Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. As The World Turns did not air today due to Thanksgiving holidays, but will return on Monday.

Days of Our Lives

Hope talks to Marlena. Marlena shows Hope pictures of Belle and Shawn at their wedding during their first dance. Hope tells her that she needs to talk to her about Belle. Marlena says ok, and Hope tells her that Belle didn’t end her relationship with Phillip. She says Belle is still seeing Phillip. Marlena thinks it is just because they were once married. Hope tells her about the night Belle slept with Phillip, it was the night before she and Shawn set the wedding date. She says Belle admitted it to her and swore it would never happen again but she lied.

Hope shows Marlena Belle’s cell phone and tells her this is how she knows that Belle has been cheating on Shawn. Marlena is mad at Hope saying it isn’t right that she violated her daughter’s privacy. Marlena thinks they need to leave Shawn and Belle alone without any interference. Marlena says Belle is young and she has been through so much. Hope tells her they have all been through a lot and that is no excuse for her to have cheated on her son. Marlena says Belle has been through so much, she must really be confused. Hope says she needs to end this with Phillip. They decide to work together on this and try to help Belle and Shawn. Marlena agrees to talk to Belle first to get some straight answers. She confesses to Hope that she keeps wondering what John would do about this.

On their first morning as man and wife Belle and Shawn wake up in each others arms. They can’t believe they are finally married. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him and she never wants to lose him. Belle wants to call Doug and Judy to check on Claire but can’t find her cell phone. They look all over for it when suddenly they realize she left it at Bo and Hope’s house. Shawn tells her that it isn’t a problem he is sure that his Mom found it by now and is holding onto it. Belle is worried now. She tells Shawn that she can’t wait to get her phone. She has to go get it now. He says they can go get it after breakfast but she says no, she needs it now. She has to call and check on Claire. He says Claire is OK and it can wait til after breakfast because he is starving.

Sami goes to the hospital to see EJ and finds him sitting up all perky. She is in shock and she asks him what has happened to him. He tells her she happened. He tells her that she gave him a reason to live. Sami is upset and EJ wants to know what’s wrong. She tells him she can deal with her own problems by herself that he has too much to deal with. He says she is his wife, she can tell him anything. She tells him that Lucas sent Will to Switzerland to live without telling her and he named their daughter without asking her. She loves the name. It is just that he made the decision without her. EJ tells her to go home and take care of the twins. He says they need her, he has nurses to take care of him, he will be fine.

Stefano goes to Bo and asks him why someone hasn’t been arrested for shooting his son yet. Bo tells him they are still working on it. Stefano seems to think it could have been a woman that shot EJ. Stefano tells Bo of a woman that stood behind a veil dressed in black that was at the church for the wedding. He says he has no more details but even EJ saw her in the church but they have no idea who she was. Bo goes to the hospital and asks Sami if she remembers seeing a woman in black at the church. She says yes now that he mentions it. He wants to know if she can remember any specifics about the woman. She says no all she can remember is thinking how sad she seemed, almost like she was a widow or something. Then she says Oh My God, Mom! Bo just nods his head agreeing.

Stefano goes to see EJ and tells him he wants to meet his grandson. EJ tells him that they can’t bring the baby in the ICU. Stefano tells him not to let Samantha tell him what to do. He can insist on her bringing the baby there to see him. He reminds EJ that he is the man of the house now. Stefano leaves the room and EJ asks Sami if she will bring the baby to Stefano for him to be able to spend some time with. Samantha says outright NO.

Bo goes home and finds Marlena there. He asks her if he can talk to her for a minute. She says well she has an errand to run right now. He says well it will only take a few minutes. So she agrees to stay and asks what he wants to talk to her about. He says he knows that she was at Sami’s wedding but what he doesn’t know is if she was the one that put the bullet into EJ.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis tries cheering Nick up with some humor but all he can think about is his sister, wishing she would wake up.

Nikki and Victor can’t agree on whether or not to have an emergency c-section done on Victoria so they have turned it over to a mediator that’s turned it over to the judge now to make the decision. Victor places a call to the judge in hope to speed this process up. Michael takes the phone from him and does the talking for him. All the call actually did was to make the judge furious now. Brad suggests to Nikki that if they can’t find her to subpoena her to court then they can’t hold it against her. Nikki considers it but David tries talking her out of it, saying they will know she is purposely avoiding the subpoena.

JT and Nick argue out in the hall. JT thinks Nick should side with Victor so Victoria will live. Nick tells him he is not trying to kill his sister. JT just doesn’t want to lose Victoria.

Kevin and Gloria send out emails to all the Senators protesting Jack’s actions. Gloria tells them she is appalled that Senator Abbott thinks he is above the law. She sends this to numerous Senators’ and is quite pleased with herself over it. In the meantime Jack is reading the email Gloria sent under a fake name. Jack is thinking that Victor is responsible for everything that’s going on even now with the emails going in. He tells Sharon he honestly thinks that Victor Newman is responsible for JiMin’s death.
Gloria sees Jack at the club and boasts to him about her contacting the ethics committee. He tells her that he spoke to someone and none of the emails will go through. She whispers, we’ll see, and then walks off.

Victor receives a summons to appear in court. When they go to serve Nikki they can’t find her anywhere. They see David in the cafeteria but he claims he doesn’t know where she is at. They ask Victor if he has seen his wife, they need to serve the summons to her so they can appear in court. He thinks Nikki is under too much stress and can’t handle all this. He tells Michael to call the judge and explain to him that they can not wait any longer. His daughter must have this c-section in order to save her life now.

Victor goes to the office and has it out with Nikki. He tells her about the courts trying to locate her to issue her the summons to go to court. She tells him she isn’t aware of that, he says well he is telling her now. She tells him to stop yelling at her. Nikki tries to explain to Victor that she has agreed to let Brad be appointed as Victoria’s guardian so he can decide on what to do about her baby. Needless to say this leave Victor raging mad.

Jan Barrett

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