Here it is the middle of the week already and here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Phillip tells Belle, he is going to do whatever it takes to get his son back. He wants to break into the child protection service’s office to find out where they are holding Tyler. He says waiting on a new DNA test to prove he is the baby’s father could take too long but Belle tries to talk him out of doing something illegal. She asks him to give her a chance to talk to the woman and see if she can persuade her into telling them where Tyler is. She talks to the woman and convinces her to take the case to a family court judge and see if he will order an emergency DNA test. Belles thanks her and Phillip sits at the bar and smiles.

The Elder Shawn Brady shows up at the hospital where Andre is at but the guard stops him telling him he can’t go in. He tells him Andre’s father is in there with him. Shawn says even better yet and heads for the room. Stefano tells Andre he should punish him for killing Benjamin but he can not punish him. He is blaming himself for Benjamin dying. While he is talking to Andre, Shawn comes in telling Stefano he has business with the two of them. Shawn asks Stefano if Andre was going to die and he says he is barely hanging on.  Stefano tells Shawn that Colleen’s body should never be found and Shawn gets all upset wanting to know what he would say such a thing.

Shawn goes out into the waiting room mumbling that he let Stefano use him by getting him to kill his own sister. Stefano comes out and apologizes to Shawn for using him as a child and then tells the officer he has to make a phone call and if his nephew needs anything to call the nurse. When he is out of sight Shawn tells the officer he would like to wait in the room with Andre. Once in there he sees Andre reaching for the nurse call button. Shawn asks him does he need a nurse and was he in pain. He says he won’t be in pain much longer. He throws the call button to the floor, then uses his cane to barricade the door so it can’t be opened, then he turns off the machine that is hooked up to Andre, and sits down to wait.

Lucas called in Bo and hope and Marlena and John for a family meeting to try and talk Sami out of ending their marriage to end this vendetta. Sami tells them that she woke up this morning for the first time in a long time after getting a good night sleep, and she knows that they all will protect her twins and Will. Lucas tells her he knew she would do the right thing. Just then EJ comes in and wants to know what’s going on. Lucas tells EJ Sami is not going to sign the annulment papers. EJ says well if that’s her wish and starts out the door. He turns to Sami and whispers something about Will and she tells him Will got back last night. He says he trusts that the Brady’s will be watching him 24/7 and smiles as he leaves, worrying Sami.

The Brady Clan is all ready to celebrate when Sami stops them. She says she will not let them hurt Will or her twins. She still hasn’t made her mind up about the annulment. They all try to tell her she doesn’t have to do this. Lucas wants her to forget about signing those papers, but Sami argues with them all saying it will only be for a little while.

When Belle leaves Phillip at the restaurant, EJ was outside waiting on her. As she walks away EJ follows her.

As The World Turns

Katie is upset over Jack kissing Carly. She doesn’t understand why he would do it and is crying. Jack tells her one kiss to Carly is not going to change things, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells Katie she makes him happy, she says that is something, he says it is everything. She says but any time Carly calls and wants him will he go to her, and he says yes. Katie can’t handle it and runs out the room. Katie comes back in and tells Jack she realizes she is not first with him now, Carly will always be first.

Katie feels guilty for being with Jack. She tells him he needs to be with Carly, and she understands. He thanks her for that. Katie asks Jack to move out. She says it will only be for the time being, she can’t bare the thought of him leaving her at night to go be with Carly, so she begs him to please do this. He agrees to do this but just for now, but he does want her to know that he is not going to give up on them, and then he leaves.

Carly sits down and starts praying to God. She is talking to him begging for another chance with her kids and with Jack. She opens a Bible and says she will point to a verse at random and see if it will be a sign from God that she and Jack will be together. The phone rings making her wonder if that is a sign. It is her doctor calling with some really important news. He says it is important so he asks if he can stop by her house, sometimes it is better to tell some news in person. When the doctor gets there he tells Carly he has found out that she doesn’t have a lesion after all, that it is just a abscess and this means she is not dying.

Jack knocks on the door and Carly tries to tell him the good news. She tells him about her praying and the most amazing thing happened. He thinks she is delirious and wants to check her temperature and sticks the thermometer in her mouth. She asks him why is he there, and he tells her that he and Katie had a fight. She tells him to go home to Katie and he says she doesn’t want him there, and Carly says like in a separation He says he is going to get her a drink of water to avoid the subject. Carly decides not to tell Jack the truth about the news the doctor gave her.

At the hospital Lily tells the nurse she is going out for a few minutes and for her to please call her on her cell phone if there is any change. As soon as she leaves Colonel Mayer slips into the room. He walks over to Luke’s hospital bed. Just as he was leaning over Luke, a nurse walked in and asked him was he family. He told her almost and the nurse said only family was allowed in there, so he says ok and he will just wait for Lily and Holden to come back and walks out. When the nurse is gone the Colonel goes back in the room, with a needle in his hand. Luke wakes up with blurred vision seeing the Colonel standing there.

Lily comes back in and catches him before he gives the shot to Luke and fights with him when Dusty walks in and wrestles with the Colonel. Bob checks Luke out and he tells Lily and Holden that Luke is a little out of it but wants to talk to them. When they go in Luke wants to know why he is in the hospital and wants to know if Noah was ok. Bob tells Luke during an exam to try and move his toes. He tells him to try really hard and Luke says he is trying, he wants to know aren’t they moving. He says what’s wrong, why can’t he feel his legs.

At the police station they bring The Colonel in and Noah is there. He asks if it is all true, was Cherie really his mother and did he kill her. The Colonel tells him she didn’t deserve him as a son and that Charlene cheated on him so he made sure she would leave and never come back. He said he found out that she returned to town and was a whore and he couldn’t let her get to him, he had to stop her. Noah says well what about Luke, what did he ever do to him other than care for his son. Noah gets mad and walks out, and the Colonel starts moaning, and Dusty tells him he just lost his son too.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis calls Nick to wish him a Happy Birthday and Jana overhears her message that she left for him. She wants to do something special for Phyllis but Phyllis tells her no, she is ok and she would just prefer to be left alone to think about her husband.

Maggie introduces herself to Jeffery and they start discussing the Jabot case. Maggie seems intrigued when he asks her if she could tell him more about the case. Maggie says there was only one fatality, but a few other injuries, including Gloria. He tells Maggie about the box William mailed to him and lets her know he is trying to figure it out.

Gloria is determined to find out if Jeffery knows more than he is letting her know about. She goes to the Athletic Club and coincidently runs into Jeffery. He comes up to her and says hello. She says she is there to meet someone for a business meeting. After the meeting Jeffery is still there and he asks her if her meeting went ok. She says yes she is quite pleased with how it went, they are going to go for the new perfume she came up with. He says she has made quite a name for herself at Jabot and she says yes. He says he has a confession to tell her, he has been lying to her.

He tells Gloria that he had told her that William and he were separated at an early age and never reunited but they actually did when they got older. They ended up falling in love with the same woman and William married her. After that he just sort of disappeared from William’s life.

Heather walks up to Colleen and tells her she is in Adrian’s new class and she thought he was a great teacher. As they are walking to get coffee, Heather and Colleen run into Michael and Lauren. Michael asks Heather if she had received any news on the appeals case for Phyllis and she says no. They both receive phone calls at the same time informing them that the appeals’ hearing has been set for 3:00 that afternoon.

Nick comes in at the prison with the baby and surprises Phyllis. While they are talking a prison guard comes in with an emergency fax for Phyllis from Michael telling her the hearing has been set and for her to please stay calm til he gets there. Nick says, hey this is it Phyllis, putting a smile on her face.

Kevin goes to see Jana in prison and he tells her he thinks he has come up with a way to get her out of prison. He says it’s through a website, but they wouldn’t let him bring his laptop in so he brought out a computer printout to explain. Jana shares her guilty thoughts with Kevin and tells him these are the thoughts that haunt her. He says he understands but what if she ever wanted to do something great for the people she hurt. How can she do it if she is in prison?

Michael comes in and tells Jana and Kevin he is there to talk to Phyllis and he needs to talk to her alone. When he is back at home Michael and Lauren and Nick wait for the incoming fax with the results of the appeals hearing and they just stare at the fax machine when it comes in.

Jan Barrett

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