Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea is still uncomfortable joining the sorority group. Stephanie gets Adrienne to let her and Chelsea help out in the bar to try and raise money for the sorority with their tips. Stephanie comes up with the idea to raise money by auctioning off guys for a hot date with a sorority girl. Chelsea thinks it is a crazy idea but Stephanie talks her into going along with it.

Steve is holding a gun to Stefano’s head on TV wanting to send Andre a message to release Roman. After seeing the broadcast EJ and Sami get Andre to pull the plug stopping the timer on the bomb wrapped around Roman. Stefano then tells Andre on TV that he wants him to bring Roman to the TV channel. Andre calls Steve at the station and Steve tells him he will trade him, Stefano for Roman. Andre agrees, he says they have a deal.

Lucas tries calling Sami on her cell but she doesn’t answer. Andre tied her and EJ up in the pub and turned the gas on and left them there. Bo, Hope and Lucas arrive at the TV Station and find Steve there holding the gun on Stefano. Bo tries talking to Steve. Andre comes in with Roman and Stefano tells him that it is true, the vendetta is over. He says that Elvis and Sami are to be married, ending it all. Lucas yells out like hell she will.

Andre tells Bo and Lucas that Sami and EJ were left at the pub and that Lucas will be too late to save them, when he runs out the door after them. Stefano is furious at Andre, saying he will get everything that he has coming to him now. Andre lets Roman go but grabs hold of Hope instead. Steve tells him to let go of her or he will kill Stefano. Stefano tells him to let her go but Andre says no, and tells Bo and Steve he doesn’t care if they do kill Stefano. Bo gets Steve to release Stefano, and once he does Stefano orders Andre to release Hope but he refuses and starts backing out of the building holding the gun to her head.

EJ cuts the ropes used to tie him and Sami together with a piece of broken glass. He fights to keep Sami awake so they can get out, when she opens the door she tells him to come on and when he isn’t behind her she looks back for him and finds him passed out from the fumes. She begs him to not die and tells him she doesn’t want him to die. She is relieved when she hears him whisper her name.

As The World Turns

Noah and his father are having lunch and Noah tells him how happy he is that he is there for him. Colonel Mayer tells him that family means everything to him. He tells Noah he has no idea just how far he will go for his family, thinking to himself about what he done to Cherie and to Dusty. He asks Noah to agree for them to spend some time together to try and make amends. He wants to make things up to him.

Noah calls Luke and asks him if he is free this afternoon. Noah says yes but why. He says it is his Dad, he wants to see Luke so they go out to the farm where Luke and Holden are. The Colonel apologizes to Luke about how he treated him over Noah’s lifestyle with him. Luke accepts right away. Holden invites The Colonel and Noah to a family dinner to give them all a chance to get to know each other better. Noah says they can’t impose but The Colonel accepts. He says they would be delighted.

Parker finds a place online that is trying an experimental treatment in Germany and he wants her to try it. She tells him she doesn’t have the money to try it even if she wanted to. He tells her she could have his trust fund that Rosanna set up for him. He doesn’t care about the money, he would gladly give it to her if it will save her life. Carly sends Parker back to school but only after promising him that she will call Rosanna. When he leaves she picks up the phone and calls Rosanna asking her to come over, she needs to talk to her.

Rosanna goes to see Carly. She says she came right over because she sounded so serious on the phone with her before. Carly tells her to sit down that she does have something she needs to talk to her about. Carly explains everything to her. Rosanna is shocked and offers right away to pay for anything she needs. Carly tells her about the plan Parker found in Berlin and Rosanna says good, she will pay for it but Carly says actually this treatment isn’t really for her problem.

Paul is upset with Rosanna for saying on the witness stand that she doesn’t remember anything. He says she lied. She tells him that the truth is she never did remember, she only told him she did. She is claiming that she actually lied to him because she saw how much he wanted to get Craig. She says that once she put her hand on the Bible in court she realized she couldn’t swear under oath and she hopes he will be able to forgive her. He says of course and she assumes this means things can go on as normal between the two of them. He says that he wants her to see the best therapist there is to help her get her memory back. She says she has him and that’s all she needs. He says getting her memory back is all that matters right now.

When Rosanna leaves Paul accidentally finds the cell phone footage of him and Meg together talking that Rosanna got from the private detective. He calls Rosanna and tells her he is sorry about how he acted. He asks her to come home so they can talk, it is time for them to both be honest. He calls out for the maid and asks her if Rosanna had a visitor last night and she tells him yes from a gentleman that she didn’t recognize. Before going home Rosanna meets Craig to make things clear to him. She says he has to make sure Meg stays away from Paul and if he doesn’t keep her away from him she will make sure he goes to prison. She has an answer for him, because she wants him to get Meg pregnant, soon.

Dusty tells the man that helped save his life to call Lily and tell him where he is and she will give him some money for helping him. She will come and help get him to the hospital. The guy finds The Colonel and tells him they need to talk about Dusty Donavan.

The Young and The Restless

Jack is giving Sharon a hard time when she says she is going to the prison to see Phyllis. He tells her that maybe she ought to bring a bodyguard, maybe she could bring Nick. She has to cancel a meeting about a benefit honoring Cassie. He tells her that maybe she and Nick could open up a kissing booth for the event and walks out.

Sharon goes to see Phyllis. When Phyllis walks in Sharon tells her she is not sure why she is even there and Phyllis reminds her that she kissed her husband. Sharon tries to assure her that the kiss was just a friendly kiss and that was all it was. She says that she and her and Jack and Nick were going to have to figure out a way to accept this or it just won’t work. Sharon tells Phyllis for her to take care of her husband and she will take care of hers.

Sharon goes home and asks Noah to help her with this special gift she wants to get Jack. She gets him a MP3 player and gets Noah to help her download Jack’s favorite music on it. Jack is touched that she remembered his favorite music. She tells him she remembers because it was important to him and he was important to her. He just reaches over to her and hugs her.

Colleen tells Lily she bets Cane is thinking about her. Lily says she finds herself thinking about Cane all the time. Colleen comes up with an idea that could give Lily time to spend with Cane. So Lily goes to Cane and tells him she needs some help with an intern paper she needs to do for an assignment at school. After they talk Lily says she is hungry and asks if he has eaten. He says well he really had to go make a phone call for business and tells her he hopes he has helped her for her paper. This discourages Lily and she later tells Colleen that she was hoping when she mentioned eating to Cole that he would ask her to join him for a bite somewhere but he didn’t. Colleen assures her that Cole likes her though.

Abby is in town visiting Brad and Victoria sees them having lunch. She tells Abby they need to get together while she is in town and do something, Abby suggests that they go to a movie together and Victoria says it sounds good. She says her Mom has gotten engaged and Brad says yes to a rich Forrester. Abby asks what room they were going to give the new baby when it comes to visit Brad. He tells her they are still working on that and she worries that they will give the new baby her room, but they tell her no she will have her room there for when she visits. Victoria asks her if she would like to help her decorate the baby’s room at her place and Abby says yes.

Colleen and Brad talk. He tells her they have decided to wait on telling Abby anything about them not being sure about is the father of Victoria’s baby’s in fear of it confusing her. Colleen thinks that’s the right thing to do. He admits to her that he is really hoping the baby is his.

After seeing the baby clothes Nikki bought for the new baby, Victoria remembers the baby she lost and starts crying. Brad comes in after seeing her crying and asks her what’s wrong and when he figures it out they both remember together about the baby that they lost.

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