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Days of Our Lives

Chelsea is missing.  Max couldn’t find her when he went to look for her. Max called Nick and when he came in Max asked him if he has seen Chelsea. He says no but since there has been a rapist on the loose on campus they decide to call Billie and let her know Chelsea is missing.

Billie calls security to get the phone logs and finds out that there was no call to Chelsea alerting her that her headlights on her car were left on. Billie says Chelsea was set up. They said her car was still in the parking lot but her headlights were not on. Max called Ford and asked him to come over. When he got there they ask him if he knows anything about Chelsea disappearing. He denies knowing anything.

Nick says he is going to look for her and as he goes out the door, his phone rings. It’s Chelsea telling him she is in big trouble. He asks her where is she. Chelsea says Nick just please do as he says. Then someone takes the phone from her and tells him to meet him at this address or he will kill Chelsea. When Nick arrives at the mysterious place the two boys come out telling him they are there to help him. He asks how they got there, they said in a cab and they show him a piece of paper with the address written on it. He tells them it is really important for them to stay hid and quiet while he looks around. While walking around looking for Chelsea a man comes out and Nick tells him he wants to make sure Chelsea is OK. The man yells out for her to tell Nick she is ok. The man tells Nick that he will trade Chelsea for the two boys. Nick says no way, those boys are his. The man says well Chelsea will die. They start fighting with Chelsea yelling in the background, what’s going on. The boys come out yelling for the guy to leave Nick alone and Nick yells back for them to run. The man manages to get Nick locked in a room and he runs off after the kids. Chelsea says Nick’s name and when he goes to grab her, she stops him. She tells him she is standing on a bomb and if she moves it will go off.

Lucas and Sami have a few silent moments together. Sami tells him that even though she hates it, when she is out of the hospital they need to fly down to Santa Domingo to get a quickie divorce. Lucas doesn’t want to do it. He still thinks this whole thing was set up between Stefano and EJ to get Sami in EJ’s bed. Sami asks him when is he going to understand just how dangerous Stefano is. Lucas answers with a question, saying he can be just as dangerous. Lucas convinces Sami to let him protect his family. He won’t give her the divorce.

Sami dreams she is in the morgue and all of the Brady’s are in there dead. John is one that is dead and he sits up and says hello to her. She asks him who did this, and John says she did. She says no she will not let this happen. She wakes up and tells Lucas she is getting this divorce no matter what he says.

EJ tries working out a deal with Kate so she can be a part of the twin’s life and back into Lucas’s life. All he asks of her is to convince Lucas to give Sami the divorce. Kate doesn’t want to help EJ. He tells her he is going to be very disappointed if they don’t get a divorce because she failed to help. She tells EJ that up til this evening she thought she had lost her son but now she sees that she can get him back, but working with him would only jeopardize that. She turns around to look in the nursery and asks what the nurse is doing. She sees that they are changing the name tags from Roberts to Horton for the babies. She says with tears in her eyes that her son has now officially removed all ties with her from his life. EJ uses this to get Kate to help him. Kate feels she has no choice now, so she can be with her grandchildren, but she warns EJ that Lucas must never know.

As The World Turns

Barbara and Paul have gone to see Will and Gwen. Barbara goes to talk to Gwen to try and comfort her. Barbara assures Gwen that if she and Will adopt a baby she is sure that they will love the baby just as well. Will walks in and asks Barbara not to speak for him. He tells her not to try pushing Gwen right now. Barbara says a baby would be just what they need right now. Paul tells Gwen she gave Will the family he needed and that was something none of them could ever give him, and he thanks her for that.

Carly wakes in the morning only to find Jack outside. He says he went for a walk. All he can think about is how Katie wants to end their marriage. She tells him to let her take care of him. He has been taking care of her all this time so it’s the least she can do. He notices her hands are a lot stronger now than before and he wants to know why. She says the trip to Montana was like a miracle for her, ever since they returned she has been feeling a lot better. He says she also looks better, but he is gonna need a little more than just a miracle to convince him. He picks the phone up saying they need to get a second opinion and see just what is going on. Carly makes excuses up to keep Jack from calling another doctor.

Katie tells Henry she has decided to end her marriage to Jack. Henry tells her not to do that. She tells Henry that Jack slept with Carly. He reminds her that she also slept with Simon while married to Mike. She tells him yeah but that was the biggest mistake of her life because Mike was the one she loved. Henry says that’s his point. Maybe Carly is Jack’s Simon.

Katie decides to call Jack and ask him if they can talk and can he meet her. When he gets there she tells him she called him there to sign the annulment papers. He says he was hoping she had changed her mind. She says she did, several times. He says well change it again, tear the papers up and they can have their marriage. She tells him they have a marriage in name only. She would tear the papers up if he would move out of Carly’s house and come home to her. He can see Carly as much as he wants. They can hire a nurse to sit with her when he isn’t there, just come home to her and be her husband. Jack can’t do that so he takes the papers and signs them. When he starts to leave he tries to kiss her good bye but she turns her cheek to him. Before he goes out the door, she tells him to wait. She gets up and takes her wedding ring off her finger and gives it to him. No words are exchanged, he just walks out.

Henry tries comforting Katie when JJ walks in to pick up some soup and a cookie for Sage. When Henry goes to fill the order he sits with Katie. He tells her about the party they are going and she remembers that she has something for Sage’s costume. When she looks in her purse for it JJ notices that she isn’t wearing her ring anymore and he wants to know why. She tells him that it is because she and Jack aren’t married anymore. When he leaves he tells her that they all really like her.

Meg is not happy with Craig when she overhears him talking to a nurse about her being pregnant. She is annoyed with Craig for wanting to be there with her and doesn’t seem to like him wanting to be a part of it all with her. Craig meets with a real estate agent and talks about buying houses. He says they want a Mansion more than a house. He looks at a picture and asks if it has a nursery. He says it has to be a large one because his wife needs her space.

Maddie tells Gwen and Will that she is leaving to go away to college. She tells them that she thinks the two of them will make good parents and that they should adopt. When she leaves Gwen tells Will she loves him and she wants to call Barbara and tell her that they would like to adopt a baby. When they did call her she says she just so happened to have a friend that has an adoption agent. She calls her right away and they meet at Will and Gwen’s house so they can get things started as soon as possible. She starts an application by getting a little background information from them. Problems start when they are asked about their criminal background and when Will explains his past this seems to be a problem with the lady.

The Young and The Restless

There is a meeting between Jill and Katherine and Cane. They need to find out what the reason of the collapse is. One fatality and numerous injuries is what they have so far. They prepare a statement to give to the press expressing their deepest sympathies. Cane is feeling so guilty about this collapse since he was running the construction job. He tells Lily that he finally found this family that he would die for and the thought that he might be responsible for all this is unbearable.

At the hospital JT is sitting with Victoria holding her hand begging her to come back to them. He is holding her hand asking her to squeeze his fingers, hoping that maybe she will hear him.

The doctor tells Nikki and Victor that there have been no changes in Victoria’s condition. Victor made a call to a doctor and offered to double their normal fee if they will take over Victoria’s case. Nick goes in to sit with Victoria. He talks to her hoping she can hear him. He talks about how they were when they were kids. He needs her to squeeze his hand, anything as a sign that she is going to come back to them.

The doctor tells Sharon that removing Noah’s spleen has taking some of the strain off of his broken ribs. There is no infection or anything settling in so with that in mind he is really doing good and if he keeps it up he might be able to go home tomorrow. Nikki goes in and talks to Noah and Sharon. As they are talking they realize that Noah is having memory problems. He asks where his Dad and Jack are.

Today is the first day for Phyllis’s work release program. The warden lays down the law to her of the rules involving the program. She tells him she knows it all. He said ok then he will call down and see if they can get her a driver. Just then Daniel walks in and says he is Mrs. Newman’s driver. Phyllis smiles and tells the Warden, this is her driver. At Newman, Jack is waiting for Phyllis to come to work. As soon as she gets there Daniel says he is going to get Summer. Phyllis says no, she isn’t allowed but Jack tells him to go get the baby anyway.

Then Jack hands her the phone and tells her to call her husband but she says she isn’t allowed unless it is work related. He says well he is her boss and he says to make the call. She calls the hospital to talk to Noah and his face lit up when he heard her voice. He wanted to know where she was and she said in Genoa City. He asks her to come visit him but she says she can’t. He is disappointed and hands Sharon the phone. Daniel brings Phyllis all of her favorite junk foods. She is so happy to be in this work program.

Nikki and Victor tell Katherine and Jill that there is no change in Victoria but all her vitals are good. They say the press is calling Jack a hero and then Katherine says they are also calling Victor a hero. He says but what kind of hero is he when he can’t even save his own daughter right now.

Phyllis walks in and finds Kevin sitting at Jack’s desk and she asks him if he works there and he says no, he is just there helping a friend. She gives him a wooden ornament that Jana asked her to give him if she seen him. Lauren and Michael go to see Phyllis making Michael nervous about getting her into trouble.

At the hospital Sharon and Jack are with Noah when suddenly he cries out. They figure he had had a bad dream. He tells them his stomach is hurting him really bad. Jack tells him he will go ask the nurse for more pain medicine for him. He says no don’t leave, and then says where is his Dad, he wants his Dad too.

Victor tells JT a new doctor will be coming in to check on Victoria. While they and Nikki are there, the doctor asks JT if he would like to hear the baby’s heartbeat. He hesitates and then says no let Nikki hear it first. She then says no, let Victor. He is surprised and asks if she is sure, and she says yes. When he listens he has a smile on his face.

Jan Barrett

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