Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Bo and Hope bring the news to Roman about Sami and EJ getting married tonight. Lucas has called for the family to help and try to talk Sami out of this.  Hope tells Roman to sit down and hear what they have to say. Bo tells him losing his temper is not going to work. Trying to get Sami to stop this won’t work. They say this is Sami’s way of trying to earn respect from the family. She is trying to protect her family. Steve suggests deporting the DiMera’s but Bo says they can’t do that. All the DiMera’s are there legally so that’s not possible. They all leave for the church, except Roman. He stays behind and checks to see if he has his gun.

Sami comes out after getting dressed for her marriage to EJ. Lucas tells her she always did make a beautiful bride to be, he says she looks like she is going to a funeral instead of a wedding because she is in a black dress. She says she feels like it’s a funeral and she hopes it is the last funeral she ever has to go to. Will comes in before Sami leaves. He has changed his mind. He doesn’t think she should marry EJ. Now he wants to go back to live with Carrie and Austin. Lucas thinks it is a good idea for Will to go back and be in a stable family life. Lucas asks Sami to please don’t go, she says she is sorry and then slips his ring off of her finger, sets it on the table and leaves.

While EJ and Stefano discuss the upcoming wedding Stefano tells EJ not to ever let Samantha have the upper hand. Suddenly Kate walks in damning them both for betraying her. She says they swore that Lucas would never find out she was involved with staging her accident yet he did. She pulls out a gun and points it at EJ. She fights with EJ but he gets the gun away from her. Stefano says he didn’t tell Lucas on purpose, he had no idea at the time that she and EJ had staged that to begin with but Lucas figured it out right away. EJ says that Lucas told him she had confessed everything. She says Lucas tricked him and calls him an imbecile. Stefano assures Kate after EJ leaves that Lucas will come around soon. She has to let Lucas figure things out himself.

At the church Sami lights a candle and then says a prayer. She asks God how can she know if she is doing the right thing. Colleen appears to her once again. Colleen says she should already know the answer to that. She tries convincing Sami to face her darkest fears, and she says she will find herself in his bedroom. Sami starts yelling for her to stop it and to shut up. EJ walks in and asks Samantha if she is ok. Sami looks around and Colleen is gone. She tells EJ she needs some air and as she heads outside the family comes in. They all go at her at the same time confusing Sami, making her dizzy and she passes out. When she comes to the family tells Sami that they will stay there all night to get her to change her mind. She says she has made her mind up. Roman tells her to make her choice, the family or EJ. She says since she is given no choice, she chooses EJ and then goes back into the church.

Meanwhile EJ tells Stefano that Sami is there and the wedding is going to take place. He says she is out there with her family. Stefano says he should be out there in the case that they change her mind. EJ says Sami has her mind set, they will be married.

Lucas is in his apartment with the twins when Kate knocks on his door. She tells him she came over to apologize. He says apologize? She says yes, she thinks today they need to set their differences aside. He says apology not accepted. She says she will do anything to make things better. He asks her anything? She says anything. He says then stop the wedding, stop Sami from marrying EJ. She says he is asking her to do the impossible. He says well she says she will do anything. He tells her this is it, this is the deal. If she wants to see her grandchildren again then stop the damn wedding, then he closes the door in her face. She takes out her gun as she stands there thinking.

Lucas calls for a babysitter. He looks in the drawer where he has a locked box, reaches for the key and opens the box. He takes out a gun and makes sure it is loaded. At the church Bo asks Roman for his gun just to be safe. Bo is worried about what he will do with it, but when Roman walks off he checks on his hidden gun in his sock.

Inside the church the music of the wedding march play and Sami starts walking down the aisle. It shows of three different hands pulling a gun out aiming towards the altar with no faces to go with the hands.

As The World Turns

Luke talks to Noah and asks him if he can accept that he might be in that wheelchair for the rest of his life. Lily and Holden are going together to get a hamburger to show Luke they can get along even though they are separated. Noah is getting mad at Luke for his attitude. After they talk they decide they want to be together even if Luke is in a wheelchair and he decides to go to physical therapy and at least try to get back on his feet again. Holden tells lily after Luke goes up to bed that he is going to have the attorney draw up divorce papers. Lily asks him to wait a little while but he has his mind made up.

Barbara shoves Iris into her limo and tells her to shut up and listen. She tells Iris that once Gwen and Will get the baby that means her and her son will have to disappear from Oakdale forever.

Cole goes to Aaron and asks about Sofie. Aaron won’t talk but after Cole walks away he makes a call to Sofie. He warns her about Cole coming to him and looking for her. She wants to know why Cole was looking for her. He thinks Cole was just feeding him a line. She thinks she should talk to Cole. Aaron asks her to please think about this, to think about what he has done. She says but she is lonely and she is so afraid of being alone. He asks her where is she, he will go to her. She tells him where she is and he leaves to go meet with her. When he finds her he tells her she just can’t go back with Cole. As he begs her not to, Cole comes up from behind him and says why doesn’t he just let her make up her own mind about that. Sofie smiles when she sees Cole standing there.

Cole says ok if she doesn’t want to talk to him he understands and starts walking away. She stops him which is what he really wanted her to do. Aaron gets mad when she says she has to talk to Cole, he is the father of her baby. Aaron leaves and Cole tells her he has changes and she says she can see that. She tells him he better not ever leave her again. He tells her he wants to talk about the baby. He doesn’t think he can be a good father. He tells her if this is the life she wants then he will walk away so she can have it. He wants her to give the baby up for adoption. She tells him she thinks it is going to be a boy and she wants to name him after him. He says well it looks like she has already made up her mind so he will walk away. When he gets up she calls out No to him. She tells him ok she will give the baby up. She says she trusts him but she just wants a life with him.

In Old Town a man bumps into Meg and Craig starts to run off after him but Meg stops him. Later Rosanna gets a call from the detective she hired confirming her request to put the bug in Meg’s phone. Rosanna tells him to just do as he was told. Back in Old Town Meg is searching everywhere for her phone. Lucinda walks up offering the use of her phone to call her number to see if it rings. When Meg calls it a man answers and says he found the phone and will leave it at the desk in the hotel for her. He places the bug in it and then tells the desk clerk that Meg will be picking it up soon.

Craig is interviewing a new man, only to find out the new man happens to be Evan Walsh. Craig asks him “Do you really think I am going to let Lucinda’s grandson come right into the chicken coop?” He says well he is actually Lucinda’s step grandson, and he thinks Montgomery Enterprises can benefit from pharmaceutical research. While they talk Lucinda walks in and Craig introduces her to Evan. Evan says Hello Grammie! When Craig tells her they had been talking about giving Evan a job Lucinda is against it which only encourages Craig to make his decision right away. He hires Evan on the spot after Lucinda makes it clear that she is against it.

The Young and The Restless

Heather overheard Paul talking to Maggie and Lauren and Michael about Shelia and it makes her think as she watches them all having a good time. When she and Cane are talking Heather asks Cane what he would do if he found out that someone he knew had done something seriously wrong and it was against the law. And what if this friend was someone he knew for years and always has admired. He says if he was someone like a prosecutor then he would have to do his moral duty by turning them in. After another drink Heather asks Cane to leave with her. When he brings her home she invites him up for some coffee but he says he has to get up early in the morning.  She says it is ok, she understands, then she kisses him good bye and gets out the car. Cane calls Lily and tells her the answer to the question that she asked him earlier at Indigo. This is just what Lily needed to hear to cheer her up.

Lauren invites Paul and Maggie back to their place for coffee and when the ladies excuse themselves to go to the ladies room, Paul asks Michael if he thinks this is really a good idea. Michael says he never argues with his wife, but after Paul asks more questions, Michael admits that he is worried about Lauren. At the apartment Lauren has another panic attack when she can’t get her sweater off.

Nikki and JT are with Victoria talking to her about taking a vacation when she gets well. Suddenly a buzzer goes off and they panic not knowing what it is. JT yells for a nurse. It seems like it is a malfunction in the blood pressure machine. The nurse says her blood pressure seems normal so they will change the machine and have the doctor come check on her just to be safe.

Colleen and Adrian bring Nikki and JT something to eat but JT says he isn’t really hungry. Adrian tells him he needs to try and eat something. He says to be honest he doesn’t think he can hold anything down now anyway. JT thanks Adrian for taking care of Victoria while they were trapped after the explosion. Adrian told them about stories Victoria told him like one of sky writing when she was little and had ran away from home. He says actually she was the one that gave him the strength to not give up. She gave him reason to believe they would get out one way or another by telling him that her father would never give up looking for them. Colleen tells JT she is worried about him, she says he needs to take better care of himself.

Victor sits in his office thinking about all that’s happening and he is drinking. He calls for a car to be brought out front and says he is going to the hospital. JT walks Adrian and Colleen out just as Victor comes in.  Victor asks Nikki how Victoria is doing. She tells him about the incident with the blood pressure machine but she is fine now. She says they are waiting on the doctor to come in now. When JT comes back in he notices that Victoria’s hands are swollen. He says they were not like that before and Nikki says he is right. Victor says the doctor is on his way in now. Once the doctor examines Victoria he tells them he will be monitoring Victoria’s vital signs very closely in the next few hours but doesn’t want to speculate about anything right now only causing the family to worry more.

Neil is stuck at Indigo til closing time since his regular employee is sick. Karen offers to stay and help him. Later Lily asks him if he wants to go have a bite to eat but he tells her he can’t and explains why. She offers to stay and help, and he says ok, with the three of them they can get it done faster. Lily changes her mind when she finds out Karen is staying with him and she leaves. After everyone is gone Neil and Karen are dancing and they kiss. He says he can’t believe he is there with her right now. She tells him to take his time, there is no pressure. He then kisses her again only with a lot more passion and ends up picking her up and carrying her off.  They make love and afterwards they are just sitting there. Karen asks him if he is ok and she says its because he was so quiet that makes her ask.

Jan Barrett

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