Well now that Thanksgiving week is over we can get back to normal in the world of the soaps. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Belle is over at Luke’s to talk to Sami but she isn’t home. She tells Luke she was on her way over to Bo and Hope’s to get her cell phone but they don’t answer the door so she asks if she can just hang out there to wait for Sami. He says that’s fine it will give her a chance to get to know the twins. He asks her why is she there anyway, shouldn’t she be with Shawn since they just got married. She tells him she and Shawn are not joined at the hip.

Belle goes to the pub and sees Phillip there. He tells her that he tried calling her and left a message on her cell phone. She tells him never call him again. He asks her where her husband is. She says at work on a case. Phillip makes Belle an offer to help Shawn with his job. He tells her he knows where he can get some solid evidence in the shooting of EJ. He could arrange it that Shawn gets his hands on the evidence and it would look really good for him. Belle wants to know what he would want in return for this favor. He tells her one night alone with her. She tells him she can not do that. He tells her just one night alone with him, no strings. He just wants to be alone with her to talk and enjoy being together. She hesitates and then says no she can’t do that. He tells her to call him if she changes her mind.

Phillip runs into Shawn at the pub and tells him congratulations that he won. He tells Shawn he is there with nothing but best wishes for him and Belle. He says they have been friends for a long time. Shawn wants to just move on with his life and not go back and he wants Phillip to do the same.

Bo questions Marlena about the shooting on Sami’s wedding day. Bo tells her that he has a witness that saw a woman dressed in black at the wedding. Marlena tells him she was babysitting Claire that day and that Roman knew she was home because they talked on the phone while she was there. Marlena tells Bo today is the first time she found herself able to get out of bed since John died and she went there to find some comfort with close friends and now she is being questioned like this. She tells Bo he will need a search warrant to search John’s collection of guns but until then she is free to go, but not to worry she has no plans to skip town. When she leaves Hope asks Bo if he seriously suspects Marlena. He says it is not like Marlena to be so defenseless.

Marlena goes home and whispers saying to John that she sure needs him right now. Then it shows her going to a drawer and pulling out a gun and putting it into a garbage bag. When she opens the door to go out she finds Hope standing there. Hope asks her if she needs help putting out the trash. She finds the gun and the black dress in the bag. She tells Marlena that maybe they should talk over a cup of tea. Marlena admits going to the church. She admits firing the gun because she wanted to kill the man that killed her husband.

EJ asks Sami to bring Johnny to see Stefano and Sami refuses. She tells him that is not one of the things at the top of her to do list. She tells him how right now is not a good time for that especially since Lucas is suing her for custody of their daughter. She tells him this is just not the right time. She is trying so hard not to have a nervous breakdown. Sami starts to walk out but EJ hurts himself trying to go after her forgetting he can’t walk. Stefano comes in and tells Sami he wants to see the baby. Sami refuses right away. She says there is no way she will allow him to turn her son into a DiMera. EJ informs Stefano that he agrees with his wife for right now.

As The World Turns

Lucinda runs into Faith and asks her how her Thanksgiving was. She says it was OK but in a sad way. Lucinda asks her what is wrong and wants to know what happened. She tells her about her Mother being there at the farm for dinner but she left early.

Lily wakes up hearing Dusty ordering breakfast. Room service forgot a coffee cup so Dusty calls down for another one. When someone knocks at the door Dusty answers it only to find Lucinda there. She comes in and finds Lily in the bed in a robe and Dusty in a robe also. She is shocked. She tells Lily to get dressed and go home right now. Lily tells her she is not a child and wants to know how she knew she was there anyway. She tells Lily that Faith told her she left the farm in the middle of dinner to go there to meet him. Lily says he has a name and it is Dusty. Lily asks her to leave.

Lily gets dressed and goes downstairs in the hotel and sees Lucinda. Lucinda tells her she only wants her to be happy. She tells her she has got to fight Holden for her marriage.

Carly and Kit go over the plans to buy the bar, Metro. When Carly starts calling the shots Kit tells her she is starting to think this was a mistake. Carly tells her she is investing her money into this so she should have some say in how they do things. Carly tells Kit what she did with Jack about telling him she was sick even after she found out the truth. She tells her that she finally broke down and told him the truth at the altar when they were about to be remarried. Kit can’t help but laugh and she tells her she would have loved to have seen that.

At the station Jack comes in and Brad stops him. He tells him he is not going to let him get to Katie again. They start to argue when Katie comes in and stops them both. Katie agrees to talk to Jack, but Brad stays nearby in case she needs him. Katie tells Brad she will be ok and asks him to give them some privacy. Jack can’t understand how she can forgive Brad for what he done to them. He wants to know if she can find it in her heart to forgive him. She says of course she can forgive him but she just doesn’t know if she can get past this. He asks her what it would take for her to give him another chance for them to try being together again. Katie tells him she still loves him but the fact remains that he chose to be with Carly over her.

Jack blows up with Brad and asks him to please give them some privacy. He tells Jack he is there working and Katie tells Brad to go so she and Jack can talk. Just as he leaves the room Jack’s phone rings and it is JJ telling him that crazy lady that kidnapped him is at Carly’s house and Jack says he is on his way. Jack tells Katie something is going on at Carly’s house and he has to go see if JJ is ok, and he runs out leaving Katie standing there. Brad comes back in and asks her if she sees now what he was talking about.

Jack goes to Carly’s and meets JJ outside the door. He tells JJ to get on his bike and go home. He sees Kit inside through the window. He opens the door and draws his gun and tells Carly to step aside. Carly tries telling him it is OK. Jack says he doesn’t know how she got out of jail but she shouldn’t have come there. Carly tells him she got out of jail on a suspended sentence. He then sees the blueprint plans for Metro Carly and Kit are planning to buy and wants to know what is going on here. She explains to Jack that she is redesigning Metro for Kit. Jack tells her she is not that hard up for work, let Kit find someone else to design it. She tells him she is not only her client but she is her new partner. Jack doesn’t go for it and tells Kit to get the hell out of his house. She gets her things and leaves. He tells Carly if she still associates with Kit he will get sole custody of the kids and make sure she has nothing to do with them again.

Holden and Luke have a chance to have a father to son talk about Noah. Holden tells him to think about this, Noah spent Thanksgiving dinner with him and his insane family, and he is always coming around to check on him even though he doesn’t always act so happy to see him, and that in general Noah really seems to care for him. Holden tells him not to give up on Noah. Luke asks him if that’s the case for him and Noah then could that mean there is still hope for him and his Mom.

The Young and The Restless

Daniel and Phyllis talk about Jack and the JiMin case. Phyllis seems to think Heather Stevens is behind all this especially now that she is out on an appeal. Phyllis tells Daniel that she came right out and point blank asked Jack if he killed JiMin. Daniel asks what he said. She says he said no and she believes him. She thinks if Jack saw him suffering he would have called 911 to get him help.

Heather answers a few questions to the press about Jack Abbott. Cane happens to be there when she is done and talks to her. He runs into Jill later and she asks him about how things went with him and Heather. He confesses that although he likes her there just wasn’t the chemistry between them that he was hoping for.

Lily goes to the Athletic Club to talk to Colleen. She tells her that nothing really good happened between her and Cane while he was at her house for dinner Thanksgiving Day. Colleen encourages Lily to go to Cane and let him know how she feels about him although she is reluctant to do so.

Gloria wants to ruin everything for him in the Senate so she has been emailing several of the Senators. They have a meeting set up to talk to John’s ex cell mate and Kevin warns her that it doesn’t mean the guy knows anything about John’s will. Later when they meet with the man they find out this is not the man that was in prison with John, it was the man’s father instead. He tells them he has no clue where they can even find his father now. They ask him if he ever hears from his Father to please let them know and Gloria hands him a business card. When he sees her name on it he asks oh you are that Gloria. She asks him what he means. He tells her that before his Dad took off her gave him a box to hang onto for him and in the box was an envelope with To My Darling Gloria written on the outside and a letter inside it. She says she never knew his father. He says well it wasn’t his father’s handwriting on it either. She asks him to please tell her that he still has that letter. He tells her he will look for it when he goes home.

Jana calls Kevin to tell him she is going to the hospital to have a cat scan done on her. He tells Gloria after she ridicules him for having Jana as a girlfriend that he loves Jana and she better accept it and then asks her is she understands him. She tells him yes she understands and he leaves. Kevin meets Jana at the hospital and finds her a nervous wreck. He asks to go with her but the guard says it is against regulations so he tells Jana that he will be right there when she gets out.

Lily sees Cane at the Club while she is there and talks to him. He tells her how he enjoyed dinner at her house. She asks him if he has a minute because she wanted to talk to him. He says sure, and as soon as she gets the courage to start telling him how much she enjoyed his being there too, his phone rings and interrupts. He tells her he has been waiting on this call all day and asks to be excused while he takes the call.

Daniel goes to the courthouse to talk to Heather. He tells her that he was just wondering if he was planning on bringing his mother to trial again and starts to plea her case. He tries to get her to see how his mother deserves another chance and retrying her would only hurt his little sister. Heather goes to see Phyllis and tells her she plans to propose an offer to Michael that if she pleads a lesser charge she will suggest to the courts that she is given credit for time served and a very reasonable probation. She then tells her she hopes this will get her son off of her back, shocking Phyllis.

Phyllis sees Jana at the hospital and Jana tells her she is there for a CT test that’s just a routine test. She tells Phyllis that Kevin proposed to her. She asks Phyllis if she accepts his proposal would she be her maid of honor. Phyllis ignores that and asks how come she hasn’t said yes yet. Jana says the only way she will is if they tell her she is going to die soon, she doesn’t want Kevin tied down to a lunatic for the rest of his life.

When Jana gets back from taking the test Kevin is there waiting on her. She tells him she asked them what showed up in the test but they wouldn’t tell her anything, other than they had to wait to get the results of it. Kevin tells her well since they are right there in the hospital why don’t they go on and get the blood tests so they can get a marriage license. She tells him but she hasn’t said yes yet. He says he knows that but he also know she is going to say yes.

Jill and Gloria are discussing Jabot Cosmetics trying to come up with some new angles for the company to sell. Jill sees Lily and calls her over to the table. She asks her as a young woman what she thinks about make-up. She wants to know why she wears makeup. She tells them after that she thought her mother always looked the prettiest when she was happy whether she had make-up on or not. Cane later tells Jill he thinks she embarrassed Lily earlier. He goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Lily and apologizes for his Mom putting her on the spot. She tells him it is fine. She starts to tell him once again about how she feels about him when Heather walks up and interrupts to tell Cane that she can get off earlier tomorrow night so she can join him for that dinner date. This makes Lily change her mind about telling him what she planned to say.

At a press conference Jack arranges for a leak to get out of a rumor about Victor Newman being involved with the JiMin case. Jack carefully avoids answering it so to be sure it doesn’t look like he is responsible for the leak. As they are leaving Sharon asks Jack was he responsible for that and all he says is that he never saw that man before in his life.

Jan Barrett

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