has done to him. He tries to make her understand that yes he did have feelings for Meg but they were all from a different time. He loves her now not Meg. After they talk he tells her he wants them to go ahead with their marriage. He says there is no one else and all he wants in this world is her. She doesn’t want to lose him, so she says yes, when?

The homeless guy goes to The Colonel and tells him he knows about what he did to Dusty and the Colonel denies it. He says he doesn’t know what the guy is talking about and Holden comes out and interrupts them. The Colonel claims that he found this homeless man out there and was trying to get rid of him, so Holden gives the guy some money and the guy leaves. The Colonel says he should have given the guy some money too and goes after him.

The homeless guy hasn’t gone far and the Colonel finds him. He tells the man that he may have acted a little hasty so he says he is sure they can work out something. The guy says he doesn’t care what he done, in fact he thinks he would like to get out of town, like maybe to Florida but he doesn’t have money. The Colonel hands him about $1000 and the guy says he bets he could get more out of Lily Snyder and the Colonel tells him that she is out of town and explains to him the connections to the police that the Snyder’s have. The man says ok and starts to leave when the Colonel asks about Dusty, wanting to know if he was still in the car. The homeless man tells him where else would he be, he was dead.

Aaron comes in with Alison and everyone introduces everyone to each other. Alison is uncomfortable around Holden thinking he hates her. As they are all about to eat Margo comes in and asks if anyone has heard from Dusty. She says it looks like Dusty has skipped out on bail. Alison comes to Dusty’s defence saying he wouldn’t do that and Margo says she is wrong, that Dusty is gone. The Colonel claims he overheard Dusty arguing with Cherie before she died, Alison says yeah but Cherie done an awful thing to her to but it doesn’t mean that either of them killed her. She then excuses herself and leaves. Aaron goes out after her, and she apologizes to him blaming it on the hormones but she needs him to know it isn’t because she loves Dusty and he says he knows that.

Aaron and Alison take a walk into Old Town and they talk about how she feels about his family not liking her. Just as they are about to kiss Sofie walks up crying with her bag, and Aaron runs to her. He tells her he heard about her losing her job and she just grabs him hugging him in tears. She then explains why she got fired, and that when she got home, she found that Cole moved out and the Landlord wouldn’t let her stay since apparently all that time Cole wasn’t paying the rent with the money she had been giving him. Aaron offers to let her stay at the farm which kind of upsets Allison.

Faith asked Holden why Alison ran out, but Holden just says that he is hungry and asks if everyone is ready to eat. They all grab the food to take outside to eat and Holden asks Luke to grab the mustard out the refrigerator. The Colonel stays back and asks Luke to go on a fishing trip with him and Noah. Luke tells Noah and he is excited. Luke asks if he could invite his Dad to go but the Colonel would rather this just be the three of them this time.

The Young and The Restless

Lily and Colleen are in the gym and Colleen tells her that Cane is checking her out. Lily says she is not interested since Cane thinks she is too young for her. Colleen says she guesses that she is just lucky that Adrian doesn’t have a hang up about their age difference. When they leave the club Neil and Karen run into Cane and Karen invites him to join them for dinner because they were planning to discuss Clear Springs ands he might be interested. He accepts and Neil says great to meet them in 45 minutes. Later at Neil’s apartment, Lily is shocked to see Cane come in. She didn’t know Neil had invited him for dinner.

Sharon tries surprising Jack with a romantic candle light dinner when he comes in. She dresses real sexy for him but he tells her he is sorry but he is just not in the mood and walks out the room. He comes back later and apologizes to her for walking out. She says it is ok that she understands. He asks where Noah is and she tells him he is spending the night with a friend, it was all part of her plan. He wants to continue with the romantic dinner she planned for him. She then tells him all that she had planned but now she was really just in the mood for pizza and wants to know if he would mind. He says no one loves pizza more than he does so he calls for a delivery. She says she will put away the good china and he says no, pizza will taste better on china.

Gloria needs a distraction from thinking about this investigation about the Jabot Cosmetics Face Cream incident. She tells Kevin about it. She is worried that Jeffery has the cream that William sent to him but maybe she is worrying too much. She doesn’t think Jeffery knows why William sent it to her. All she has to do now is find a way for them to get the cream away from Jeffery. Kevin wants to know why is she using the word “we” when she says that. She tells him because she needs him to steal the cream from Jeffery. He says no, no, no Mom, but she says he has to do it.. He tells her he is not going to steal anything,

Michael comes in and tells Gloria not to trust her brother in law. She says she doesn’t but Michael says he means really for her not to trust him. She asks why? He says because Jeffery has hired an estate attorney to try and challenge Williams will. Gloria calls Jeffery and leaves a message for him to call her. When he is done with Jill he calls her and she tells him she has something for him, a memento of Jeffery and she asks him what room he is in. He says he is in the bar to just meet him there. She tells him she wants that cream as a memento of William since it was the scent she was wearing that he liked so much. Jeffery tells her he threw it away but for her to come on over and he will try to find it. When Gloria gets there Jeff gets a call from his attorney and gets the news that he doesn’t have a chance to contest his brother’s will. He says so Gloria gets everything and there is nothing he can do about it. He says he is sorry to hear this. Back at the bar he gives Gloria what she thinks is the last of the cream but he has another jar of it too.

At the club Jill runs into Jeff and startles her. He starts asking her questions about the case William was working on concerning Jabot Cosmetics. He asks her to join him for a cup of coffee to discuss it. She says yes as long as he starts calling her Jill instead of Miss Abbott. Jill tells Jeffery that a customer used one of their test creams and died from it. She says they found it was a deliberate contamination within Jabot but William could never find who did it. He tells Jill that would explain a lot and she wants to know what but he lies to her.

Brad calls Sharon to ask her is she has read the Chicago newspapers. She says she is in the middle of dinner right now. He says don’t bother reading them, because they are pretty much the same. He then asks her if she is ok. She tells him she really can’t talk right now and hangs up setting her phone there on the table after turning it off. Brad calls her back and leaves her another message knowing her phone is turned off.  Brad sits and plots. He calls the tabloids and tells them that Nick Newman has been pursuing Sharon Abbott.

Jan Barrett

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