Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Bo tries to talk Shawn out of becoming a cop. He is worried about something happening to him especially now after John died. He can’t make Shawn understand that his Mother could never live with it if something happened to him. She could never live with losing another son. Shawn tells him this isn’t just about his Mom is it. Bo says if something happened to him he couldn’t take it.

Steve argues with Phillip over Tyler. Phillip says that since they took the baby away from him and Kayla, he is taking the baby home with him The doctor comes in and speaks to Kayla and Steve and Phillip. She says Pocket will be fine that he wasn’t poisoned after all. They have discovered that he has a rare disease which is treatable. The new foster parents come in and are really relieved when the doctor says Pocket will be ok. Phillip is introduced as the man claiming to be the real father of the baby. They get upset but admit that they knew it would happen sooner or later. Kayla asks them are they calling the baby Pocket and they said yes, that was the name they were told it was when they took the baby. Before Pocket is released Steve and Kayla get to say good bye to him, leaving them both so hurt, saying they are going to miss him. They both admit they love that little dude.

Marlena and Belle try to talk Sami out of marrying EJ. Marlena thinks it would be a huge mistake and so does Belle. Sami explains to them the terms of the marriage. She will not be sleeping with EJ. Belle asks her what if EJ forces himself on her again like he done before. Sami says he won’t, he has agreed to make it appear to Stefano that it is a normal marriage but he has agreed to sleep separately. After Sami explains more, Belle starts to see her side of it and starts to agree with her. Marlena is really upset that they are both for this now.

At the church as Belle lights a candle for John, Phillip walks up and tells her he is so sorry. She thinks back of childhood memories of being her Daddy’s little girl. She asks who is going to hold her hand now with tears in her eyes. Phillip takes her hand. She asks him if he found out anything about Tyler and he tells her about the diagnosis but he tells her about the foster parents and how devastated they were with worry and concern. He says he can’t believe he is about to say this but he might have to give his son up. Belle and Phillip end up kissing and Shawn is about to walk in and catch them

Later when Sami goes back to Marlena’s she seems to be going into labor.

As The World Turns

Jack and Carly make love. As he rolls over he sees his hand with his wedding ring and has guilt all over his face. Meanwhile Katie and Brad are steaming up the room tearing each other’s clothes off. Brad lays Katie on the bed kissing her when suddenly he stops and she asks him what is wrong. He says she is crying. She cries even more then. She says ok she is ready. He is reluctant and she tells him he is supposed to be the stud and she needs him to help her stop loving Jack. Brad can’t make love to Katie even though he thinks she is so hot, but she is married to his brother and he knows she still loves him.

Carly tells Jack she is so happy they found each other again. He says yes but only it is too late. She says well maybe not. She tells him don’t be sad, this trip is one of the best times of her life. She says this is perfect but he stops her and says it is not perfect because he wasn’t married to her. He gets up and says he can’t believe he did this to Katie. Carly tells him he shouldn’t feel guilty. He wants to go home but Carly tries talking him out of it. He says they need to get back home, she asks if he means so he can get back to Katie. He says it is not just that, she needs to get back to spend more time with the kids and back to her doctor. He says he will call the airport to see if they can get the next flight out.

Jack and Carly arrive home a lot earlier than the kids expect them to be. Carly thinks the miracle she was waiting for is working. He takes his phone out and she asks him who is he calling, he says he is calling her doctor. She says no, he asks is there something he doesn’t want her to hear. He says he will take her bag upstairs for her to unpack. She says what happened between them means the world to her. She asks didn’t it mean anything to him, he says yeah and that is the problem, he wants to hold on to that too. She asks him if he enjoyed their time together then why he is acting so mad at her. He says he is not mad at her, he just wants her to be there where he can touch her and raise their kids. He hugs her and tells her not to die. She says ok she won’t, and then he apologizes to her. She asks him if she wasn’t going to die, who will he live with, her or Katie. He says Katie is not a fling, he married her because he loves her. Carly doesn’t want to hear that so she goes to fix something to eat.

Paul runs out after lying to Rosanna about having to go check on his tuxedo. He is going to meet Meg and when he gets there he sees her and she is smiling. He asks her what she wants, she says she wants him for the rest of her life, and that she is in love with him. Paul asks her if she has shared this news with her husband. She says she can’t keep doing this. She wants to ask him two questions. Is he in love with her, he answers yes. Then does he want to spend the rest of his life with her, he answers yes. She kisses him and says ok come on, let’s go tell Rosanna and Craig. Paul stalls and she asks him what is wrong. She says ok one more kiss but that’s all. Paul just looks at her and says he can’t leave with her. She thinks he means he wants to tell Rosanna alone but he says if she would have just told her this before, he says he can’t leave Rosanna now. He tells her about all that Rosanna are going through right now and Meg tells him that they love each other. They kiss and they tell each other that they love each other. She asks him if he is going to tell Rosanna tonight and he says only if the timing is right and he runs off leaving Meg with a smile on her face.

Craig goes to see Rosanna and tells her that Meg will be pregnant soon. Rosanna tells him that he will not get his money or the company back until Meg gets pregnant, bottom line. She thinks Meg has not given up her quest to win Paul back. She tells Craig if he keeps pushing her on this she will push him back. If he thinks she has forgotten that he tried to kill her then he better think again.

Brad heads over to Carly’s to see what happened on their trip. Carly doesn’t hide at all the fact that she successfully seduced Jack. He is all upset and says this is going to really upset Katie.

While having dinner Katie tells Brad she should have never doubted Jack and she gets her phone out and starts dialing his number. Brad asks her what she was doing, she said calling Jack to let him know she loves him. Brad stops her and tells her maybe she should give that some thought first. Katie calls Jack and he tells her she is so sorry and thinks when he gets back they should talk. He tells her they are actually back and he agrees to meet her at the Lakeview.

Jack meets Katie and he apologizes by saying they both make mistakes and she has amazing through this. She tells him when she said her vows to him, she meant it. He stops her and she says she is sorry but please don’t tell her they can’t be together anymore. He admits to her that he slept with Carly.

The Young and The Restless

The parking garage has collapsed leaving several stranded under the rubble. Sharon is shown knocked out when suddenly she wakes gasping for breath. Nick wakes up moving concrete off of him and he yells out “Hello, Can anyone hear me?” He moves around and finds Jack and asks him if he is OK. He thinks so. They start looking for Sharon.

Horns and alarms are going off everywhere but they finally hear her voice saying “here”. They try lifting her but she screams that her leg hurts, but they don’t think it is broken so they try again but she screams again. Jack ties boards to her leg as in a brace and tells Nick and Sharon they have to get out of there, there is methane down there and for all he knows it could be leaking out right now so they have to get out.

Sharon needs to stop and take a break because her leg is hurting too much. Nick says ok he will see if he can find out how much farther it is. Jack tells Sharon it can’t be much farther. She says she is discouraged now, sarcastically.  Nick comes back and says he may have found a way out but he wants Jack to go take a look at it and see if he thinks they can. After Sharon starts’ walking away Jack tells Nick there is no way the three of them will make it through that passageway, Nick says he knows and that is why he wants him to take Sharon and get her out and he will stay behind, Jack says he can’t leave him behind but Nick insists.

They get to the passage way and they argue over who is staying behind. They all volunteer and they say it is not an option for Sharon because someone has to stay there to hold up the bar. They decide to draw straws to see who will stay behind. They have Sharon hold them for Jack and Nick to draw. Jack loses and Sharon tells him she hates this, she should be the one that stays. He says if anything goes wrong she has to remember how much he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He says he knows, that’s what keeps him going. Nick and Sharon slip under the rubble while Jack holds the concrete up with a bar but lets go just as Nick clears it.

Nikki calls Victor and tells him what happened and she tells him she can’t get Nick to answer his phone. Victor calls Nikki back and tells her he can’t get any information. He begs her to get away from there, but she won’t listen. He tells her this could be a case of sabotage, she asks why he would say that and he tells her to think about this. She says she will call him back and hangs up.

Phyllis sees the news of the collapse on TV and goes immediately to the phone to call Nick but gets his answering service. She leaves a message for him then calls Victor, and he tells her he is heading out to the site right now, but he doesn’t know anything yet. She calls Jack and leaves a message for him too. She calls Daniel and tells him she needs him to help her get out because she is so worried. She then says ok would he go up to Clear Springs and find out from the Newman’s if Nick is ok.

Nikki gets back to the hotel and looks to see if Nick or Victoria has checked back in yet They tell her that those names are not on any of their lists. David tries to calm Nikki down and he makes her laugh through her tears.

Victor tells Neil that there was a disaster in Clear Springs, that the underground garage and the casino has collapsed and they haven’t heard from Nick or Victoria. He says he is about to leave to drive up there and asks him to meet him there. Before Neil leaves he runs into Brad and tells him about it. Brad hadn’t heard anything about it but Neil offers for him to ride with him up there. Brad says ok but tries calling Sharon first but gets no answer.

On the way to Clear Springs, Brad calls Nikki and asks him if she has heard from Sharon. She says no and nothing from Nick either. He asks her what happened. She explains to them about what she witnessed and how devastating it was to see.

Nikki is still trying to call Nick when David comes running in telling her that they are bringing someone out from the rubble so they run to the site. She tells the rescue workers to ask the names of who they are pulling out, Nick yells out “Mom it is me and Sharon” and he tells them Jack Abbott is still in there and needs help getting out. The rescue worker tells them of a 911 call from a Paul Williams saying that he was trapped with two other adults and a 9 year old boy. They ask who the child was, they say the name given was Noah and he was injured. Nick runs back towards the rubble and the firemen stop him.

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