Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

At the Pub Belle is on the phone with Shawn telling Claire to say hi to Daddy when Phillip walks in and Claire calls him Daddy. Belle tells Phillip that she thought they decided that he would be seeing less of Claire now. He says she decided that not him. He brought all her toys that she had at his house for her. Belle talks to Phillip about Claire. She thanks him for bringing the toys. He said he came for more than just that. He wants to apologize for pushing Shawn’s buttons. He admits he was doing it on purpose. She tells Phillip he is just making this harder, she doesn’t wanna cut Claire out of his life.

While they are talking Claire comes running out and climbs up to the box of toys. Just as Phillip goes out the door, Belle hears Claire as she falls, and she is crying. Belle goes to pick her up. Claire knocked the coffee pot off and it spilled all over her. Phillip came running back in and tells Claire it is ok that her Daddy is there. He tells Belle they are going to take Claire to the emergency room. At the emergency room the doctor says Claire will be good as new in no time. Belle tries to call Shawn but he doesn’t answer so she leaves a message for him letting him know about Claire. When she hangs up Kate walks in asking how bad is it. Thinking Kate is asking about Claire, Belle tells her that she will be just fine. Kate asks where Phillip is because she needs to talk to him.

Sami walks down the aisle to marry EJ. She is shaken up pretty bad. Guns in unknown hands are aimed at EJ from different areas. EJ and Sami say their vows to one another. Sami hesitates saying “I do” so EJ tells her just say I do and this vendetta will finally be over. The priests pronounces them man and wife and tells him he may kiss his bride but Sami stops him by asking what does he think he is doing. Before he can answer gun shots go off and EJ is shot three times.

Bo and Shawn get notice that there were gun shots at the church. Shawn says Sami is his family too so he wants to go with Bo. At the church the Paramedics are tending to EJ. EJ asks for Samantha and then he asks how come he can’t feel his legs. Stefano asks how come his son can’t feel his legs but the paramedics continue preparing EJ to take him to the hospital. Sami sits back and watches and it hits her that she and EJ are married now, and she whispers it is over now. Stefano says EJ is strong, he will hang on. Sami says no, she was talking about the vendetta. She says she married EJ so now the vendetta is over, it was what he promised. Stefano just says “Did I?”

Stefano said that she took her vows til death do them part. He says if she promises to give EJ the will to live then he will keep his promise to her to end the vendetta. He walks out heading for the hospital and he turns back and says he will see her at the hospital, Mrs. DiMera, leaving Sami just sitting there.

Lucas goes home and hurries up to get the babysitter out. He puts his gun back in the locked case. He tells Billie that he went to the church to stop the wedding but he got there too late. The priest was announcing them as husband and wife when he got there. He said there were three shots fired so he ran. Billie asks him why he did that.  He said if Bo and Roman saw him there they would have arrested right away as a suspect. Lucas tells Billie he didn’t have a gun and she tells him he needs to call Bo and tell him everything. When Billie leaves he takes the gun back out but has to put it back when Bo and Shawn knock at the door. They say they have come to tell him about EJ.

Bo and Shawn get to the church and ask Sami if she is ok. Bo asks her if she wants him to take her home. She asks where her home is now. He offers to take her to her grandparent’s home but she says no, she is EJ’s wife now. She needs to go to the hospital. Shawn tells her that this was not aimed at the Brady’s, she says no but a Brady did it, so this means that the vendetta is going to start all over again.

Kate asks Phillip to help her get rid of her gun. He wants nothing to do with it but she says she needs his help so he agrees. She tells him she won’t forget this.

Steve goes in at the pub. He goes behind the bar and takes out his gun and hides it. Caroline comes in and he tells her about EJ being shot at the church. She wants to know how he knows all this.

At the hospital EJ asks for Samantha. She tells him she is there. He tells her he wants her to love his son more than life. The doctor comes in and says there is an operating room ready so they take him out. Sami asks the doctor how is EJ. He tells her that he has lost a lot of blood and his spinal cord has been damaged. Stefano tells Sami that if his son dies then this vendetta will never be over, He swears it will not end til every last Brady is dead.

As The World Turns

Jack wants to get married tonight. Carly asks what the hurry is. She wants a wedding that they can remember. She talks him into giving her what she wants. He has to go and before he can get out the door good she yells Jack you will need this, giving him his cell phone. Brad was just coming up to the door so he tells Carly after Jack leaves that he just came over to see if she was still dying but he can see in Jack’s mood that she must be. When he sees the pillow and sheets on the sofa he asks her if she is saving herself for the wedding night. She says she is marrying her soul mate and he says it’s because he thinks she is dying. Brad asks Carly to come clean with Jack while there is still a chance that he will forgive her. She says she will in due time but in the meantime he needs to be there for Katie to pick up the pieces.

Jack goes out to the farm and sees Emma, and he says what she is cooking smells good. He tells her he came over for the annulment papers. He tells her that he and Carly are getting married again. She asks him why he is doing this. He tells her that the kids need this. They need to feel stability with Carly dying. He admits that he still loves Katie the same as he did the day he married her but he says Katie is right. He does still love Carly too. Jack says he thinks this is Carly’s last dying wish, to be married to him again. Carly calls Emma and asks her if she will help her with the wedding. Emma tells her she thought it was only going to be a small ceremony. Brad comes in and tells Emma he doesn’t want anything to do with this wedding. He is glad that Katie is not in town for Carly to rub her nose in this.

Jack comes home and Carly starts in on him about going to the church to talk to the minister and then on his way home to order pizzas for the reception and she goes on and on til Jack says hold on a minute. He wants to know what the hell is going on. She begs him to please let her do this wedding right, she wants a big wedding. Jack doesn’t want this to be a big show for people. Carly asks if he is ashamed of what they are about to do. He says no of course not. She says he makes her want to live forever, he asks if she can do that. She responds by saying no one can do that. She asks him if he will go to the church then. He says yes and he will get the pizzas and anything else she wants.

The kids get home and Carly tells them the wedding will be tomorrow. Sage and JJ are all excited and they want to help. Parker isn’t so crazy about the wedding and he tells Carly so.

Jack calls Carly and tells her the minister wants to see her too before he will agree to do the ceremony. The minister remembers that Jack was married to someone else not too long ago. He would feel more comfortable if they would take some more time. Jack says well time is the one thing they don’t have. Jack explains to the minister that Carly is dying, and yes he did love Katie when he married her but he knows now that this is what they have to do for the family. Her being sick has made him realize all this. The minister then asks Carly, after she tells him that she see that Jack will do anything for her, just what she is planning on doing for him.

Chris talks to Bob. Bob is irritated at him for being late on his first day at work. Chris wants to talk to Bob about getting a lab available for Evan to work in. Bob wants to know if Evan Walsh’s project will make a difference in someone’s life in the next five years. Chris says no but he thinks its important research. Bob tells him the answer is no. Bob tells Chris his mother has planned a family dinner and he is expected to be there. Later when Chris joins them he brings Emily which no one expected to see. Tom is surprised to find out Emily and Chris are together now. Chris says he just assumed when they invited him to a family dinner that would include the woman he is now living with.

The Young and The Restless

Jana blames Victor for the explosion even though Phyllis tells her it wasn’t his fault actually. She tells Jana that Jack is working on a plan for a relief fund for the family of the victims. Jana says is that his way of rectifying all the evil that he has done. When Phyllis leaves Jana asks the guard if she can speak to the Chaplain. When she gets to him she talks to him about Gloria and John Abbott. The Chaplain tells her he can remember how John use to go on and on about her. Jana asks what made John change his mind about Gloria. He says he is not at liberty to discuss it with her. She does get him to give her a name of another confidant that John had while he was in prison. She calls Kevin and gives him the name of the man. Later at dinner, Kevin tells Gloria about Jana’s discovery.

Paul tries calling JT but gets no answer. Maggie tells him that it might be because he turns his phone off while in the room with Victoria. The doctor tells Victor and Nikki and JT that the tests they took so far is not showing anything about why Victoria’s blood pressure is fluctuating. They will keep their eye on her closely. Nikki goes out and tells the doctor she wants answers. She wants more tests and if they show nothing then she wants more tests after that, until they find some answers.

Heather is investigating the Sheila Carter case and she asks Kevin about it. He calls Sheila a nut case and defends Lauren for shooting her in self defence. Heather goes to Lauren and asks her about Sheila, which triggers Lauren’s panic. She asks if they somehow found that she didn’t die but Heather assures her that no, she is just doing some work on the case. She asks Lauren if she can tell her some more about the more recent events that led up to Sheila’s death. Michael walks in and when they tell him what they are talking about, Michael tells Heather that’s a subject his wife isn’t comfortable with. She says it is mainly about the warehouse events, but Michael tells her they don’t have time for that right now, so she leaves.

Heather goes to Maggie next and asks her about Sheila and what happened in the cage. Maggie reluctantly tells her what happened leading up to the event of her getting shot. Next up is Phyllis. Heather goes to Phyllis and talks to her about it. She wants to know about the fake nursery. Phyllis gives her the details about what happened. Phyllis tells Heather that she should remember this exchange when her parole comes up since she did cooperate with her this time.

Phyllis asks Jack to please tell him that he is not going to try and kick Victor while he is down. He repeats it for her sake. She reminds him that Victor saved his life after all. Phyllis tells Jack there are rumors in prison that strange things happened involving John’s will. She asks him directly if he had something to do with it. Jack swears he had nothing to do with his Father changing that will.

At the hospital the blood pressure monitor goes off again. The nurse says she is ok and they had it set to go off in the case of the slightest difference in her blood pressure. They decide to take her down to do some more tests on her. When they bring her back Nick asks Nikki how it went. She says good, and that baby was kicking like crazy. She says he is doing everything he can to wake his Mommy up. He tells her he is so proud of her for being so strong through all of this. She breaks down and cries but asks him not to tell anyone. A doctor comes in to talk to the family with the tests results. All seems to be clean. Nikki asks then what is going on with her then.

Paul goes to the coffee shop to look for Heather. He plans to tell her the truth about who he is. He talks about when he was a teenager all he cared about was having a good time, especially with the girls. He says he got one girl pregnant and he decided to try and do the right thing, so they got married but it wasn’t working out so they decided the mother would just raise the child on her own. The mother and child moved away and he got updates from the mother often but he promised he wouldn’t mess up the child’s life by confusing her. He says he kept his promise til now. He says, “Heather, you are my daughter”

Jan Barrett

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