OK it is in the middle of the week. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Days of Our Lives

Hope is drilling Belle wanting to know what went on between her and Phillip. Belle tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Hope spells it out for her and tells her there she is in her robe, the sheets are all torn off the bed, there is a broken vase on the floor and she walked in and found her crying, now she asks, did she just cheat on Shawn and have sex with Phillip. Belle denies it until Hope says she has to go downstairs and talk to Shawn. Belle panics when she finds out Shawn is there. She says she has to get this place cleaned up and Hope tells her she has to find out the truth. Then Belle blurts out that she is so sorry and she doesn’t know how this even happened.

Hope doesn’t fall for Belle’s innocent act when she tries to tell her she was vulnerable. She points out to Belle of all the things she has done to be with Phillip even when Shawn was completely against it. And Hope tells her not to dare use her father’s death as an excuse. Hope is not so easy to forgive, she says her heart goes out to her, but she will not accept her using her father’s death as a reason for her to reach out to Phillip and cheat on Shawn. Hope agrees to keep her secret and Belle says thank you. She says don’t thank her yet, she will only do this under one condition. She has to cut Phillip out of her life and she means completely. Belle agrees and she says she will tell Phillip that Shawn is Claire’s father and he has to move on and accept it. Hope says she hopes she means it because if she even suspects for one minute that she is seeing Phillip she will tell Shawn everything.

Phillip and Shawn are arguing over Belle. Phillip tells him that she is only going to marry him because of Claire. Shawn says that is not the reason. He says Belle loves him and she is happy about him wanting to become a policeman. Phillip tells him no, she is miserable. The two of them start fighting and it gets pretty bad. Caroline comes in and chases Phillip out with a bat telling him to get out of there.

While Sami is sleeping Lucas has a father to child talk with the twins. He starts imagining of what it will be like with the twins older. He thinks of the little girl being his and the boy being EJ’s and how they have more than he can afford to give them.

Bo and Abe meet with Roman at a man’s apartment that they believe to be the one that ran over John. When they get there they question him yet he claims he doesn’t know Stefano or any DiMera and says he isn’t saying anything until he has a lawyer. Bo says he is lying and Abe says he can prove it too. Come to find out the man is not who he says he is but Abe has found out who the man really was. The man happened to have been cellmates with Andre in the state pen. They arrest him with him while he repeats over and over that he wants to call his lawyer.

As The World Turns

Sofie follows a potential employer and tells him he didn’t even look at her resume. He says he doesn’t have to, he can just look at her and make his decision. She says she thinks it is against the law to turn her down because she is pregnant. He takes the resume, glances at it then hands it back to her and then tells her she is not qualified and walks away.

Sofie is frustrated and sits down on the bench. Iris walks up behind her and whispers it’s a tough world. She tells Sofie that she just might be the answer to her prayers. Sofie says if she is the answer to her prayers, then she is in trouble. Iris tells her she could give her all the money she needs to help her. Sofie says, yeah right, with no strings huh? Iris says seriously she would give her all the money she needs with just one condition that would be that she leaves Oakdale, for good.

Gwen walks up as soon as Iris is trying to give Sofie some money. Sofie tells Iris she doesn’t want her money. Gwen tells her to leave Sofie alone. Gwen asks her if she just offered Sofie money to leave town and who does she thinks she is anyway. Sofie stops her and tells her it is ok, she needs the money anyway and there is nothing there for her in Oakdale anymore. She walks away. Gwen tells Iris she can’t believe she sent that girl away knowing she is carrying her grandchild.

Lily asks Dusty if he is angry with her. He says no but he is worried since she is there with him. She asks him please to just let her be with him this one night. She orders a bottle of wine from downstairs. When she pours herself a glass and spills it all over herself. Dusty tells her to go put the robe on and shower so they can get her clothes cleaned so she won’t be going home smelling like wine. When she comes out the shower she passes out on his bed.

Meanwhile Holden comes up to the clerk at the hotel asking where Lily is and before he sees who he is talking to the clerk says she just called from Mr Donavan’s room. Then he looks up seeing it is Holden standing there. Dusty calls back downstairs and orders some coffee. Holden is standing at Dusty’s door when the coffee is there being delivered. He takes the coffee and tray and knocks on the door. When Dusty opens the door and finds him there, he tells Holden it is not what he thinks. Holden slams the tray into him and says he doesn’t really care and walks away, leaving Dusty standing there.

Dusty gets Lily all tucked into bed and then decides not to stay there tonight. He calls down to the desk and asks for another room for the night. He says he is lending his room to a friend for the night.

Holden is down in the bar having a drink. Just as he is about take a drink, a stranger from the past walks in. Emily asks him if he is having a bad night. She said she is there to surprise Dusty. Holden tells her she will be surprised because he is upstairs in his room with his wife.

Maddie has decided to leave Oakdale to go to school. Henry thinks Maddie is leaving him, but Vienna calms him down. She tells him that if he is wanting more family around there is something they can do about that. He smiles and says yeah, and what is that. She says they could just start a family of their own.

Noah goes to visit Luke. While he is there, Maddie comes in. She tells Noah she is afraid that he won’t be there when Luke needs him. After she leaves he and Luke talk about it. Luke tells him that he doesn’t care what Maddie says.

The Young and The Restless

The doctor tells Sharon and Nick that Noah has a few cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen. They need to do surgery on him right away. Nick goes to sign the papers and Sharon goes in to see Noah before surgery.

In the waiting room a nurse brings Sharon some pain medication and she asks the nurse if she knew how long surgeries like this usually takes. She says not to worry that the doctor doing the surgery is excellent. After the surgery, the doctor says Noah is doing just fine but they had to remove his spleen. He will have to be monitored for the rest of his life though. Nick says at least their son is alive.

Colleen brings in a shirt of Adrian’s for the rescuers to use for the dogs to help find him. Apparently he is down there in the rubble too.

Neil answers questions from the press at the site of the accident. He tells them they are still trying to find out who all is in there. The rescue missions found a male body that has been pronounced dead but he tells the press that it hasn’t been identified yet. When they pull him out Victor sees if he knows him. JT identifies the man as Joe, the foreman on the construction site.

Rescue workers bring out some items found and Nikki identifies it as belonging to Victoria, as she wipes the dirt off of it she screams out that it is Victoria’s purse then cries as Victor holds her. They call Nick to let him know about finding Victoria’s purse, he tells Sharon and she reassures him that she must be with Adrian and he will look out for her.

David comes up and Nikki tells him the news about Victoria. She tells him she can not lose her daughter, not after almost losing her son.

Victoria is seen under the wreckage. She is calling for Adrian. She feels the baby kick and then she hears someone. It is Adrian digging his way to her. Now they are not alone and will try working their way out together. She says it was kind of creepy being there alone so she is glad she saw him there. She is exhausted and says she needs to rest. He takes off his jacket and covers her with it. She tells him she would be willing to bet her Dad has a rescue team looking for them right now. She knows how her Dad is, she said to trust her the Calvary is on their way right now.

They set up a camera to look underground and they finally spot Victoria and Adrian. They have a speaker on the camera and let them know that they will be rescued as soon as possible. Victoria wants to know if JT and her mom and dad and everyone else are all ok. Victor tells her they are all ok, and they will get them out.

Suddenly there was an explosion throwing firefighters and others down. Victor asks the fireman does this mean the explosion got rid of the high levels of methane for now and would it take a little while for the gas to build up again. The firefighter says yes. Victor runs off into the rubble with the fireman yelling for him to come back. Victor crawls into the rubble and finds a body laying face down. He turns him over and sees it is Jack. They get Jack out and his pulse is weak but he is alive.

The explosion opened a passageway and Victoria tells Adrian they have to get out of there before it explodes again. Adrian has a spike shoved into his leg but she tells him he has to get up so they can get out. As they try getting out JT runs in to find them. He sees them and gets Victoria out. As she is coming out she waves to Nikki and Victor. Victor tells her to watch out as bricks start falling. One hits Victoria in the head knocking her down. She tumbles down making a few twists and is left unconscious.

Jan Barrett

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