OK we are starting a new week in the soap world, so here are the updates from today for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Jett tells Chelsea and Nick that Ford might just get away with rape. He says without Cordy’s testimony they won’t have anything. They are worried she won’t be able to hold it together long enough to stand up to Ford and his team of lawyers.

At The Cheatin Heart, Morgan goes in to talk to Max. She feels like a fool not listening to Max when he tried to warn her against Ford. She says she came to let him say I told you so. Max tells her that’s not necessary, he is just happy that she is ok. At the bar Stephanie is serving the customers when Ford walks in demanding to be served. When she calls him a pig and refuses to serve him he takes a glass and slams it to the floor breaking it and refuses to leave til she serves him his beer. By then Max walks up and takes over and threatens to throw him out if he doesn’t leave on his own. Jett pulls Max off of Ford telling him that is exactly what Ford is wanting. He tells Max don’t fall into the trap.

Belle tells Shawn Phillip didn’t write that letter to the academy, she did. She said she had just lost her Dad and she couldn’t stand the thought of losing him as a cop. Belle is acting like a spoiled brat being so selfish as usual. Shawn forgives her and tells her there is nothing she could do that he wouldn’t forgive. Shawn wants to set a wedding date for them and Belle makes excuses for them not to right now but Shawn isn’t going for it. He wants to set a date. She says she is just not sure if the timing is right and even though he is disappointed he says ok, he is not going to push her if she isn’t ready. He says he will wait but he will wait just til Thanksgiving. He says make him happy, make their mom’s happy, causing Belle to think back when Hope told her she would keep her secret but only if she cuts Phillip out of her life completely.

He finally gets Shawn to agree to marry him for Thanksgiving. He calls Bo and Hope and asks them to come over as soon as they can. When they get there Shawn tells them that they have set a wedding date for Thanksgiving Day. The looks on Bo and Hope’s face are not exactly what he expects to see from them.

Hope told Bo that Belle had sex with Phillip, now Bo is on a war path. He says Shawn was right about Phillip all along. Phillip has done everything he could to make Shawn look bad to Belle. Hope stops Bo and makes him think that if they tell Shawn then he will fight with Phillip and ruin his chances forever with the academy. Bo says Shawn still needs to know. He is surprised. He never thought Belle would do such a thing to Shawn. He now thinks different about Belle.

EJ goes to Sami and offers several places to go for their honeymoon. Lucas naturally puts an end to that and antagonizes EJ even more. Rather than let them just throw him out, EJ presents them with a court order to take custody of his son. Sami and Lucas refuse to let him take the baby. Sami tries reasoning with him to keep him from taking her son.

As the World Turns

Jack wants to know what this check for $100,000 is that Carly has with this man she is caught with. Carly tells the man she will be in touch with him if she changes his mind and the man leaves taking the check with him. Jack wants to know what’s going on. Carly tells him she is doing this because she might not ever be able to do it again, and then kisses him. He pulls away wanting to know what’s going on. She looks him in the eye and tells him she will tell him everything. Of course she lies to Jack about who the man is. Jack is so gullible when it comes to Carly. He believes everything she tells him.

Carly has to tell Lily the truth about her diagnosis being wrong. Lily is so excited saying she had been so worried about her. Lily asks if Jack knows and Carly says no, she doesn’t want him to know yet. Lily wants to know til when and Carly says til he marries her again.

Jack walks in and finds Carly practicing telling him something. He tells her he needs to talk to her about something too. He says her first but she is scared so she tells him no, him first. He tells her he talked to JJ and it made him think that it took her dying to make him realize his true feelings for her. He wants her to marry him again.

Dusty runs into Emily in the hallway at the hotel. He asks her to meet him in his room to go talk. She tells him that she and Chris are staying in the hotel together but he thinks she is there to make him jealous. Emily denies it, she says she didn’t even book the room, Chris did. Dusty tries to get Emily to break and tell him she wants him but she is being strong and not falling for his trick. Emily lets Dusty know she got over him.

Chris and Emily make love in their hotel room. Emily told him all about her and Dusty’s past and what they went through but she assures him that things are really over between them now. Chris tells her he wants to stay in town. He wants them to move there.

Holden accuses Lily of being at the hotel when Dusty was there. She swears to him that she didn’t even know Dusty was there. They need to talk about Luke. He is really depressed and they have to do something to help him. He thinks they should talk to Luke’s physical therapist but he has an appointment today so they can do this later.
Holden’s meeting is to talk about a divorce, but he doesn’t want to tell Lily.

The Young and The Restless

Neil goes in to talk to Victor. He says he spoke to the supervisor. The explosion was caused by an electrical short that ignited the methane. It was definitely an accident. His workers followed the rules. Neil handles the press for Newman.

Sharon asks Jack how come the media can’t report on the side of him that she is seeing right now. He says because good deeds don’t make the news. Jack is blaming Victor for the explosion but Sharon tells him that Victor had no way of knowing this would happen.

Heather and Maggie run into Cane ordering coffee. Cane is still feeling bad about all that has happened but yet he is relieved to know that he is not responsible for anything that has happened. Later while Cane is drinking his coffee, Lily walks in and finds him there. They talk about how relieved he is about the cause of the accident being known now.

Victor calls Neil and Karen in. He is going to make a statement for the press and needs them to set up a press conference. He is going to make the statement himself. Karen hand picks the reporters herself and tells Victor that way he won’t be hit with any surprises. She offers to stand with him for support but he declines the offer saying he is going to do this by himself. Karen tells the media that there will be no questions for Mr Newman after he makes his statement.

Jack tells Heather and Maggie about Victor going to see Ji Min the night Ji Min died. When they ask him if he is suggesting that Victor killed Ji Min, Jack says he is just saying that Victor was mad enough to kill that night and he himself admitted to him that he went up and knocked on Ji Min’s door but no one answered. He tells them to take a sample of Victor’s dog’s hair and test it with the one found on Ji Min’s body. They said they can’t do that because no judge would ever issue the warrant for that. Jack says he has heard of blind justice but he never knew it was deaf.

Brad goes to see Victoria and this irritates JT. Brad talks to Victoria about things she use to do when they were together, and brings her CD’s of music she use to listen to. JT interrupts and tells Brad he has been playing Jazz for her. Brad says she doesn’t like Jazz. JT says well yes she does, it seems to relax her. Brad comes up with some things he heard that is used to stimulate patients in a coma. He thought maybe they could talk to her doctor about it. JT tells Brad they need to talk and asks him to meet him outside in the hall. Brad wants to know what’s up. JT tells him it is tough having him in the room with Victoria. He says he needs time alone with Victoria right now. Brad says he understands and he says to call him if he needs anything.

Victor tells the press at the news conference that he assures them that they will be investigating this accident completely and that he expresses his sympathies to the families of the victims affected by this accident. He starts walking out as the reporters start asking him what Victoria’s condition was now. Karen has to get between them so Victor can leave the room. As he gets out he passes Jack who has a smirk on his face.

Jack goes in to talk to Victor. Victor asks him how he managed to get into his office without being announced. Jack says his first and second hand men must have been busy. They exchange a few words. Then Jack rubs his hand on Victor’s dog, pretending to be petting him. The he leaves the office. Once out the office they show him having a handful of dog hair in his hand with that pleased with himself look on his face. He brings the hair sample to Maggie and asks her to test it. She ends up throwing it away.

Colleen asks JT to ease up on her Dad. He cares about what’s happening to Victoria. JT says he guesses that he could give Brad some time alone with Victoria if that’s what he wants. Meanwhile Brad goes to Victor and lets him have it, blaming him for what has happened, telling him he was selfish and now Victoria is suffering from it. Victor calls Brad a SOB and tells him he isn’t telling him something he hasn’t told himself already. He tells him he is going to see his daughter now so he wants him to leave. Brad says if Victoria knew what he has done she wouldn’t even let him near that hospital room.

Lily goes back to ask Cane if he would like to go to the concert with her tonight at Indigo but she is too late. Heather had already invited him to go and he has accepted already. Lily is disappointed but of course she can’t let him know how she really feels inside her.

Jan Barrett

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