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Days of Our Lives

Marlena thinks back to one of the times when she and John had lost each other yet they managed to find their way back to each other again. She feels that John is with her when she comes back to reality and calls his name out. She waits to see him walk up when it is Roman instead telling her they were all looking for her, that the funeral is about to start. She tells him in tears that she can’t do this, she can’t say good bye to him.

Stefano looks at the newspaper with the headlines of John’s death all over it. Tony walks in and looks at Stefano and tells him how he feels about him and how he feels about his brother’s death. Stefano tells Tony that he and Alexandra will both get along just great, they both disgrace the DiMera family name. Anna comes in and tells Tony they need to go. She tells Stefano he is finally getting what he deserves and they walk out.

Bo and Hope find everything set up at the church for John’s funeral. The priest comes in and explains that a V. Alamaine sent a check that morning to cover all the expenses for the funeral. Hope says ah Vivien, John’s aunt. The priest says the note mentioned that she wouldn’t be welcomed back in Salem but she wanted to make sure he had a nice funeral.

Belle tries saying good bye to John but it is so hard. She tells John she can’t do this without him. She needs him, the family needs him. All she wants is for him to hold her right now, and then she turns to Shawn to hold her. Hope comes to her to help comfort her too.

In the middle of the service the door opens and interrupts the priest. It is Victor Kiriakis and he announces that he knows he was not invited but there are some things that he needs to say. He tells all good things about who John was. He says he will miss John and then goes up to Marlena and asks for forgiveness for the interruption, he only wanted to make things right. She thanks him.

At the hospital Stefano calls and orders a limo to be sent to him. He says to do what they have to do, just get him a limo right now.

Caroline says John was considered an honorary Brady and she will miss her son. Hope comes up to speak but breaks down apologizing for not being able to be strong for them. She says she will miss her brother, and she loved him so much. Anna speaks of John and her memories of him. She says that John raised a better daughter than she ever could have and for that she will always be grateful. Abe says he knew John for many years. His courage and his love for his family were commendable, and he is so proud to have called John his friend. Even though John was never officially a policeman he is still proud to announce that he will be buried will full honor.

Belle brings a picture Claire made for him and she sets it up by John’s picture and promises him she will tell Claire all about him. She breaks down and Shawn helps her. Sami says she was lucky enough to have two fathers, John being one of them. Roman says that all these great words describe John Black as a good man, but more than anyone else he and John Black shared more of each other.

Marlena stands up and thanks everyone for coming and she talks about how John touched so many people and so many lives. She says John was her Knight in Shining Armor. She doesn’t know if she is ever going to feel safe again. She is interrupted as she speaks to John in his coffin by the doors opening. Stefano enters in his wheelchair.

As The World Turns

Carly panics when she comes back in the room finding Jack on the phone with her doctor. He is asking her doctor if it would be OK for her to travel on this trip to Montana. Carly is fighting with him to get the phone away but he says he isn’t going to be happy til he gets all the answers he needs. The doctor asks if she is still taking her medication and Jack says yes. He says well then there shouldn’t be any problems. Carly takes the phone and the doctor offers to explain to Jack what happened, and tells her to just put him back on the phone. She tells him he doesn’t have to do that. She can’t tell him that she hasn’t told Jack the truth.

Now Jack is feeling guilty over calling her doctor without her knowing it. They talk about the old days and how they argued over things. Jack calls the airlines to make reservations for the family to go on this trip. Carly brings the kids down and tells them to pack because they are going on vacation. They are not happy at all. Sage says she has tests this week, Jack says he can call the school. But they still say they do not want to go. Carly takes Sage upstairs and JJ tells Jack that Carly isn’t going to die. Parker tries stopping him but he repeats it again and says Carly told them herself that she isn’t going to die and she asked them to keep it a secret. Jack thinks that she has been filling the kid’s heads with nonsense that a miracle is going to happen by telling them she won’t be dying after all. He tells Carly they both know that will never happen. Carly tells him she has to tell him something, even if it means he will hate her. She tells him she didn’t lie to the kids, she does believe in miracles, she doesn’t think she is going to die. Jack agrees to take Carly on the trip and promises to try and believe in the miracles.

Katie and Brad are at Henry and Vienna’s restaurant and Snickers gets out his cage. He is running loose in the restaurant so they try quietly looking for him without disturbing the customers. Snickers went over one lady’s feet and she screams. Then they spot him sitting on the counter. Brad leaps for him but misses him. They spot him again so Brad tells Vienna to watch the door and he is on his hands and knees looking for Snickers only to find him in the lap of a customer that bends over and asks if this is what he is looking for.

The woman refuses to give them back the rabbit. She ends up being from the health inspection and claims that she can not release the rabbit til they have him checked out which could take, since they are a little backed up, 7 or 8 months. Brad pulls his charms on the lady, manages to get the rabbit away from her and then to distract the woman he tells her she has gorgeous eyes, and flirts heavily with her.

Meg walks in at the Inn just in time to overhear a speech that Paul is giving to Rosanna swearing his love for her. She turns to walk away only to run right into Craig. He plays the understanding husband and supports her. He gives her his jacket and she runs off. He goes after her and explains to her when she asks him why isn’t he mad at her for what just happened, that he loves her.

Flashbacks seem to be haunting both Paul and Meg. Paul has them when he is with Rosanna and Meg has them when she is trying to be intimate with Craig. They can’t admit that neither of them can get the other out of their head. Meg slips out the room after Craig falls a sleep and calls Paul. He sees the call is from Meg and doesn’t answer it, he throws the phone across the room instead.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis has been approved for the work release program and Michael tries to explain to her the rules involving this. He tells her she is not allowed to take time to play with her daughter or have private time with her husband.

Nick tells Neil his plans of going back to work as Co-CEO of Newman. Neil doesn’t take the news with excitement, he just asks if Victor knows about this. He says there is not much his Father doesn’t know. Neil goes to see Victor after. He tells Victor that Nick mentioned to him about wanting to take over again. Victor tells him he knows what his son wants. Later when Neil tells Victor about the deal he made, and then Nick tells him his deal, Victor announces that he too has some news, he has decided who will be the new Co-CEO. He says they are both excellent businessmen. He is splitting the company up between them all, assigning each of them as the Co-CEO of different departments. Nick and Neil both agree with it saying that will work for them.

Jack is frustrated with the press. He and Sharon discuss going up to Clear Springs as a get away. Jack says Noah would love going there for some fishing and stuff. Sharon thinks that’s a wonderful idea. Just as Sharon confirms hotel reservations Jack gets a call from Phyllis telling him about her being his new employer, her work release was approved.

Phyllis calls Nick and tells him about the work release coming through. She tells him she has two days and then she can see him without bars and guards, she can see him in the flesh. He says he can’t wait. She whispers in the phone to him “Me too”

Victoria seems a little confused when she spots David at the hotel restaurant talking to the construction site foreman, Joe. She wonders if this means there is a problem and David assures her no that everything was fine. When she sees JT she tells him about her seeing Joe with David. She thinks he could have something to do with all of this on his case. JT tells her David is a part of all this so Joe would have a legitimate reason for meeting with him. She says it’s a gut feeling and he says they can’t always rely on gut feelings.

Amber shows Lauren some sketches of her designs to look at but Lauren is on her way out to go to Clear Springs and tells her it will have to wait. When she leaves she forgets some papers that she will need for her meeting tomorrow so when Amber catches her on the phone later, she offers to drive out to Clear Springs in the morning and bring them to her.

Lauren meets Michael for a drink at the club before leaving. He tells her about Phyllis’s news and Lauren says this is good because now he won’t be distracted with her at the bed and breakfast. Just as they start dreaming about it, Victor calls Michael and tells him he needs him to do some work tonight so he has to cancel his plans of going with her to Clear Springs tonight, he will have to drive out there tomorrow. He can’t get out of it now.

Nikki has lunch with Katherine. They discuss her divorce with Victor. She tells Katherine she is not divorcing Victor because of David. Katherine tries as she might to talk Nikki out of getting this divorce. She tries to make Nikki see that sometimes a divorce is not the answer so quickly. She may just realize that she still loves her husband and that he might still love her.

Nikki goes to see Victor. He tells her he is glad she is there, he wanted to talk to her. She says she is glad too, because she has been meaning to talk to him too. He says her payment on her loan is due and he is calling in on it, effectively immediately, leaving Nikki in shock. He tells her this is purely business. They fight over this and she starts calling him names and he tells her he doesn’t give a damn what she calls him, he is calling in on this loan. He says he is saving her from herself.

Jan Barrett

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