Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless. This ends yet another week in the soap world. Have a great weekend everyone!

Days of Our Lives

John was hit on the road and Marlena and Belle wait with him for an ambulance. Belle is scared but Marlena tells her to feel his pulse, to see that John is a fighter and will not give up. The Ambulance arrives as Marlena tells John to hang on, help is on the way. At the hospital the doctor tells Marlena that John has to be examined better before he can tell her how bad it is. She asks Tony and Anna and Belle to help pray for him with her. Tony apologizes but says he doesn’t think a prayer from a DiMera would be a very good idea.

The doctor comes out and Marlena asks the doctor if John is going to be OK. They bring John out on a stretcher and Belle and Marlena run to him but he doesn’t answer them when they call out to him. The doctor tells them exactly how bad John really is. His liver was literally crushed by the impact. Marlena stops him and asks him to just tell her if her husband was going to die. He tells her it is not good. His organs are failing and he doesn’t expect him to make it through the night.

Stefano wants Tony to return to the DiMera’s business now that Andre is dead. Tony tells Stefano he can not mourn for Andre after the hell he put him through and how he stole a big part of his life. Stefano says he disappoints him but then again he always has. Anna tells Tony that there is no use in being mean to Stefano anymore. Tony says after all Stefano has done to him, he doesn’t think he is being mean enough.

EJ goes to Stefano at the hospital and tells him about John getting hit by a car. He asks where is Andre and Stefano tells him that Andre is dead. EJ is stunned and asks if that is so then who was driving the car that hit John Black. Stefano is surprised about John being hit and EJ asks him if he really didn’t have anything to do with this. Stefano is upset because all EJ is thinking about is a woman when his cousin and brother have been murdered.

Chelsea and Stephanie are with their new sorority sisters while Morgan wants everyone’s advice on what color nail polish she should wear for her date with Max. She wants to be so hot that Max will take one look at her and think Girl I want you to be the one to have my babies. Stephanie is disgusted with this and changes the subject by asking where Courtney was since she too has a date that night. Morgan says she is up in her room getting ready and she is a nervous wreck and Morgan supposes they should go up and check on her. Just then they hear screaming coming from Courtney’s room and they all go running to her.

Courtney comes out looking way overdressed and way too much makeup and wants to call the whole date off. Chelsea and Morgan step in and offer to help her get ready. They get all the makeup off and ready to start fresh. Morgan tells someone to find the hottest outfit in the house. They are going to make Courtney a new woman.

Ford and Max are there and the girls send Stephanie outside to stall them til they can get ready. Ford tells Stephanie that he wished she would have been the one that he was going on the date with. Stephanie asks Max where he is taking Morgan and he tells her he thought about taking her to the race track. Stephanie asks him if he is going to take Morgan with her perfect nails and perfect dress to the track., He says well he figures she has done all the fine clubs scene so he thought she would like a change. When Courtney comes out Ford is shocked and asks if she is sure she is the same girl that won the bid last night. He thinks she is a knockout now.

As The World Turns

At the hospital Holden attacks Dusty. Lily stops him and Holden argues with her by saying their son is lying in the hospital bed and she wants to stand there and defend Dusty. Holden says he doesn’t want to fight with her, but he just doesn’t want history to repeat itself with them.

The Physical therapist tells Lily that before Luke can get started with therapy they need to work on his attitude. He thinks she is the answer to that problem. She goes in and talks to him about not giving up by bringing up past times when he could have but didn’t and was glad he didn’t afterwards.

Katie tells Brad she should have taken that job offer in Hawaii. Brad wants to know what’s going on between Katie and Jack. He never thought of her as a quitter. Jack calls Katie and she tells him she can’t talk because she is in the middle of an interview and she hangs up. She tells Brad after he questions that, that Jack kissed Carly. Even after she is gone she will still have his heart.

Meanwhile Carly plays up to Jack making it look like she is pretending to be brave knowing she isn’t really dying but she hasn’t told Jack the truth yet. He praises her for being so strong and she tells him there is something he doesn’t know yet. The phone rings and Jack answers and its Carly’s doctor, she panics and tells him not to talk to him, but Jack hands her the phone. The doctor says hey and asks was she celebrating after telling her family the good news.

Jack finds Carly’s medicine in the trash can. Carly lies to him by telling him that the pills must have gotten knocked off the desk by mistake. She tells him she should take her pill now and pretends to when Jack looks at her as she appears to have put one in her mouth while she actually has the pill in her other hand. He asks her what did the doctor want and she says he wants to run some more tests. He offers to drive her there and she says no she can take a cab. He insists on it giving Carly no choice.

The doctor comes close to letting Jack know that Carly wasn’t dying but was stopped by a phone call. At the house Carly tells Jack the doctor says the medication is working well enough that she won’t need the chemo. He decides that maybe it would be a good idea if he just moved in with Carly to be able to keep his eye on her. Carly is all excited, of course this is exactly what she wanted. She has no idea that at the same time Brad went looking for them at the hospital and happened to run into her doctor. The doctor tells Brad that Carly isn’t dying after all. The lesion turned out not to be a lesion at all, it is just an abscess.

At the hotel Noah sits with all of his fathers’ stuff that the motel manager gave him. Dusty walks in and asks him what’s up. Noah tells him he doesn’t really want his fathers’ things, Dusty asks what is in there and Noah says he doesn’t know, he just wants to get rid of all the memories. Dusty talks to Noah about Luke telling him he doesn’t look like the type of person that would abandon a friend. He tells him not to be a coward, prove his Father wrong by not running away.

Dusty talks Noah into going to see Luke. When he gets there Lily thanks him for coming and says she is going to give them some time alone. When they are in the hall Dusty says he better get going before Holden sees him. When he walks out Holden walks in and asks what Dusty was doing there. She tells him that Dusty brought Noah there to see Luke.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis and Jana chat and they talk of having a pity party for the two of them. Jana tells Phyllis that she has something that she doesn’t have. When Phyllis asks what might that be, Jana tells her children. She wants kids really bad. Jana offers to use her time on the telephone to call Daniel for her since her calling card doesn’t have any more minutes on it. Daniel says it feels weird hearing his mother’s words coming out of Jana’s mouth.

Sharon goes to see Nick and he tells her that Phyllis’s appeal was denied. She asks him if she could distract him and mentions Cassie’s Challenge Benefit. She is ready to work on it. He thinks that Jack won’t be too happy with him working on it with her. She goes to Jack and asks him if it would bother him if Nick co-hosts with her for the benefit and he says he has to be honest with her. He wouldn’t like it at all. She tells him wait a minute, she has an idea that might would work but she wants to call Nick and ask him something first.

Sharon brings Nick in and they discuss using Jack’s Casino as a place to hold this Benefit. Nick is against the idea of using his daughter’s memory to smooth over Sharon’s husband’s image. He doesn’t like mixing drinking and gambling with a Charity event, but Sharon and Jack both think this could be a way to get a message out to the people that drinking should be done in a responsible manner.

Maggie tells Heather life is too short and she thinks she should take Cane up on his offer. With that said she gets up and leaves the table leaving Heather with something to think about and a jealous Amber wondering too who overheard the conversation. Cane wants to go on a pre-date with Heather and he explains what a pre-date is.

Daniel and Amber are at the basketball court letting out some frustrations at who ever they are angry with when Cane and Heather come around. Daniel doesn’t welcome them there but Cane says they will just wait til they are done. Daniel says they need to just go somewhere else, til Heather offers a challenge with a game 2 on 2. Cane and Heather lose and Daniel wants a rematch but Amber says no she is out and walks away. She looks back and sees Cane helping Heather rub a leg muscle in her leg, and Daniel pulls Amber away to keep her from being tortured.

Amber calls a recording studio telling them she has the money now. She says she knows its going to cost thousands, but she had a rich uncle that just died. She then takes her bags to the Janitor’s room in the hotel building and gets the money that she hid in the air vent.

Jack and Sharon are planning a celebration that is interrupted by a visit from Maggie. She asks him if he knew that he was the last person seen on the security camera to visit Ji Min. He says he went there and left. He says they talked and then he left, he says he never laid a hand on the man, She asks him well then can he explain how his dog’s hair found on Ji Min’s body, got there?

Jan Barrett

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