Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

EJ brings the annulment papers to Stefano and asks him once again if he was sure that he had nothing to do with John’s accident. Stefano asks how is John and EJ says they don’t expect him to make it through the night. Stefano says he is sorry to hear that.

John is still hanging on but Kayla tells Belle that his heart rate is slowing down and he is getting weaker. Belle asks if there isn’t something they can do. Kayla says no, Belle says maybe operate again but Kayla says there is nothing they can do but help keep him more comfortable.

Bo tells John that he is family and when someone declares war on family they are all in it.  John loses unconsciousness and Bo storms out. When Hope stops him he says he just has to get out of there, she offers to go with him but he says no, he needs to go alone and besides the family needs her there. Steve offers to go after Bo but Hope tells him no he will be OK.

Kate comes in and says she had to come see a dear friend. Marlena says he is sleeping right now but he could probably hear her. Kate goes to his bed side and tells him she needs to know if she let him down, and he suddenly wakes and tells her never.

Bo goes to see Stefano in the hospital. Stefano asks how John is doing. He says they don’t think he is gonna make it and Stefano says he is sorry to hear that. He asks Stefano who ran John down. He has a hypodermic needle filling it and Stefano says it’s amazing that an officer of the law would kill a defenseless patient. Bo says it’s funny that he used the word defenseless instead of innocent. Just as he is about to stick Stefano’s arm with the needle Roman walks in and tells him he should put that away before someone gets hurt. Bo asks Stefano one more time who ran John down. He tells him what about his own daughter Chelsea, he heard she was good at that, which makes Bo so furious that he stabs Stefano in the shoulder with the needle. The needle was only filled with saline fortunately for Stefano.

Morgan tells Stephanie thanks for bringing her home from the pub after Max had to bring his parents to the hospital. Stephanie says it is ok, she didn’t mind. Morgan then confronts her about seeing her following them all night on their date. She says she saw her at the race track. Stephanie tells her she goes to the track all the time, she has a lot of friends in the pit. Morgan says then she owes her an apology but she still found it odd how she saw her looking in the window at them at the pub later. Morgan tells Stephanie, “Just so you know, a sorority sister does not take another girl’s guy”. 

Billie comes in looking for Chelsea at the sorority house. She wants to inform the girls that there is a rapist running loose on campus and they want to warn all the girls to be on the lookout for him. Chelsea isn’t there but Stephanie and Morgan promise to fill her in on the news when she returns.

An officer finds Bo at the hospital with some new evidence found at the scene of John’s accident. It is a piece of a headlight. Bo thanks him and says this just may be the break that they need.

Nick called Maggie to come talk to Jeremy to try and get him to talk him into turning himself in. She tries but warns him if he doesn’t turn himself in she will be forced to do it for him. When she leaves he starts packing and tells Nick he has to leave. Nick gives him what money he has. The kids come out and Jeremy explains to them that he has to leave. He tells them he is going to miss them, and then sends them off to bed. Jeremy tells Nick to take some advice from him for a change, don’t give up on Chelsea and he leaves.

Steve asks Marlena if she wants them to go and she says no. She wants him to be surrounded by the people that love him. She told Steve John won’t leave his family, no matter how bad the pain is he will fight to stay, until she tells him it is ok for him to go. Kayla tells her she doesn’t have to do this now but she says he is in so much pain, it is time. She walks to John’s bedside and tells him it is time they had a talk. She tells him she needs him to do her a big favor. She needs him to close his eyes and rest, he says he can rest later. She says he is just afraid he will miss something, he says he is going to miss her. She says no, he will never miss her. He whispers to her that he loves her and she says she loves him, and then they kiss. Then she tells him to rest for her and when it is time for her to see him again he will be with his arms open waiting for her and she will be there. John closes his eyes and is finally in peace.

As The World Turns

Jack and Carly tell the kids that he is going to move back in there and Sage is excited, but JJ doesn’t like it, he storms out. Jack thought they would be happier than that. Carly tells Parker to go get JJ, that she wants to talk to them, she asks Jack to give them some time so he says he will go for a walk. She tells the boys that she might not be dying after all. She asks them not to tell Jack, she asks them to just keep it between them for now.

After Jack comes back in he notices Carly looks like she is about to pass out so he gets the kids to go upstairs and ready for bed, but they claim it is too early for bed. He agrees they can play the video games for 30 minutes first. Once they are out of the room he tells Carly she should lay down. She looks at him and tells him she needs him to do something for her, and it’s really important. She needs him to take her to Montana right away. He says she is asking him for the one thing he can’t give her, she asks, can’t? He replies, “Won’t”. He finally tells her that he doesn’t know if the kids can get away for now. He tells her to go find out from them if they have tests coming up anytime soon. When she is out of the room he calls her doctor and asks him if he could answer some questions about Carly’s condition.

Brad tries giving Katie some advice. One minute he has her convinced to fight for Jack, the next he has her thinking the best thing to do would be to bury herself into her work. She says he wants to be her rebound guy, and she is not going to sleep with him. He says he is only talking about hanging out like in an in law thing. He says she has a terrible mind and walks out. She goes after him and apologizes. He says OK and wants to know if there is anything he can do to help. She says he can make Carly’s tumor go away.

Brad goes to Carly and tells her she needs to tell Jack the truth. He will hate her when he finds out she lied to him. She says she can’t help it if she was misdiagnosed, she didn’t lie. Brad says but she knows now, she has to tell him the truth. Carly needs more time. Brad says she means she needs time to get Jack in bed. She says well if that’s what it takes. She tells him she loves Jack with all her heart, so Brad tells her she can have a few more days but that is all.

Rosanna plans a candle light dinner but Paul’s mind is distracted. He tries making excuses when his phone rings. It is Barbara calling, so Rosanna tells him to answer it. Barbara is inviting them to dinner and he tells her to let him talk to his beautiful fiancé and he will get back to her although he is pretty sure he can arrange it. They decide to join Barbara for dinner. Rosanna and Gwen see each other for the first time since Rosanna has been back.

Meg was waiting for Craig on the bed wearing sexy lingerie. She practically throws herself at Craig. When they get really hot together the thought of she and Paul making love flashes back in her mind and Craig notices that something is wrong. She looks at him and says she wants him right now. Afterwards they lie there and Craig says what ever he did to deserve that remind him to do it again and again. He wants to know what is going on with her. She tells him well he wanted to make a baby, he says yes but she didn’t. She says maybe she has changed her mind.

The Young and The Restless

Nick and Victoria meet at the coffee house with Summer. Jill sees them and walks over to say hello. Nick asks her how she is and she says she is coping. Victoria asks her if they are any closer in finding out what happened to Ji Min. She says yes but it still won’t change things. When she walks away Victoria tells Nick that life is not fair. Jill lost her man, yet she is getting her man and a baby.

Later at the office Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he wants to see them as soon as their meeting is over. They see him after and he tells Victoria that he has a gift for her. She is all excited and when she opens it she finds a Baby Naming Book. Nick tells Victor she has been a little superstitious about receiving gifts til after the baby is born but she stops him and says she isn’t anymore. She thinks its time she stops being worried and enjoy this pregnancy. She says the baby is going to be just fine.

They go through some names and joke around about names she should use for the baby. She hugs Victor and tells him thanks again. He tells her he is getting a new grandson and this makes him very happy. Victoria tells Nick she was thinking of going with Christian as the baby’s name. Nick points out that they already have three by the name, Victor, himself and Noah. He teases asking if she thought about naming the baby after Brad. She asks him if he has any idea of just how much she wants this baby to be JT’s.

Daniel asks Amber if she wants to go to work with him to help and she wants to know if it pays. He says $10 an hour so she says good cause she will need all the money she can get since she is going to start going after her singing career. She also wrote a song, saying that singers can make a lot more money if they sing their own songs. She plans to go back to her designing too.

Heather comes in and finds Cane at the coffee house too. He notices that she is walking better now. She says yes her leg is much better. She tells him she enjoyed their date and would love to get together again. He makes an excuse about not being able to but asks for a rain check.

JT and Cane talk about the construction site case that JT is working on. On the site JT talks to the foreman. Meanwhile Victoria leaves for Clear Springs, even though both JT and Nick have tried to talk her out of going alone. She says pregnant women drive all the time and she will be ok.

Later at dinner Cane talks to Jill. He tells her he wishes he had had a chance to get to know Ji Min better, she says she wishes she had too. The mention of age differences comes up and he asks if age differences matters to her. She says no, if you are in love with someone you should go after them no matter.

Heather and Colleen are talking and Lily asks Heather if she and Cane are dating. She says well sort of but not officially but she tells them how much she really enjoyed her date with him. She says it was definitely worth going on. This upsets Lily and she walks away. Heather asks Colleen if Lily is ok, she says no and then goes after Lily.

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