Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Marlena orders Stefano to get out. She says she will despise him til the day she dies. He tells her despite what she thinks, he admired John, which only makes Marlena madder. She screams at him to get out.

Kate tells EJ she wants this vendetta to end. She wants her children and her grand children to be safe. She tells him that John was a hero, and as he walks out she tells him if Sami marries him to end this vendetta then she will be the hero. She sits there and thinks back to time spent with John.

One by one everyone says good bye to John. The pallbearers carry his coffin out of the church, with Marlena and Belle following them. After the funeral Marlena is back at home in their bedroom and she calls out to John. She finds his jacket and smells him. She looks over at their bed and sees his coffee cup sitting on the night stand. She sits down and cries.

Marlena admits to Belle that she had no idea what others felt when they lost their husbands. She remembers trying to help them cope but now she realizes just what they were feeling. She knows now just how much it hurts and how empty it feels. She tells Belle she doesn’t think she can keep going, Belle tells her she has always been the strong one, but Marlena admits she is not strong, not without John.

At the pub Max asks Stephanie if she is ok. She says she will never forget the look on Marlena’s face when they lowered John’s casket into the ground. Billie asks Chelsea to please stay on her guard now. She is really worried about the rapist running loose on campus.

Lucas tells Sami it all hit him seeing John being buried. He says it could happen again, and now he can’t deny it anymore. He says she is right. He guesses she is going to have to marry EJ to end this vendetta before someone else dies. She tells him this is not what she wants, and he says yeah he knows. She starts crying and tells him thank you for understanding. She wants him to just hold her.

Tony says Stefano was right, John was his brother but he never really knew him. He thinks things need to change. He takes Anna over to Lexi and introduces them to each other. He invites Lexi and Abe over for dinner one night and Lexi says she would like that.

Shawn Sr. proposes a toast at the pub to his boy Johnny. It brings flashbacks of John on several occasions with Marlena. All the good memories of the man they all knew as their friend, their son, and their brother. To this he says to the beloved John Black and they all drink to the toast.

Pocket was brought back into the ER by his new foster parents with the same exact symptoms as he had before. Steve says this proves that it wasn’t something they done to the baby since this time they were no where around him. Philip comes in wanting to know what happened to his son. Kayla tells him he is having the same symptoms as before. Phillip is worried and starts going off to find the doctor. Steve stops him and tells him forget about him but doesn’t he think he owes Kayla an apology. When Steve calls the baby Pocket, Phillip tells him his name is Tyler, which in turn makes Steve mad and he punches Phillip.

As The World Turns

Jack and Carly are in Montana now. He tells her they need to get her settled and in bed. She says she is feeling better all the time. He says it is suppose to be chilly tonight so he needs to go get some firewood. She tells him she will help him. He looks at her and says she must be kidding, right? She says this trip has already started working its magic on her, that she is really better.Carly tells Jack that they were given a gift. She wants to know now that they have been given it, what they are going to do with it.

He tells her since she is not in the mood to sleep how about they just go for a walk. She says she would like that but just let her get changed. Carly brings up the time when they first got together and how hot it was, she says that she was getting warm just thinking about it. Jack almost gives in but catches himself and says he will wait for her outside. They find a row boat and decide to go in it for a while. They both lay back in the boat and sleep, with Carly dreaming of how it would be when she tells Jack the truth, while Jack has his dream that he finds Carly on the bed dying and he has to say good bye to her. He wakes Carly talking in his sleep calling out to her.

They find that they have drifted off in the boat and they don’t even know where they are. They get the boat to shore and he thinks he got them lost. She says he didn’t and they are going to find their way. Carly is getting cold and Jack gives her his jacket. Jack realizes now that Carly knows where they are now. He takes her inside when they find the house and starts a fire to try and warm Carly up. He gets her a hot bath ready and when she starts undressing he offers to help her. He then holds up a blanket so she can finish and she slips into the tub. He says he is going to give her some privacy, she asks where he is going, he said he will just be outside.

When he leaves she thinks back of another occasion when he walked in catching her in the tub. Outside Jack is remembering the same night as he is throwing rocks into the water. He goes back inside just as Carly is getting out the tub. She asks him if he is ok. He says it isn’t fair, he thinks about how he hated her leaving before but now she is going to leave for good, and he doesn’t want her to go. He carries her to bed and then tells her to try and get some rest. He starts to walk away but Carly reaches for him and they kiss and end up making love.

Brad spent the night on the sofa in Katie’s room. He comes out the next morning with her toothbrush in his mouth. She thanks him for being there for her. He thinks back about how Carly was trying to convince him to go after Katie. Katie asks him what he has on his mind. Startled he says work, and they head out the door.

At work Katie gets a call from the Costume Shop about an order for Sage’s costume. She decides to take it to her anyway with Brad’s encouragement. She says this way she can see her husband. When they get to Carly’s they find Will and Gwen there. They call Sage down to give her the costume. She loves it and runs upstairs to try it on. Katie wants to know if Jack and Carly are at the doctor or something. Will says, oh you don’t know, they went to Montana. Katie is in shock, she can’t believe he went off without telling her. Brad said he must have left her a message at the station that she just missed, Katie tells him come on now they both know that he didn’t. As she walks off she mumbles, just the two of them off in Montana.

Katie starts drinking and she is furious with Jack for going off without telling her. She says she is feeling guilty about feeling like killing a woman that’s already dying. Brad tries to get her to stop drinking. He says she doesn’t need to get drunk. She says well she needs Jack and he isn’t there. She knows they went to Montana to reconnect to find their way back to each other. Brad says well Montana is Carly’s home.

Brad brings Katie back to the hotel room. She is ranting on and on and Brad lets her get it all out. She says she is so mad at Jack. She says they should have never got together in the first place, she knew of his love for Carly. She apologizes to Brad for always looking at him like the second best brother. She looks at Brad in that seductive way and he asks her what is she doing. She tells him what she really wants is for him to make love to her, right now.

The Young and The Restless

Victoria and JT discuss names for the baby. She teases JT about nicknaming the baby Bubba. She takes out the ring JT bought for her. He asks her if she is sure she likes it. She says she loves it and she is not going to be scared anymore. He takes it out the box and slips it on her finger as they both smile.

Most of all involved with the Clear Springs project have gathered there today. Sharon and Jack are there along with Noah. Nikki drives up in the parking lot and David runs to her to greet her. He says she is late and she says she is sorry but she can’t even read her own writing. She tells him about Victor calling in his loan. Nikki runs into Katherine and she tells her she went to see Victor. She explains that he never gave her a chance to talk before he told her he was calling in on the loan. Katherine asks, did she mean the late payment. She says no, the whole thing. She begs Katherine to help her but Katherine says the company can not possibly afford to pay off the entire loan, there is just no way, and she walks away. Nikki stood there in shock.

Katherine calls Victor scolding him about his calling in on the loan. He asks her if Nikki went to her and asked her for the money. She says yes and he should have known she would. He says Katherine is a good business woman, surely she turned her down. Katherine said well of course she had to. Victor says well if you didn’t think it was a good project what makes her think he would.

Nick asks Lauren if she can keep an eye on Noah later on so he can have a talk with Jack and he doesn’t want Noah over hearing them. She tells Nick she is a little worried because she heard that the Condo’s aren’t selling very well and it is making her wonder why she is even bothering to open a store there now. Paul offers to take Noah fishing instead of him going with Lauren since he doesn’t want to go with Lauren. In the car Nick asks Jack why are the police looking at him in the Ji Min’s case.

Nikki runs into Victoria and she notices that she is wearing her ring which pleases Nikki. Victoria calls the baby Bubba and Nikki says please tell her that she isn’t going to name her grandson that, Victoria assures her that it is just a nickname til he is born.

JT meets with Cane and Katherine. He tells them about how the concrete had a problem and when he went to the foreman about it he wasn’t doing anything til he pressed him about it.

Amber brings Lauren her papers and thanks her completely telling her she insists on paying her for the day and offers to have her eat lunch and charge it to her room. Amber gets Lauren to look at her sketches and then to listen to her CD’s. Lauren tells her she did like what she had designed for Forrester’s.

After Nikki tells Nick about the loan he calls his Father and asks him about it. He says he is not going to let this go, but Victor tells him to stay out of it. Nikki asks Jack for the money. He says he doesn’t have that kind of money lying around. She says if she loses this, then Victor will be in charge. She says as much as she dislikes him she would rather see him win, than to see Victor taking over Clear Springs.

In the parking lot later JT is looking at the foundation when he makes a startling discover. There is a major crack in the concrete that definitely doesn’t look good. He calls Cane and tells him about it and tells him he better get down there and look at it. Cane and Katherine go to the parking lot and JT shows them all the areas with cracks. It is a serious problem. Construction is going to have to be stopped.

Victoria and Adrienne are in the parking lot when Jack and Sharon and Nick drive up. Nick tells Victoria about Victor calling in the loan. She says no he can’t do this, she won’t let him. She calls Victor and asks him what the hell is wrong with him. He claims he is saving her mother from herself. She tells him what he has done is selfish and vindictive, he says it is his company and he can run it anyway he wants to and then hangs up on her.

Nikki and David are talking when suddenly they see the walls in the parking lot start to collapse. Several of them are in the parking lot as it all collapses. Now the question is who will get out alive.

Jan Barrett

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