Due to the Thanksgiving Holidays all the soaps were not aired today. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives and yesterdays updates for As The World Turns. Today’s show on The Young and The Restless was a repeat of the day of the collapse.

Days of Our Lives

Doug tells Shawn that Bo and his grandma had to take Big Shawn to the hospital with chest pains but they are sure he is ok. He tells Shawn that Bo said to tell him he will get back there for the wedding as soon as he can.

In the brides’ room, Belle is getting dressed. Hope and Sami and Marlena are in there with her. Belle asks Hope to check her phone because she was waiting on Brady to call her. When Marlena gives Belle the gifts she is giving her Belle’s phone rings. Thinking it will be Brady calling her she answers and it is Phillip. She pretends that it is Me-Me and when everyone walks out the room she tells him she is not going to do this today. She says she is going to marry Shawn and he can’t stop her. Hope comes back in and asks for the truth, who was that really on the phone.

Lucas is ready to announce the name of his and Sami’s daughter to everyone. He says they named the baby Alice Caroline Horton. Everyone is so happy to hear it.

Billie meets Phillip at the bar and she tells him she wanted to be with her little brother because she knew he would be down today knowing that he is still in love with Belle. He tells Billie he would be upset if he thought she was going to go through it. Billie asks what does that mean. He says when Belle walks down that aisle she will be thinking of him not Shawn.

As it happens as Belle is walking down the aisle and she is thinking back of times with Phillip. Marlena assumes Belle’s hesitation is because she misses her father, so she assures Belle that John is right there with them. She continues down the aisle to Shawn and notices the new watch he has on his arm. She whispers, New Watch? To him, he says it’s a present from Victor. They start saying their vows to one another. Shawn tells her that their love has always been pure to each other. She stops him and says she can’t do this. She then changes her mind again and says she can’t do this if he keeps interrupting her, she can’t remember what she was going to say. They finish their vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

Lucas comes in at the Pub and tells Billie and Phillip that the wedding is over, that Belle and Shawn are finally hitched. The wedding happened and everyone would be there for the reception soon. Phillip says that’s it, he is out of there.

Stephanie and Cordy are at Kayla and Steve’s apartment having a girl’s day out when suddenly Ford comes banging on the door wanting her to open the door. She tells him to go away and if he doesn’t she is going to call security. He tells her she better quit passing those fliers around town about him or she will be sorry.

At Stefano’s house Marlena shows up. Stefano asks her what took her so long coming there. He asks her why she has come to see him. She asks him to give Sami her freedom. Stefano asks her, Her Freedom? She says he knows what she means. Sami married EJ to protect her family. He says he heard Sami tell EJ how she feels about him. Marlena tells him he is wrong, Sami loves only one man. She wants him to set Sami free and let her alone. She tells him if he ever felt anything for her, he would do this for her. He says yes he will Marlena, but for a price. She asks him what his price is. He says the same thing he has always wanted, the Queen of the Night. He tells her she has brought him joy, she says he has made her his queen but he has also made her his killer.

At the reception Doug announces that Big Shawn is fine, turns out to be a little indigestion. He then goes on to make a toast to the new couple. He makes a mention of John, saying they all miss him, and the new twins in the family. And now he says they welcome John and Marlena’s daughter into the family, saying they couldn’t ask for a better addition. He asks that everyone raises their glass and join him in his toast.

At the reception Hope finds Belle’s phone knowing something is going on. She listens to her voice mail and it is from Phillip. He tells her she can’t marry Shawn, he knows she is still in love with him. He mentions that they were together the night before the wedding which really upsets Hope now.

As The World Turns

Katie goes to the diner where Kim is shooting a promo shoot for the TV station. She is furious with Brad for not telling her and Jack about Carly. She can’t hold in her frustration so she ends up pouring mashed potatoes and gravy all over him.

Carly goes home and imagines life with Jack and the kids. She daydreams of the kids coming in and all being happy wanting to start decorating for Christmas and then Jack comes in talking about them all having Thanksgiving Dinner together and how they all have so much to be thankful for. Then she comes to reality and realizes it was only a dream in her mind when her microwave goes off. She sits down to eat her TV dinner when Brad knocks at the door mad as hell at her, telling her Katie now knows he knew about her lies. She swears she didn’t tell Katie anything. He doesn’t want to accept any excuses from Carly. He tells her thanks for ruining the best thing that almost happened to him in his life, and then he leaves.

Jack goes to Katie’s hotel room and she yells at him to go away thinking it is Brad at the door. When he keeps knocking she opens the door telling him to go away and was shocked to see Jack standing there instead.  He asks what Brad has done to her to make her so mad at him. She finally confesses to him that she found out Brad knew about Carly all that time and never told either of them.

Jack is furious with Brad now and goes back to the farm and ends up fighting with Brad outside. They both go back inside with black eyes and Emma is swatting them both with a spatula telling them they are both acting like children. They end up apologizing for interrupting everyone’s Thanksgiving Dinner and shake hands together.

Carly goes to see Katie. She explains to her that Brad begged her to tell the truth to Jack but she just couldn’t. She wants Katie to know that the only reason he didn’t tell them himself is because after it went so far he was afraid Katie would never forgive him and he would lose her forever.

When Carly goes home she notices a jacket in her living room that smells. She realizes someone is in her house. She takes a hockey stick out and screams for whoever is there that she has a gun and for them to come out right now. A woman comes out the back and it was Kit, asking Carly didn’t she remember her. Carly says yeah she is the woman who kidnapped her boy and wants to know why she isn’t in jail. They start talking after Kit asks where Jack is. Carly tells her they aren’t together. Kit doesn’t have anywhere to go and Carly starts feeling sorry for her so she offers her a TV dinner for Thanksgiving. As they are eating Kit explains to her how she wants to open a bar there but she doesn’t have the money it takes to open a new business. Carly thinks about it and then thinks of the money she has. She offers it to Kit to start the new business and tells her they can be partners.

Meg meets Craig at the bridge. He tells her she is too late, Paul is already gone. She tells him she didn’t come there for Paul. He asks her if she is happy that she is pregnant and she says yes. Then he says but she would be happier if it was Paul’s baby. She asks Craig to forgive her for being with Paul. She says this baby will love him and if he can forgive her for what she has done then they can be a family together. She tells him she wants him to make something for their baby. She wants him to make them a family. She turns and walks away after that.

Katie goes to the farm to talk to Brad. They go outside and she tells him she is not mad at him anymore. She says that even if he had told her the truth it wouldn’t have stopped Carly anyway. She says she is giving him a second chance, for the sake of the show of course, but warns him to never lie to her again.

Craig arrives at the farm to let Meg know he wants them to be a family and that he will forgive her. He wants to be a good father for their baby. Meg hugs him and tells him thank you. He then turns away and she asks him where he is going. He says it is her family gathering, he doesn’t want to interrupt. She tells him he is family now too and invites him to have dinner with them all as a family. Emma and all the rest welcome Craig and they all sit down to eat.

Jan Barrett

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