Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Belle tells Phillip that she couldn’t bare it if she never saw him again. Phillip takes her in his arms and kisses her and as they lay back on the bed, she whispers that she can’t but he doesn’t stop. They start undressing each other as things heat up between them.

Shawn’s enrolment has been postponed til further review because of him defying a court order when he left with Belle and Claire. He talks to Hope about it claiming that he thinks Phillip is behind it and she tells him if he isn’t careful Belle will see all his jealousy and insecurities and he will lose her. Shawn asks Hope if Belle was home, she says she didn’t see her car out there. He says well she was supposed to meet him there. Hope says oh well come to think about it she did see Phillip’s car out in the parking lot.

Belle is having second thoughts and tells Phillip this was a mistake, after they made passionate love. She says this should have never happened and it was just sex, that’s all. She tells him he has got to get out of there.

Sami and Lucas discuss a name for their new daughter. They want to go with the J pattern since they named the boy John. Meanwhile EJ is telling Kate that the twins don’t even look alike. Marlena is wondering the same thing so she talks to the lab technician and asks questions about the test results of the DNA done. Marlena overhears EJ talking to Kate about it and she tells him he has some nerve. She says he has caused her daughter and her family so much pain. She says Damn You, and slaps him across the face.

Lucas seems to be wondering the same thing but Sami is telling him that EJ is just trying to spoil their babies’ birthdays and she isn’t going to let him. She says EJ doesn’t know what he is talking about. Lucas says EJ is going to keep pushing it, she says then they will just have to push back. Lucas thinks they need to do another test just so they will know. Sami asks Marlena when she walks in to help her convince Lucas not to do the other test but Marlena says she agrees with Lucas. After listening to Sami Lucas tells her he changed his mind, and they shouldn’t do the test. Marlena later tells Sami maybe they could do the test and not let EJ know about it. Sami finally agrees with Marlena and says she will have the DNA test done.

Phillip comes in from upstairs and Shawn wants to know what he was doing up there. Shawn drills him for answers but Phillip isn’t talking. Shawn warns him to stay away from Belle, that she is taken. Phillip tells him not for long, that she is miserable and he is the one that can make her happy. He says he still loves her and always will, and she still loves him to.

Hope walks in Belle’s room and finds the sheets all rumbled on the bed and Belle on the floor in nothing but her robe cleaning up broken glass. She asks what’s going on and Belle tells her she was doing laundry and she broke the glass.

As The World Turns

Luke is back home at the farm and corners Faith into telling him what is wrong with Holden and Lily. He wants to go know what is going on. She makes him promise he won’t tell them she told him. Later, Luke asks Holden if his moving out of the house is permanent.

Paul asks Meg if she done this on purpose and he wants to know if she is going to have this baby. He wants to know how could she let herself get pregnant. She says she didn’t even know she could get pregnant, and after all he is still her husband. He says if she has Craig’s child she is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life. Paul tells Meg that Craig destroys everything he touches. He says she can have Craig, he is going to marry Rosanna, she is his future.

Craig wants his company and his money back now that Meg is pregnant. He tells Rosanna that he fulfilled his end of the bargain so now it’s her turn. A deal is a deal he says. She is reluctant to give in saying maybe Meg might decide to get rid of the baby. After he leaves she calls her lawyer and drops the suit against Craig and releases his finances and the company, giving him control back. Just as she hangs up, Paul walks in asking who she was just talking to. She tells him she decided to drop the suit and give Craig the power of the company and money back. Paul is furious and they argue. She says she thought that since Meg was pregnant now it was the right thing for her to do.

Paul asks her if she and Craig have some sort of a deal between them to make her drop the suit against him. She tells him that she saw his reaction when Craig announced that Meg was pregnant. She says she needs to know that he is ready to make commitments to her and that he is over Meg. He tells her that he is ready. She tells him that she is sorry but the wedding is off. She can not and will not share him, and she knows he will never get Meg out of his heart. Rosanna storms out the house. Paul calls her wanting to know where she is. She is driving and he tells her to come home, she doesn’t need to be driving. She says she needed to be alone, then suddenly he hears brakes squeal and the phone goes dead. Paul goes after her and finds her. He says she is going to kill herself and all you see is headlights. Paul pulls over to check on Rosanna and makes sure she is ok. He tells her he just wants her to be OK. He asks her to promise him that she will marry him. She cries and says OK. He says she is the only one he loves and he will never let anyone come between them.

At the café, Dusty comforts Lily after she and Holden argue. While sitting there Lucinda walks in and catches them together. She tells Lily she found a good physical therapist for Luke and she thinks he will be able to help him. Lily goes out to the farm and tells Holden that she will not let him come between her and her son. She tells Luke that she is so sorry, if only she would have said something about the Colonel to Holden sooner. Luke doesn’t blame her. He tells her that it is not her fault. Holden makes Lily feel not wanted or needed so she leaves. Luke tells him he shouldn’t have forced his mother to leave. Luke tells him he is being a complete jerk. He says it isn’t his mother’s fault that he is in the chair, so since he isn’t blaming her, then why is he? Holden tells Luke that his Mom and he have a lot of problems that go way back. A lot of them have nothing to do with this. Luke tells her that he can’t keep pushing Lily away or he is going to lose her.

Craig runs into Meg and sees that she has been crying. He asks her if she is ok. She blames it on being pregnant, and her emotions were a wreck. He tells her that now that they are married it is important that they trust each other and don’t lie to one another so he wants to know what’s wrong. She says it was Paul. She tells him what Paul told her and Craig tells her nothing is going to happen to her or the baby.

Dusty sees Lily after Holden kicked her out. She is so upset. Dusty tells her that they shouldn’t be together. She begs him not to leave her too, she feels like everyone she is close to is leaving her. She tells him that Holden moved out of the house and tonight she really needs a friend.

The Young and The Restless

Daniel is trying to locate Amber. He is calling all around to find out if she got out of Clear Springs before the accident. Amber is seen in her car with blood all over her head and unconscious. She wakes up and finds out she is trapped in her car underground. When she sees she can’t get out her car she panics and starts blowing the horn and suddenly more rubble starts falling. She climbs out of her car and tries to find a way out. She is determined not to give up. She remembers her sketches and starts going back for them in her car until more concrete starts falling.

Jill shows up ate the site looking for Katherine and Cane. Nikki said she thought they had gone already. Jill says no that JT called them and told them he wanted them to see something in the garage so they stayed to talk to him. Now they are missing. In the parking lot area, Cane and Katherine and JT are trapped. Still no word on where Victoria is though and Nikki is really worried now.

Paul tells Jill that Cane knows the area. He studied the blueprints thoroughly. That gives him the edge on things. He will probably find his way out. He tells Jill to try not to worry too much because he happens to think Katherine is a tough old bird.

 JT and Cane think they might have found a way out but Katherine tells them to go on without her, she doesn’t want to be responsible for them not making it out. They argue telling her there is no way they are leaving her there. Just then a load of bricks and concrete fall covering where they were going to try and crawl out. Cane says ok, they are going to just have to find another way out of there.

They find an elevator shaft and JT goes up and looks. He says it looks like it could be a way out but he can’t do it alone. Katherine can’t make it up there so she tells them to go and she will wait there for them to come back for her. She tells Cane to be sure to tell Jill that she loves her. He says she can tell Jill herself because they will come back for her.

Katherine is left behind to wait. She hears someone and when she looks around the corner of the elevator shaft and sees Amber scaring them both. Amber is so happy to see her. She asks Katherine now what. She tells Amber that Cane and JT left through the shaft and she needs to do the same thing. Amber tells her she is not leaving her there. Amber watches out for Katherine. They talk and Amber tells her that she never cheated on Cane, and she wasn’t asking for forgiveness, she just wanted her to know. Katherine tells her she needs to quit messing up things in her life. She says the secret to success is being able to make mistakes.

The rescue team found two others. It is Cane and JT. They tell them Katherine is still down there but she has broken bones and couldn’t get out with them. JT and Cane both want to take the team back down there to show them where Katherine is. He insists on going even though Jill tries to talk him out of it.
Amber and Katherine hear noises and it is Cane and JT back with help to get them out of there.  They lower a harness to hook Katherine up on. The rescue worker tells her all she has to do is sit back and relax and they will do the rest to get her out. Katherine and Amber and Cane and EJ, are all out and ok. Daniel and Kevin are glad to see Amber. Daniel tells her NOT to do that to them again. She is trying to act brave but then breaks down and cries. Nikki tells Katherine that Victoria is still missing.

Jack is still wondering around under all the rubble trying to find a way out. He found a piece of paper and started writing Sharon a letter to tell her how his love for her is literally keeping him alive. As he finishes reading what he wrote he passes out.

Jan Barrett

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