Well it is the end of the week again. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless. Have a great weekend everyone!

Days of Our Lives

Stefano tells Samantha that a father will go through any lengths to protect his child. She asks him if he is suggesting that her father did this to EJ. Sami defends her Dad. She tells him her father is a decent man and would never be able to murder someone in cold blood.

Bo questions Lucas about the shooting. He wants to know if Lucas wasn’t there at the wedding how did he know that the ceremony was finished and that Sami and EJ are now man and wife. He tells Bo that he just assumed they were. Lucas goes to the hospital to see Sami and she tells him Stefano thinks her Dad shot EJ. He wants Sami to go home with him but she tells him she has to stay there since Stefano seems to think she is the only one that can give EJ the will to live.

Roman thinks back at the wedding when EJ was shot. He remembers aiming his gun ready to shoot when suddenly he heard gun shots coming from somewhere else. Kate goes to Stefano and covers her tracks, saying she wanted Stefano to know she did not shoot EJ. She knew he would think she did it since before the wedding she did pull a gun on EJ and Stefano. Stefano grabs her by the neck and asks her was it her that shot his son.
She can barely talk but she swears she didn’t shoot EJ. Bo comes in looking for Kate. He tells Stefano that he was there to ask him questions about his friend Kate but since she is there it saves him some time. Stefano tells her she should get her a good lawyer.

Phillip calls Kate and asks her what the deal is with the gun that she asked him to get rid of. He wants the truth about it all. When she says it isn’t important he tells her he still has the gun and either she tells him or he goes to the police.

At the church Roman is there to investigate the shooting. Abe comes up and asks him if he is ok, when he finds Roman startled. Roman says yes. Abe asks him where was he when the shooting occurred. He tells Abe he wasn’t there, but when he heard about it he decided to come see if he could help.

Phillip offers to take Belle and Claire home from the hospital. Belle tells him that he has got to stop using Claire to get close to her when he asks to take Claire for ice cream. He tells her he isn’t doing that. He asks if he can take Claire to see her Aunt Sami. Belle is surprised to hear that Sami is at the hospital. He tells her that EJ was shot at the wedding and they don’t know if he is going to make it or not. When they find Sami she tells them if he survives the shooting he might be paralyzed.

Phillip takes Belle and Claire home and when they put the baby down Phillip asks her is maybe sometimes they can go have a drink together and maybe see where it might take them. She tells him he can’t be there with her. She tells him her whole future is with Shawn. He tells her he can’t lose her again and he kisses her. She pulls away and says she can’t. He gives her his private phone number to call if she ever wants to see him then he leaves. When he is gone she takes the number in her hand and cries.

Shawn comes in and Belle hides the card in her bra. He wants to know what happened to Claire. She explains about how she knocked the hot coffee all over her but she is going to be just fine. Shawn tells her how much he was enjoying his job at the station. He thinks this is the best thing for all of them, and then he walks over to Claire’s bed and notices the new teddy bear. He asks where the new teddy bear came from then he notices all the new toys. It hits him and he says Phillip!

At the hospital Sami talks to Roman. She point blank asks him if he shot EJ. He denies it of course. She apologizes for asking but she said she had to. Roman notices a hole in her dress and they say it looks like it could be a bullet hole. He says it looks like maybe EJ wasn’t suppose to be the only one shot, making Sami really uncomfortable.

As the World Turns

Rosanna is showing Paul the dresses she is thinking about wearing at Carly’s wedding. Paul wants to play around when her phone rings. She asks Paul to go check on the limo she ordered for Carly before she answers the phone. She answers the phone and it is the detective following Meg. She asks where Meg is and he tells her at the hospital and that she is checking up on the paternity test for her baby.

Lily goes to see Carly and Carly tells her the news of Jack asking her to marry her. Lily is all happy for her, about to ask if Jack knows the truth now. Carly quickly covers up as Jack walks in so she doesn’t have her secret exposed to Jack. She rushes Jack out saying she will see him at the church. When he is gone Lily tells Carly do not start her marriage out with a lie, she needs to tell him the truth. She tells her that Holden wants a divorce because she lied to him. Carly says the situation is completely different. Lily tells her that if she doesn’t tell Jack the truth then she is facing nothing but heartache. Carly asks Lily not to tell Jack anything.

Katie is on a plane on her way home. She starts talking to the man sitting next to her. He tells her he was out celebrating the night before with Champagne. He says he settled a malpractice suit for a lot less than he normally would have so he thought he deserved a celebration. The more he talks the more Katie puts the pieces together realizing the woman he settled with in the malpractice suit is Carly. As soon as the plane lands Katie heads straight for Oakdale Memorial. She says if she finds what she is looking for there, she will feel better than she has in a very long time.

Katie runs into Brad and tells him she found out about Carly lying to Jack about her health. She says Carly is not only lying but she has known the truth for a long time and has been using this to get her hooks back into Jack. She says she is in a hurry because she has a wedding to stop. Brad goes to the farm and tells Emma that he is leaving town right away.

Jack is out at the farm and Brad tells him that Katie is on her way home right now. Jack thought he had more time to talk to Katie. He calls her to tell her on the phone. He tells her that he and Carly are getting married this afternoon. He tells Katie he didn’t want her to hear it from anyone else but him. She thanks him and then cuts him off quickly and hangs up.

Holden comes up while Jack is sitting outside. He tells Holden that he loves Carly, he really does, but if she hadn’t have gotten sick he would still be married to Katie and he would be happy then.

Parker goes to talk to Will about Jack adopting him. He wants to know if he changes his name to Snyder does Will think their Dad would be upset over it. Will gives him some good advice and tells him he thinks their Dad would have been fine with it.

Emma calls Meg and wants to make sure she is going to be there at the wedding. She asks who all is going to be there. Emma starts naming off the guest list when she comes to Rosanna’s name she realizes that maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea if she came after all since Paul would probably be there. Meg says no it is ok, she will be there. When she gets off the phone Craig asks her who is getting married. He says they can go to the wedding but Meg tells him she is but not him. She says Jack and Carly wants a nice wedding and with his history with Carly his presence at the wedding would cause tension.

Brad goes to see Carly and tells her he can not do this. He can’t stand by and let her marry Jack without her telling him the truth. He tells her that he can’t go to the wedding. When he starts to leave she reminds him that once she and Jack are married Katie will be free for him to go after.

Carly is out in front of the church in the limo. She calls Jack and asks him to come outside and meet with her. She wants to talk to him before the wedding. When Jack finds her outside she tells him she needs to know if this is what he really wants.

The Young and The Restless

Michael tells Phyllis that her appeal is up for reconsideration. Phyllis says this is the best news she has heard in a long time. Daniel comes in while they are talking about it and they find out he skipped out on his community service duty today. Heather comes in later and tells him he missed his community service day today. He says he knows and he called his parole officer and he said it was ok. Heather tells him she is going to turn him in for this since this is not the first time he has missed it.

The doctor tells Victor and Nikki that all they can do right now is wait and see what is going on with Victoria. Brad wants to know how come no one called him and told him all this.

Heather is in shock to learn that Paul is her real father. She cries to him telling him about all the nights she stayed awake wondering if he had other kids that maybe he cared about more than her. He says things were too complicated to tell her the truth when she was young. She says her mother was in an abusive relationship with her step father all those years and he never stepped up to help her get out of it. She asks why he is telling her this now, what does he want from her. He says he wants nothing. She says she thinks it is because he found out she has been investigating the Sheila Carter case and his involvement. She tells him not to even think for one second that she will hesitate to press charges on him. Paul asks her what the hell does this have to do with Sheila Carter. She says she knows all about the imprisonment of Shelia and how he was involved.

Paul calls Maggie and asks her if she can meet him over at Michael and Lauren’s. She asks how did it go with Heather and he says not so well. She asks was it really that bad. He says can she just meet him, they all need to talk. When at Lauren and Michael, Paul tells them all about Heather being his daughter. He says Heather overheard them at Indigo talking about Sheila and the kidnapping and she is determined now to have charges brought against them for it.

Phyllis takes Daniels phone while at work and calls Nick. She tells him she has some good news. He said good he could use some. She asks him how Victoria is doing. He tells her there is no more news, no change, and then he asks her what was her good news. She says it isn’t important but he asks again what is it. She tells him they are reconsidering her appeal. Nick was really happy to hear about that.

Later Phyllis calls Daniel and tells him the nursery called and said Summer was cross so could he go down and check on her. When he does he brings Summer back to Phyllis in the office to see. After a few minutes with the baby, Phyllis tells him he has to go before she gets caught. Just as Daniel opens the door Heather is standing there and she is furious that she is violating the work release program. Phyllis tells her the baby was sick and needed a parent there for her. Heather starts to call the prison on her but Daniel calls her on it making her hang the phone up.

Daniel goes to look for Heather after she runs out the office. He finds her in the coffee room crying. He tells her he wanted to thank her for not turning his mother in and he was sorry for saying he such harsh things to her. When he leaves to go back to work she calls whoever is in charge of the work release program and tells them she would like to order a random spot check over the next few days for Phyllis Newman’s case.

The doctor comes out and tells the Newman’s that Victoria’s hands are starting to swell again and her blood pressure is still fluctuating. He is going to have to do some more tests to find out what exactly is going on with her. They ask why the medication isn’t working to keep her blood pressure down. He says with her being pregnant they are limited to what amounts of medications they can give her. After further examinations the doctor seems to think Victoria is suffering from preeclampsia, which is a disease that can very well affect Victoria and the baby. There is no cure for it but if they find out for sure this is what it is, then delivering the baby will be necessary.

Paul finds Heather at the coffee shop and tells her what happened with him and Sheila. He doesn’t mention Michael and Lauren’s involvement at all with kidnapping Sheila. He asks Heather is she wanting to prosecute him because she thinks he did something wrong with Sheila or because she is just finding out about him being her real father.

Jan Barrett

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