It is the beginning of a new week in the World of the Soaps. So here are the updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Max took Morgan to the race track for their date and then after to the pub for dinner. They get chilli fries and Max is explaining to Morgan how to eat them since she has never had them before. She tells him how much this date was well worth the $500 and he says thanks a lot, but she tells him she has really enjoyed it with him.

Chelsea finds Stephanie outside watching Max and Morgan on their date. Stephanie can’t understand how come Morgan is still with Max. She thinks Morgan is up to something by putting up with Max. Stephanie says that she has to save Max from Morgan. Meanwhile inside Morgan tells Max about Stephanie watching them. When Max turns around and sees her in the window he says he wonders what she is doing. Morgan says, beats her, she has been following them all night. She asks him if he and Stephanie use to date. He says yes, and Morgan says she thinks Stephanie still has feelings for him.

Caroline gives Max the news about John. She tells him they want her and Shawn Sr to bring Claire to the hospital, so Max offers to wait for them and drive them to the hospital. When he tells Morgan she tells him not to worry about her getting home, she would just call a taxi and that she completely understands. Stephanie offers to take Morgan home, when they tell her and Chelsea about John.

Sami tapes the annulment papers together and then she signs it and gives it to EJ. She says she will take care of Lucas signing it too. As they are talking about it Lucas walks up and asks what they are talking about. Sami is feeling guilty over John being hit this way. She sends EJ away to tell Stefano she signed those papers.

Marlena and Belle are at John’s bedside. The doctor says he will be out for a while because of the morphine they gave him. Belle asks the doctor angrily if that was all they were going to do for him and Marlena stops her. Belle goes out and tells Sami that the doctor said there is nothing else they can do for John and that she is really scared. Sami tries to comfort her.

Marlena talks to John. She tells him the doctors say they have to say good bye to him but she can’t. She says somehow after all they have been through they always seem to find their way back together. Just then John wakes up and when she asks him how is he feeling, he says never better. He says it doesn’t look good does it. She says it is very serious. He tells her not to cry because he wants to take her beautiful face with him, the same one he seen on their wedding day. He asks her to lie down with him. He says five more minutes won’t matter. Belle comes in to talk to John. He looks at her and says to give her Daddy a hug. He asks about his beautiful grand daughter. Marlena comes out and tells Sami it is time, and then they go in John’s room together.

As The World Turns

Brad is at the hospital talking to Carly’s doctor. He assures Brad that Carly is not going to die. She should be celebrating her new lease on life. Brad thanks the doctor and says he is very happy about this. Brad goes straight to Carly’s and bursts in telling her he was just at the hospital and how he had this amazing conversation with her doctor.

Jack walks in and finds Katie, who just so happened to have walked in just before Brad came, and Brad and wants to know what is going on. Carly tells Jack that Katie came to talk to him so they go outside to talk. Katie tells him about the real estate agent and how they are demanding to have them make a bid for the house tonight or another couple will get it. Jack agrees to ok go on and buy it. But he feels he should warn her that it may be some time before they would be able to move in. She asks why and he tells her that he has decided to move in at Carly’s until, well until she goes. Katie tells him so in other words once again she has to wait for Carly to die. She says she doesn’t know but she just can’t do this. He asks her can’t do what? She says she just doesn’t know. She says she doesn’t know how to compete with a dying woman.

Brad is furious with Carly telling her he wants to know just how she is going to pull off going from a dying woman to a suddenly healed one. She tells him she can’t tell Jack now, and about how he wants to help her and she needs more time with him. Brad tells her she is wrong for not telling him. He is onto her plan, he knows exactly what she is trying to do to Jack and he thinks she is wrong. Carly says she needs more time with Jack to get him to admit that if he had a second chance with her that he would take it, then she could tell him the truth, that way he couldn’t back out. Brad says unless he tells Jack the truth himself. She says he wouldn’t. He says, he might

Noah goes to see Luke. Luke wants to know if he came on his own or for someone else. Noah tells him that he came because of Dusty but he hadn’t been around mainly because of his Dad being the cause of Luke being there to begin with and he didn’t think Luke would want to see him. Noah asks Luke if he wants him to be his boyfriend, and he finally tells him yes but honestly he doesn’t know how things are going to go with him lying in the hospital bed. Noah tells him to just do what he has to do to get out of it then. Luke says he doesn’t know if he can even do that.

Susan is ready to get the procedure done to get pregnant with Will’s baby. She has to sign the consent forms and Susan tells her that if she has any second thoughts now is the time to think about it. Alison says she is ready and that she does understand that once she signs the papers she is giving up all of her parental rights to the baby. Alison signs the papers and they get the procedure started.

The Young and The Restless

Jill talks to Maggie and pleads with her to let her know if she has found out anything new in Ji Min’s case. Finally Maggie confesses that they did find dog’s hair on Jim Min’s body and that it came from a Golden Retriever just like Jack Abbott’s dog. She says Jack isn’t the official suspect. The evidence they have is circumstantial only. Jill immediately tells Cane about it. She says every time there is a new lead she lives this whole nightmare over again. He tells her he is worried about her.

Gloria was supposed to be babysitting but she tells Michael she has a babysitter coming in place of her because something else came up. He wants to know what’s going on. She tells him she has a date with Jeffery. She tells Michael she doesn’t trust the guy but she is going out with him anyway. She says he isn’t going to get a dime of her money though.

The Chaplain goes over to Phyllis to talk to her. She tells him how the warden was going to close down the day room there in the prison and she didn’t agree with him. When she voiced her opinion they hauled her off back to her cell handcuffed. She then talks to the Chaplain about the work release program. She tells him how she wished that she was as strong as John Abbott was before he died, and they start talking about just how John was before he died.

Jack tells Sharon about the accusations that Maggie made against him. She tells him that they haven’t charged him with anything but if this goes farther she will be there standing next to him through it all. The doorbell rings as he was telling Sharon thank you and he thinks it’s the press already wanting a story. Sharon says just don’t answer it but he says he can handle it and when he opens the door he finds Jill standing there asking him how did his dogs hair get on her fiancé’s body. She tells Sharon that she should ask her husband why was he the last one seen on tapes to see Ji Min alive, leaving Sharon thinking as Jill leaves.

Sharon goes to pick up Noah leaving Jack alone. As he sits there alone John’s ghost appears to him to talk. John tells him Sharon is not the only person looking out for him.

Cane tries to get Heather to tell him more about the evidence in the Ji Min case. He keeps after her even when she tells him she can’t talk about it til she decides she needs to end this date and go home. He finally agrees to stop and asks her not to go.

Michael goes to see Phyllis to discuss the work release program. She mentions her conversation with the Chaplain about John. Michael gets irritated and mentions that the time when John got sick is when he wrote Gloria out of his will. She claims that he blames Jack for that and he says no she has a soft spot for the man so that prevents her from seeing the truth about him. Later Phyllis sees the Chaplain again and decides to ask him about what he knows about John Abbott.

On her dinner date Gloria speaks with Jeffery about John Abbott. She tells him what a wonderful man John was. Then suddenly Jeffery tells her he will always wonder why William left him out of his will. He wonders if he had a reason of his own or if perhaps he was coerced to do it.  Gloria asks him if he really thinks someone could have manipulated William into doing such a thing. He says well it depends, she thought someone had done that to John, but she claims it was different because John was sick.

Jeffery says he has been looking into some real estate in Genoa City to invest in. She asks him if he wants her to invest in them. He says oh no that’s not what he meant. She then tells him she has to go and he says he hopes they can get together again soon to further discuss this. After she leaves, Jeffery sees Jill and goes to her to talk to her. He asks her if she knew William, and she confirms that yes they dated for a little while and then he ended up marrying someone else, Gloria. He says he know his brother married the wrong woman.

Michael comes home to find Gloria sitting in the room in the dark and startles him. She tells him he has nothing to worry about with Jeffery. She thinks the only thing Jeffery was interested in is her money. She says he is a gold digger. Michael says he told her that a few weeks ago and suggests she listens to her son once in a while.

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