Here we go again starting another week in the world of the soaps. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Nick finds Chelsea standing on top of a bomb and if she moves off of it, it will go off. Nick tells her that he is going to set the TV on top of the bomb and she needs to jump off on the count of three. She stops him to tell him that she is glad he is in her life in case the bomb goes off. She slides off the bomb as he sets the TV on it and then she suddenly feels sick to her stomach. There is a banging on the door and now they are both scared. The Feds came in and checked the room out. There was no actual bomb.

Billie wants to know who kidnapped her daughter. It was all tied in with the kids. Their parents are alive and they will now be returned to them. Nick wants to talk to them before they are taken away. He tells them he is going to miss them and if they ever need anything they know where to find them. Chelsea tells Nick she is sorry about the boys. She asks if she can help, he says no but it is going to be hard to go back to his apartment without them there.

Jett tries to get Chelsea to agree to have dinner with him but she is more interested in Nick right now and makes excuses to him. She finally just tells him she will call him. She tells Billie that Nick is going to take her home and he won’t leave her. He will take care of her. As she lies in Nick’s arms she tells him he is a hero and she loves him for that and they kiss. She asks Nick why doesn’t he just stay there but he says he has to go back to his apartment anyway. She offers to go with him but he says no it is OK. She invites him to go with her to the Halloween party. As he is about to leave she says his name and when he turns around she throws her arms around him and hugs him.

Ford comes in with a date and he has had a bit too much to drink. Max tries to get Cordy to talk to him about what happened between her and Ford but she isn’t talking.

Morgan finds Max sleeping on the sofa. She wakes him up and he says he has to go off looking for Chelsea but she says Chelsea is ok. She tells him she got a text message and she is with the cops and she wasn’t hurt. Max tells Morgan he thinks that the reason Cordy is leaving is because of Ford.

Stephanie goes home and in the dark runs into a night table which causes Steve and Kayla to be alarmed when they hear the noise. They are surprised to see it is her. She tells them she came home tonight because she had no where else to go. Kayla tells Stephanie that if something is wrong she can always talk to them. Steve says he understands it is girl talk and goes out the room. Stephanie tells Kayla how she went to this party and made out with a total stranger that had his hands all over her and she was ok with it.

Steve offers some fatherly advice to Stephanie. He got her a job with Adrienne working in the bar and he says that if she doesn’t want to work side by side with Max to say so and he will shut up.

As The World Turns

Because of Will’s mental problems in his past it will cause a problem with them adopting a baby. The adoption worker, Anne, says she doesn’t think any agency would help Gwen and Will. Gwen argues with Anne but Anne walks out. As Will and Gwen are talking about it all Barbara walks in. Gwen turns on Barbara and blames her for not checking this out with Anne before she calls her to come there and talk to them. Gwen wants to make love but Will wants to call and tell Paul they are not going to the wedding.

Barbara runs into Iris and warns her to stay away from her family. She tells Iris that it is her fault Gwen got so upset and ended up losing the baby. Iris says she didn’t even know Gwen was pregnant. She says well they can adopt, can’t they? When Barbara doesn’t answer Iris starts blaming Will. Barbara goes back to Will and Gwen’s to apologize. Gwen tells her she is sorry for blaming her for everything.

Aaron is trying to find out what he can about Sofie. He asks his boss if she left a forwarding address and he tells him no, but she was nothing but trouble. Iris comes to the bar where Aaron works and he buys her a few drinks to try and get her to tell him where Sofie is now. Later, Sofie calls Aaron because she thought he would be worried. She says she is in Chicago and he wants to know if she has any money. She asks him if he thinks she was wrong to take the money from Iris. He says well she is pregnant with Iris’s grandchild after all. He asks her for her address but she doesn’t give it to him. She tells him she has to go because she doesn’t want to be late for a job interview.

Carly asks Jack to marry her. She claims being married to him again would help make her better. He tells her he can’t believe she asked him that. Carly says never mind, she was just thinking about the kids. Jack suddenly remembers Rosanna and Paul’s wedding. He asks where his clothes are and she tells him in the bedroom. He asks which one of the kid’s rooms and she says in her bedroom. Sage walks in and thinks she heard them saying they were going to marry again. JJ walks in and tells it is not going to happen. Jack tells Sage that even though he and mommy aren’t getting married doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be a family anymore.

Brad walks in and catches Katie throwing her wedding album in the trash. He takes it out the trash and tells her not to throw away the memories. He tells her that Jack still loves her. She tells him about her giving Jack a chance to save their marriage but he chose to stay with Carly instead. She says if he loves her so much then how he could choose Carly over her. He tells her there is something he needs to tell her but she doesn’t want to hear it.

Brad goes in to talk to Jack and tells him it would be a big mistake if he marries Carly. He tells Jack if he marries Carly he will be doing it under false pretenses just as Carly walks in. She tells Jack he means he should only marry her if he is really in love with her again. As soon as Jack leaves Carly lays into Brad. Brad tells her she should have told Jack the truth right away. She says if she had, then she would have missed the time in Montana and he would have missed the time he had with Katie. He says Jack needs to be told. He tells her the only thing that makes sense is to tell Jack the truth. He tells her Jack doesn’t want her any more. She says that is not the truth, he is only feeling guilty over Katie. Brad says this is all going to blow up. She begs him to please keep his mouth shut. When he leaves he tells her he is not making any promises.

Katie goes over to Carly’s to give Jack their wedding album and as she leaves it by the door, she happens to see Carly inside dancing and drinking, just as Jack removes his ring from his hand while sitting in his car.

The Young and The Restless

Nick tells Phyllis that he is not sleeping well. He has so much on his mind worrying about Victoria. He tells her it kills him not being able to touch her while she is there at work. She whispers to him that this is torture and that she doesn’t think she can do this. He says yes she can and she will.

Victor and Nikki try talking to Victoria hoping she can hear them. JT is there also. The doctor walks in and tells them that so far the baby’s vital signs are all good. He says the heart beat is strong. As the doctor is leaving Brad stops him asking about any change in Victoria’s condition and he tells Brad, he is sorry but he will have to talk to the family about that. Later Brad stops Nikki in the hallway and asks if he can just see Victoria for a few minutes, she tells him Victor is in there with her right now.

Jill and Cane are at the coffee house and Jill is disgusted when she sees the papers with Jack’s face all over it portraying him as a hero. To make matters even worse for her, when Jack comes into the coffee house himself everyone there applauds him and they tell him he is a hero and his coffee is on the house. This disgusts Jill even more. Cane tells her, people change ya know.

Amber goes to see Katherine but Esther tells her that Katherine is not up to visitors but she will let her know that she stopped by. As Esther is trying to close the door, Amber asks her to please give Katherine the gift she bought for her. As Esther takes it, Katherine speaks out from inside, is that Amber? Show her in Esther. She gives Katherine the gift, which is a scarf to throw over her shoulder that is hurt. Katherine also has a gift for her. It is to replace the brooch that Amber gave her when they were trapped in the parking lot. As Amber walks to the mirror to put it on Jill and Cane walk in and are surprised to see Amber there.

As they are all talking, Amber suggests to Katherine and Jill that maybe they should start some kind of funds for the families of the victims. Jill says yes she will get right on that to start one. Amber says she is going to go, but Jill thanks her for being there for Katherine when they were trapped. Amber says well Katherine was there for her as well. Then she asks Cane if he would like to go get a sandwich or something and he accepts the invite. After they leave Katherine makes a heart to heart apology to Jill. She says while under all that rubble, the one thing she kept thinking about was that she never made peace with her daughter. Jill teases her as she savors that moment but accepts whole heartedly.

Nikki walks in and listens as Victor confesses to Victoria that he is sorry things turned out like they did, he tells her he is sorry for not discussing it with her about calling in her mother’s loan and he didn’t realize til now how important the Clear Springs project was to her. He says he had a bad feeling about it and that is why he didn’t want Nikki or her involved with it.

Phyllis finds Jack’s note that he wrote to Sharon while trapped all alone in the rubble thinking he was going to die. Phyllis shows him when he comes in and tells her he can cut the brave act now. He tells her the truth is he was scared. Jack gets a call saying there is a fax for him that just came in and he asks Phyllis to go get it. When she gets there she finds a note saying to turn around. When she turns she sees Nick outside the room holding Summer in her Halloween costume.

David tells Nikki there is talk of sabotage. There is going to be an investigation and Nikki isn’t paying any attention. He takes her and hugs her. JT is talking on the phone about the problem in the garage and Victor over hears it. He wants to know what is going on and he wants to know now. He tells him everyone that has been involved, and he mentions David. Victor wants to know why David. JT says that Paul is checking his finances out because was seen meeting with Joe, the foreman that died in the collapse, a few times.

Victor asks David what he knows about kickbacks for Clear Springs. Victor tells him he better pray right now that he didn’t have anything to do with this, after he denies it. Nikki is standing behind Victor as he is letting David have it. Victor goes to Katherine and yells at her and Cane about their knowledge of a problem at Clear Springs.

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