Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea and Stephanie move into the Alpha Chi Theta house. Chelsea is all excited that they get to live there with them only being freshmen. Max asks Morgan if it is true that Chelsea and Stephanie are really moving in and she says yes, she has lots of room there so why not. Morgan wants to know if there is something she should know about with him and Stephanie. He says all that’s in the past. So Morgan and Max decide to try dating.

Chelsea talks to Ford and she asks him how his date with Cordy was. He says that girl has some real issues. Then he makes a play for Chelsea but she turns him down flat. Later during the party Cordy comes in and Ford tries talking to her but she pulls away from him yelling for him not to touch her, then she runs away. Morgan, Stephanie and Chelsea run after her. When they get her to let them in her room they ask her if something happened between her and Ford on their date. She quickly says no but she lets them know that she is dropping out of school.

EJ goes in to see Sami and she asks them what he came back for, to tell her the twins don’t look alike again? She tells him that Lucas is the father of the twins and he has to accept it. He tries to convince her but she tells him to shut up. She reminds him that when they get married it will be a marriage in name only so he better be prepared for a marriage made in hell. EJ tells her she could fly to Santa Domingo and get a divorce within 24 hours. She says she would have to find a way to convince Lucas to go with her if she did that.

Kate is looking at the twins in the nursery. Lucas walks up and she tells him they are so tiny. She is feeling bad and tells Lucas they are her grandchildren. He tells her that one of the babies might not be his. She tells him not to think of it that way. He tells her about them finding the guy that ran down John and how he was Andre’s cellmate. So Sami was right about the DiMera’s being involved and that she has to marry EJ.

Lucas tells Kate that all he ever asked of her was to let him make his own decisions. He tells her that she done everything she could to keep him and Sami apart, they would have been married a long time now if Kate hadn’t have interfered. He tells her has started the paperwork on changing his name. It is going to be Lucas Horton from now on.

Lucas has a change of heart and decides to let Kate spend some time with the twins. Sami says she is welcome to stay and spend more time with the babies if she would like to. EJ is listening at the door and says that is just great.

Chelsea talks to Cordy about her leaving. She tells her how Ford tried hitting on her and in a panic Cordy tells her not to let Ford touch her. Chelsea wants to know what happened and she refuses to talk. Later Chelsea tells Max and Morgan that she is worried about Cordy. Another girl tells Ford to take his hands off of her and Max tells him that’s enough and he needs to leave. After he is gone, Chelsea says she got a call and apparently she left her headlights on, on her car so she has to go turn them off. Max offers to go with her but she tells him she will be right back. After she goes out the door Morgan asks Max to go look after her. In the parking lot Chelsea looks around for her keys and someone attacks her.

As The World Turns

Gwen is having stomach cramps so she asks Will to call her doctor. The doctor tells him to bring Gwen to the hospital right away. On the way Will calls Barbara and tells her. Barbara is at the diner apologizing to Alison when she gets the call. She tells Alison that something is wrong and Will is taking Gwen to the hospital. As she is about to go out the door she turns and asks Alison if she would like to go with her. Alison jumps right on it saying yes she would.

The eggs implanted into Gwen didn’t take so now Gwen says they will just have to try again. Bob tells Gwen that the problem just wasn’t because of the eggs. Her body just wasn’t capable of carrying a child. She will never be able to get pregnant unfortunately.

At the Inn in the bar Emily is talking to Holden trying to find out what’s going on with Lily and Dusty. In the meantime Dusty leaves Lily a note telling her he is getting another room down the hall and to please talk to him in the morning before she does anything. After he leaves Lily dreams of Holden being at the door earlier and this wakes her up. She tells herself that Holden had been there and looks around confused.

Dusty goes down to the bar and tells Holden he doesn’t know anything about what is going on with Lily. Emily stands up and turns around to face Dusty. She says well she should be going since he has some explaining to do. He looks at Emily and says I see you are back. She is curious as to what is going on. Emily is accusing him of yet taking another helpless woman under his wings. He tells her that Lily is one of his oldest friends and she is in a lot of trouble. Emily tells Dusty all she wants from him is her job at the paper back.

When Alison comes out of the hospital room she runs into her old boyfriend, Chris Hughes. They talk and he offers to buy her dinner. They go to the Inn and Alison sees Emily. Emily comes up to her and hugs her. Alison asks if this is ok and Emily says of course and wants to have dinner with her. Alison says oh ok but you won’t mind if we ask Chris to join us, she tells Emily she just ran into him. Chris kisses Emily on the neck and she giggles. She then turns around and tells Dusty he asked what she has been up to, well this should explain it.

Holden goes back to the farm. After a short conversation with Lisa, Lily follows him out to the farm. She tries to explain to him about her being in Dusty’s hotel room. She swears she didn’t sleep with Dusty, and he says he knows it. He is over being mad and she says well that’s usually a bad sign with him. He tells her he saw her with Dusty at the diner. She says he was listening to her, what Holden saw was Dusty listening to her. Holden says and he doesn’t? Holden tells Lily he thinks they need to separate.

Lily tells Holden she can’t hear all this so she leaves the farm. She heads for the diner and once again runs into Dusty. She tells him she thinks this time she and Holden are over for good. Dusty offers to talk to Holden but she says no, that’s one thing she and Holden agree on. Their problems aren’t because of Dusty. He says then she needs to go home. She says no, she is not the woman her husband wants her to be. She says she is just tired, she is so tired.

The Young and The Restless

They bring Victoria into the emergency room but they aren’t sure what is happening with her. They only know she was hit in the head with debris and knocked unconscious. They are taking Victoria for a cat scan but the doctor tells the family that he doesn’t know when she will wake. Victor asks about the baby. He tells them they have a fetal monitor hooked up and they can still get a heart beat so that’s a good sign. Victor says he is happy to hear that.

The doctor comes out and says there is some irregularities in the baby’s heart beat. They are trying to get Victoria stabilized to take the pressure off the baby. Apparently they do not know why she is unconscious. In a little while they come out and say they have stabilized the baby’s heartbeat but they need permission to take her for a cat scan. Nikki tells him anything they have to do for her to do it. She says just save her daughter.

Sharon is with Noah in the hospital after his surgery. When he wakes up she tells him he had an operation and all he needs to do now is rest. He wants to know who else was hurt. She tells him Victoria will be ok. Jack calls Sharon from the Emergency room. He tells her to stay with Noah and as soon as he can he will meet her there.

Brad’s eyes are damages from the explosion but he is insisting on finding out how Victoria and the baby are. Colleen offers to go check on her for him if he will just cooperate with the doctor. He tells her to get back to him as soon as she finds out and while she is gone to check on Adrian too cause he knows she is worried about him as well.

Adrian is going to have to have surgery on his leg. He asks the nurse if she can tell him how Victoria is but she just tells him to relax, they will let him know when they hear something. Adrian talks to Colleen about how bad it was down there, and how weird it was before he found Victoria. He says he knew he had to get her out of there to save her and the baby.

Jack and Sharon ask Nick about Victoria. Nick tells them what the doctor told them and then he tells Jack he is glad he made it out ok, but he still thinks he should have been the one to have stayed down there instead of Jack. The important thing now is that they all made it out. Sharon goes to see Brad after she is told that he has problems with his eyes after the explosion. She promises to let him know the minute she hears anything about Victoria.

Paul and Maggie realize how close they came to losing their lives. They end up making love. Afterwards Paul tells her he has feelings for Lauren and he guesses he always will. He says he thought he was going to die underneath all that concrete. Maggie tells Paul that she is really grateful for a lot.

One by one all of the victims tell their story of the experience they had under the concrete and bricks. Victor tells Nikki that he couldn’t leave Jack in there to die, he had to get him out. Jack comes in and thanks him for saving his life. The doctor comes in and tells Nikki and Victor that the cat scan shows no brain damage for Victoria but the only thing they can do now is to wait. As he walks away Nikki says and pray.

JT tries to go in and see Victoria but they won’t let him in since he is not family. He tells the nurse he and Victoria are getting married but she says she is sorry there can be no exceptions. He asks her to play this tape for her, it is her favorite song but the nurse says he will have to clear it with her doctor and her family first. So he has no choice but to leave.

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