Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Kate goes to see Phillip and she tells him she is sorry he had to give up his son. He tells her Belle told him to stay away from him. Kate says well he had to know that would happen because Belle loves Shawn. Phillip says it is only because of Shawn’s jealousy, and he says Belle really loves him. Kate makes excuses for her interfering with Sami and Lucas compared to him interfering between Belle and Shawn.

Shawn and Belle give Bo and Hope the news of their wedding date. Bo says this calls for a Father son drink downstairs. Shawn says they can all go but Bo says no, just the two of them. Bo keeps quiet about what he knows about Belle.

Belle keeps getting flash backs remembering her time with Phillip on Shawn’s bed. While Shawn is in the bathroom her phone rings and it is Phillip. He says he wants to see her because they need to talk. She tells him no and that she and Shawn are getting married on Thanksgiving and when Shawn comes out she hangs up telling him it was the wrong number.

EJ is insisting on him and Sami getting married really soon but Sami and Lucas don’t want to rush it. EJ tells them they can’t wait for them to get married because Stefano is sick again and he is leaving to go to Italy and he just might not ever see him anymore so the wedding has to be done now. Sami agrees even though she doesn’t like it. EJ tells Sami he wants to see his son. Sami goes and gets the baby and tells EJ he just woke up. EJ asks if he can hold him but she says she would rather he didn’t. He asks please, so Sami has him sit down and she hands him the baby. She tells him that from now on that child comes first and from now on little Johnny needs to be with his sister, so EJ agrees not to take the baby tonight.

Lucas goes to Stefano and pleas with him to please stop this wedding between EJ and Sami. He accuses Stefano of attacking his mother but Stefano denies it. He says he would have never tried to hurt Kate. He asks where this was supposed to have happened. Lucas tells him to forget it. He will figure it out for himself and walks out.

Lucas goes to Kate and tells her that Stefano denied trying to hurt her. He accuses her of working with EJ to convince him to divorce Sami. When she denies it he calls EJ and tells him that his mother just admitted to him that they were in on it together. EJ tells him it was her idea, only confirming his suspicions. Kate says if he wants to believe EJ over her then fine. Lucas says this is unbelievable, after all the things she has done this takes the cake. He tells her that this is it, she has now lost him and she has lost her grandchildren forever now and he walks out.

Sami is asking EJ why Lucas called him. He says for the usual things, accusations and such. She says but she heard him tell Lucas it was all her idea, and she wants to know who he was talking about. He says she will have to ask Lucas that. When he walks out she throws herself on the sofa and tells herself this is not what she wanted. Suddenly an image of Colleen appears and tells her she is getting exactly what she wants. She tells Colleen that she is wrong, that she loves Lucas and she is only doing this to end this vendetta. Colleen says that’s just an excuse. Sami asks Colleen what was it she saw in Santos to make her turn her back on everything in her life. Colleen says the danger in him, which is what she sees in EJ. Sami tells Colleen to shut up and leave her alone, when she opens her eyes, Colleen is gone.

EJ tells Stefano that the wedding is set for tomorrow night. Stefano wants to know where his grandson is. He tells him he is with Samantha for one more night. Stefano says the boy needs to be with his father, and then he suggests he takes the baby and raises it in Italy, away from all the Brady’s. EJ says he can’t do that to Samantha but Stefano says what about his grandson. It is time he starts thinking about what is best for that baby. EJ tells Stefano that he is not only marrying Sami to end this vendetta but he also loves Sami very much and they will raise the twins together, and his son will be a DiMera.

As The World Turns

Lily runs into Dusty and she tells him that Holden has started divorce proceedings. Dusty tells her he can’t believe Holden is doing this, to him it seems like Holden is trying to punish her. He advises her to get her own lawyer. Lily says no but he says well Holden has one so she should too. She says she has to do everything she can to get Holden to forgive her and take her back. She has to make him see that even with all this she has to make him see that he still loves her.

Luke and Holden are trying to work on his legs using therapy on them. Luke seems to be giving up on ever walking again but Holden tries to talk to him. Holden tries talking to him about Noah but Luke doesn’t want to talk about it.

Holden calls Lily and asks her to come out to the farm because he needs to talk to her. She says she will be right there. She tells Dusty that maybe this could be a good sign or at least she hopes so. When she gets to the farm Holden tells her this is not about them, it is about Luke. He wants her to get Noah to come back and talk to Luke. She says no but they can do it together. They go and find Noah and ask him to help them out with Luke. Noah feels guilty about Luke’s fall and they tell him they won’t give up til he agrees to talk to Luke. They go home with Noah and tell Luke that Noah is there to talk to him.

Chris tells Emily he wants to stay in Oakdale and Emily gets out of bed and starts getting dressed, he tells her he also wants them to live together there. She tells Chris to put his shirt on because he just asked her a serious question and she needs to be focused on the right things. She needs to think about this because it involves a lot more with family and all here in Oakdale for them to be moving in together. She thinks they need their space. She tells him he sure isn’t like other men, and he says well she sure isn’t like other women either.

Jack tells Carly he is hopelessly in love with her and she says she doesn’t want this to be because she is dying. He gets on his hands and knees and asks her to marry him again. Carly tells him she loves him but wants to know if he is doing this because she is sick. He stops her and says when the time comes he wants to face it as her husband. She tells him yes she will marry him.

The kids and Brad come in and Jack tells them their mother and he have decided to get married again, and the kids are all excited. Brad looks in and tells them all after they say that this is the best news ever, that this is just going to get better, right Carly. She asks Brad if he is going to offer her congratulations. Jack’s phone rings and Brad whispers that maybe that’s the good doctor giving Jack the news. Jack has to leave and when he does Brad tells Carly that Jack doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him. Carly just gives him one of her looks. She tells him why he doesn’t just keep his mouth shut. She says didn’t he see her family and how happy this news has made them.

Brad tells her he is worried about what is going to happen to them when Jack finds out the truth. He says that Jack is marrying her again thinking she is going to die. She says Jack loves her it is not out of pity. Brad tells her to tell Jack the truth, do the right thing.

At the station Jack tells Margo that he and Carly are getting married again. He tells her it is best for everyone involved, well everyone except for Katie that is.

Chris and Emily go to the hospital so he can talk to Bob so while he is with his dad Emily goes to talk to Susan. Susan has to bring up Dusty to Emily, just out of curiosity of course. When Susan goes back to work she tells Emily she is glad she is back. Emily whispers to herself yes it is good to be back. As she turns around Dusty is there and he grabs her and kisses her. She slaps Dusty and tells him they are finished and he is not allowed to touch her like this ever again. Chris walks up and asks if everything is ok. Dusty says yes and Chris says he wasn’t asking him. He wants to know if Dusty hurt her, she says she is ok.

Chris tells Emily he got the job with his Father in the research department with benefits and all. Emily is happy to hear this and she tells Chris that she now wants to move in with him. He doesn’t understand the change of heart in her.

The Young and The Restless

Neil and Karen are swamped with answering the phones to the press over Victor’s press conference. Neil tells her they are off the clock now and they are going to this concert to see Enrique Iglesias at Indigo.

Michael wants to take Lauren out to the concert. She wants to stay home, and he says well Gloria has agreed to baby sit.  Michael doesn’t want to see Lauren lock herself inside and she says she is not doing that. She just isn’t sure she wants to go out that’s all. Lauren’s idea of a fun night is sitting in front of the TV watching some DVD’s eating popcorn, but Michael really wants to go to the concert so finally Lauren agrees to go. 

Cane calls Heather and asks her to meet him at Indigo in 20 minutes. Before he hangs up he tells her he is really glad she asked him to go.

Daniel and Amber ask Kevin to join them when they go out and celebrate her being alive, but he says that he and Jana have this thing going and he can’t be dating. Amber insists on Kevin go with them to help celebrate. Amber tells Daniel the first thing she thought of when she realized she was trapped was that she would never see the light of day again. She tells him she did a lot of things that got him into trouble and to break up his marriage. He says a lot of that was his fault. They vow each other as best of friends forever.

Paul shows up at Indigo with Maggie and everyone is all excited about the concert. Neil and Karen have arrived. Lily is hiding in the office dreading running into Cane and Heather. Colleen tells her when she does just say hello and then go on and enjoy herself. Devon walks into the office with his date who says hello to Lily, remarking they haven’t spoken in some time. Lily jokes saying well Devon doesn’t let her around his dates. Devon says in his defence that it is because she tends to tell secrets about him. 

Paul tells Michael about the news of what caused the explosion and how Victor owns the company involved. Michael gets really upset. He doesn’t want to tell Lauren, but he can just think about how he almost lost Lauren and then he thinks about how Victoria is in the hospital right now because of this. He says how could Victor have done this to Nikki even. He gets up and walks away from the table leaving Paul and Maggie speechless.  

Michael goes to talk to Neil about it and says Victor is responsible for all that happened in the building collapse. Neil tells him that the reports are almost all in but everything was done by the book, and Michael says that book almost killed his wife.

Paul tells Lauren and Maggie that he is thinking about telling Heather the truth about him being her father. He says April, Heather’s mother, doesn’t think it is a good idea but he is her father and he thinks its time she knows the truth.

Neil finds Lily outside and gives her his jacket. She says she didn’t sleep much last night. He wants to know if it has anything to do with Cane. She tells him they are just friends, there is nothing going on between her and Cane. He tells her to watch out. She just got over her divorce with Daniel and Cane just got his divorce from Amber too. And besides that Cane is way too old for her. She says he is being over protective.

Outside Lauren is in a panic. Michael tries comforting her. Paul comes out to check on her and Michael tells her that once Shelia’s name came up and the mention of Maggie’s gunshot just took her off guard. They are out there talking about it when Heather opens the door and overhears them.

Jan Barrett  

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