We are starting a new week now in the soap world. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Belle tells Phillip this shouldn’t be happening, speaking of the kiss the two just shared. She heads towards the door just as Shawn walks in and he wants to know what is going on. She tells him she was just there saying a prayer for her Dad. He wants to know why Phillip was there. She said basically for the same reason only it was for his son, since he has decided to give the baby up. As they walk out the church Phillip watches.

Once they are gone Phillip goes back into the church to say a prayer. In his prayer he tells God that there has to be a reason why he has given him so much and he thinks it is because he and Belle need to be together. He wants Belle back in his life and he tells God if there was anything he could do to help he would be grateful. Just then Belle walks up and says she hates to interrupt but her car wouldn’t start and asks him to look at it for her.

He drives Belle home and when they get inside he asks for a drink of water. She apologizes for her room being a mess and tries making the bed. She is having problems so he shows her how to properly make a bed. He admits he is still in love with her and that he wants her back, after she tells him maybe he should leave. They talk about their marriage but Belle tells him she is with Shawn now. She tells him this is wrong, and he says he is not talking about having an affair or sneaking behind Shawn’s back. He says all she has to do is say the word and he will stay out of her life for good. She tells him she doesn’t want him to leave, she couldn’t bare it if she never seen him again. Then they kiss.

EJ and Lucas meet at the pub, and they discuss how before they knew that Lucas was the father of the twins, Lucas, swore to him that he would raise the children as his own. Now EJ would like to swear to him the same thing now that they know Lucas is the father, and that Sami has agreed to marry him. Lucas isn’t cooperating very much with EJ.

Meanwhile, Sami is with Marlena and she has started having labor pains. Marlena tries to comfort her telling her it is OK, even though Sami is saying it is to early. Marlena says they babies lungs are completely developed by now so if she does have them early they should be fine. She goes to call Sami’s doctor but Sami starts screaming that she doesn’t think there is time, she thinks she is ready to have them now. Sami calls Lucas and tells him she is in labor and at her Mom’s and she needs him to get their right away. He runs out with EJ demanding to know what’s going on with Samantha.

Lucas tells EJ she is in labor and he was thinking now that the twins are about to be born he thinks maybe they should call a truce. He agrees and Lucas says he is glad he agrees and suddenly he handcuffs EJ to the bar and walks out leaving EJ really mad. Bo and Abe are there and they laugh at EJ and he asks them to do something about this. Bo tells him to lighten up, it is just a joke. EJ tells Abe to do something, Abe says well there is no law against playing a practical joke. Then Bo says ok , he turns to Abe and asks for the keys, he says he doesn’t have them, he thought he did, Bo says no, then they both say Oh Lucas has them, oh well! He gets loose later by himself while talking to Kate.

Marlena has to deliver the babies. Lucas is there to help her. She delivers the first baby boy and hands him to Sami. They are waiting now for the little girl to be born. Sami asks Lucas would it be ok with him if they name the baby John and he says he thinks that’s a great idea. Marlena thanks her and then Sami is ready to deliver the next baby. As she is being delivered Marlena tells Sami to just breath and don’t push. Sami wants to know what’s wrong. Marlena says the cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck and for her to just breathe and not push. Now she is ready, she tells Sami give her one deep breath and then push, she said this is good. The baby is delivered and she is fine. Sami thanks Marlena and before she can say anything EJ and Kate walk in. Marlena asks them how did they get in there, and EJ says they are not there to cause trouble, Kate says they are just there to see the babies.

As The World Turns

Craig is there making a toast with Rosanna to her and Paul as Paul walks in wanting to know what he is doing there. Craig says he is there to try and get Rosanna to drop his suit against him so he can get his company back. Rosanna tells him she has already said no. Paul tells him that from now on he wants him to stay away from his soon to be wife.

Meg is frantic, and is taking a home pregnancy test. She says please God no, don’t let her be pregnant. As she is holding the test in her hand her phone rings and it is Holden asking her to come to the farm to help with the kids. She says now isn’t a good time but he says he really needs her help. Before leaving she throws the pregnancy test into the garbage. After she leaves Craig goes home and finds a receipt for a pregnancy test on the floor. He finds it in the garbage and see that if the test shows 2 lines it will mean she is pregnant, then he see that there are two lines, meaning Meg is pregnant.

Craig calls Meg and asks her to meet him at the Lakeview. He then calls Rosanna and tells her to meet him at the Lakeview also. He tells her to be sure to bring Paul, because he wants him to hear the good news too. When Rosanna tells Paul she lies to him telling him they have to meet a wedding planner at the Lakeview. Paul tells her to go ahead without him but she begs him to go with her.

At the Lakeview, when Craig sees Rosanna and Paul walk up he stands up to make a toast. He says he wants to make this to Meg, his wonderful wife for giving him what he wants the most, a baby. Rosanna smiles and Paul just stares. Meg doesn’t see Paul standing there at first. When she sees him she just stares back. Paul walks away when a waiter offers them Champagne. When Rosanna follows him she asks him isn’t this wonderful news? He asks her doesn’t it bothers her that Craig will become a father. She says well Meg will be a wonderful Mother.

Jack admits to Katie that he slept with Carly in Montana. Katie is furious. Katie tells him this would have never happened if Carly hadn’t have dragged him off to Montana. He tells her that Carly planned this. Jack says he needed to go to Montana too, it wasn’t about the sex, but it was his way of saying good bye. Katie isn’t falling for it. Jack is feeling so guilty, and he tells Katie it was him that was calling the shots.

Finally Katie agrees to understand but she tells him things will never change, Carly will always be in his heart. She said she will not settle for just being the wife of someone else’s husband. He says he understands that she is angry and hurt but he does love her and he promises her that this with Carly it will never ever happen again. He says he just can’t lose her. He doesn’t want to end their marriage. She tells him good bye and she walks out.

Katie goes to see Margo and Tom and she asks Tom if he can draw up some annulment papers to end her marriage. Tom says ok if this is what she wants. When he leaves, Margo tries talking Katie out of it. Katie tells her that Jack slept with Carly, the marriage is over because Jack will never get Carly out of his heart. Later Katie shows up at work and she tells Brad that she has started annulment papers. Brad wants so much to tell her the truth but he holds back. Katie asks him to please just hold her.

Carly is convinced that Jack and Katie are over, especially now. Brad tells him the only thing this proves is that his brother has a big heart and that he would do anything no matter what the cost to make dying for her easier, but he says she should look at what this is costing Jack. He says he is going to tell Jack the truth. When she says he can’t do that he asks her when is she planning on telling Jack the truth. She says she is waiting for Jack to ask her to marry him again. He reminds her that Jack is already married to Katie. Brad tells Carly ever since she found out the truth she has been so evil and out to hurt Katie. Carly tells Brad if he tells Jack the truth that they will find out that he is involved with this. Then Katie will hate him if she finds out. Brad doesn’t like hurting them. She says Katie will turn to him once she sees she has lost Jack.

The Young and The Restless

At the scene of the collapse Sharon tells Victor that she is so worried about Noah. He is in the rubble with Lauren and Maggie and Paul. Daniel is on the phone with Phyllis with Phyllis when he spots Nick and hands him the phone. Nick tells her that Noah is trapped inside, and so is Jack.

Paul is digging trying to get them out of the rubble, when Lauren asks him to let her use his phone. She calls Michael and she tries to tell him she is trapped in Clear Springs. The phone is on low battery and keeps cutting out so he doesn’t understand what she is trying to tell him. Maggie is trying to keep Noah calm, but it appears that he has broken rubs.

Michael can’t get any answers so he calls Victor and asks him. Victor tells him about all of them being trapped. He tells Victor he is on his way there and for him to please call him on his cell if he hears anything more. Victor tries to comfort Nikki, as they both worry about Noah.

So far, Jack, Paul, Noah, Maggie, Lauren, JT and Victoria are all missing. Sharon tells Nick she can not lose another child. She will die if she does. She tells Daniel she is so grateful about how good he has been with Noah. Daniel tells her Noah is a cool little guy. She remembers a conversation she had with Noah about his socks and how he use to lose them. She says she asked him what would happen one day if he was in an accident and he had two different socks on. She feels bad and says right now she wouldn’t even care if he had two different socks on, as long as he is ok.

Brad is helping Nikki to try and locate Victoria. They can’t seem to find her anywhere. Meanwhile, Maggie finds some Apple Juice for Noah with some carrot sticks, while Paul goes to find a flashlight. Lauren breaks down and tells Paul she is so sorry for bringing them there, if only she had met them at the lake. Paul tells her if it would help, when they get out of there she can buy him a new fishing pole, or even a new car too. She starts laughing. Maggie watches as Paul comforts Lauren.

Lauren tells Maggie that she is hearing noises. Maggie says if they are hearing anything then it must mean that it is from someone that is looking for them. Lauren is worried and tells Maggie she really thinks they should move Noah over to where the car is so he will be safer. She convinces Maggie it would be a good idea so they move him over to the car. Maggie tells Paul that Noah’s pulse is getting weaker. They hear voices and they start calling out where they are and that they have a child down there with them.

Phyllis and Jana watch the news on TV and see Neil’s press conference. Phyllis is frustrated and throws a chair and when the guard comes in Jana takes the blame so Phyllis doesn’t get into trouble. Phyllis tells her she wished she had prayed more. Jana asks who is first on the list she can help. Phyllis tells her first it was for Nick and now it is for Jack.

Michael tells Kevin and Gloria that everything is not going to be fine. He tells them about Lauren being a claustrophobic and she won’t survive down there. Phyllis calls Michael and tells him she has been watching the news and wants to know how Lauren is. He says he will call her back as soon as he hears something.

The rescue workers bring Noah out safely. Paul and Maggie and Lauren are all saved. Left in the rubble is Jack that they know of. But Victoria and JT are still missing. Lauren asks Kevin and Daniel where is Amber. They said they don’t know, at home they assume. Lauren tells them no she was there in Clear Springs but she didn’t know where she was. Jack is trying to dig his way out but he is getting weaker and suddenly more structure falls.

Nick tells Victor that he is going to the hospital and asked him to call him if he got word of Victoria or Jack. Under all the rubble lies Katherine. She gets up and looks around trying to figure out what happened.. No one even knows she is down there though. And where is Cane?

Jan Barrett

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