The Soaps I review here will not be seen tomorrow due to the American Thanksgiving Holiday. Some are not going to air Thursday and Friday also. In the meantime here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea and Morgan and Cordy go around passing fliers around to warn women about the kind of Man Ford is. Adrienne lets them hang them all over in the bar, saying she is glad to help. Billie comes in and warns the girls to be really careful of what they are doing. She asks Chelsea to move back in with her at least til Ford is put in jail. Chelsea asks if campus security is so tight now why would she have to move in with her again. Billie tells her because of the fliers she is putting out.

As they are talking about it Ford comes in screaming at Chelsea with a flier in his hand calling her a bitch and wants to know what she is trying to do to him with them. Billie and Adrienne tells Ford to leave but he is refusing to go. He says he is the one to say when he has had enough and then asks Cordy isn’t that right. This makes Chelsea so mad she punches him knocking him down. Stephanie comes in just as Ford is leaving. Chelsea’s hand is swollen but she tells Billie she will be fine.

Belle goes to see Phillip. Phillip is surprised to see her but is glad she came. She says she isn’t so sure this was a good idea. Belle tells him she could come back if he is busy but he says no. She claims she only came by to tell him that he was right. Hope did tell someone else about their affair, she told Kayla. She says she can’t get married now in front of all those people knowing she done what she done. Phillip tells her not to worry about what all those people think, he says to do what she thinks is right in her heart. He says she knows what that is, he doesn’t have to tell her.

Belle is upset at his attitude and tells him that he did tell her if she ever needed him she could call him. He says yes he did but not to fix her problems between her and Hope. Phillip tells her she isn’t ashamed of making love with him, she is ashamed of the fact that she can’t get it out of her mind the night before she marries Shawn. He tells her to stop acting like a brat. She asks him what did he just call her. He tells her she wants to be with Shawn but yet she wants to keep him hanging on a limb for her but he isn’t playing her games anymore. He tells her not to do this to herself, then he kisses her and she kisses him back. They are almost to make love when Phillip’s phone rings. It is Shawn telling him not to come to the wedding, not to bring or send a gift, just stay away. Phillip says not a problem and hangs up. When he turns around Belle is gone.

Shawn goes to see Hope and finds the house all decorated. He and Hope have a Mom and Son chat about Shawn getting married. Bo comes in and asks if anyone ordered tuxedos. He says they can’t have the party without him. Shawn says they are just eating pizza with beer. They send Shawn to go try on his tuxedo and while he is gone Hope admits to Bo that she slipped and told Belle that she told Kayla about them.

Stephanie comes out asking Kayla to help her read the test results of the pregnancy test not knowing Steve is there with her. Kayla tells Steve the pregnancy test was for her after he saw the empty box. Kayla gets Steve to go off to get them some hot chocolate so she can talk to Stephanie. Once he is gone Kayla looks at the results and sees that it is negative but Kayla wants her to go have a HIV test done now. She tells Kayla she already had the test taken and its all going to be fine, it was negative too.

As The World Turns

Holden finds Lily at the hotel in Dusty’s room. She tells him she won’t lie to him, she did spend the night there with Dusty. She apologizes to him for him finding out this way. He says it is ok now since they are not together anymore, she is free to do what she wants. He says he didn’t go there to check up on her, he went to her to give her the separation agreement and to let her know he is moving on with his life. If he didn’t know that before he surely does now.

Meg is cranky with Craig when he wakes her. She thinks back when she got the DNA results and starts crying. She tells Paul about the results. He says that maybe that’s why she married Craig, maybe it was meant to be for her to have his baby. Paul tells her she is married to Craig now and he is married to Rosanna. He tells her to accept that now, his wife needs him and he plans to be there for her.

Craig is at the hospital and he finds where Meg had the DNA test and figures out that Paul was being tested also as the father. He goes home and confronts Meg about it. She finally admits to him that she slept with Paul and then tries to leave the room but Craig stops her. She tells him it is over with Paul. She says it was just once, one time with Paul. She asks Craig if he thinks he can forgive her for this and give her a second chance. She wants them to raise this child together, she thinks he would be a good father.

When Meg leaves the room Craig text messages Paul and pretends to be Meg telling him to meet her under the bridge and it’s urgent. When Paul gets the message he just says Meg! Under the bridge Paul yells for Meg but when he turns around Craig is standing there. Craig says he sees he took the bait when he made that call. He tells Paul that he knows about him sleeping with his wife. Paul says if he has an issue with his wife to take it up with her not him. Craig grabs Paul and shoves him against the wall telling him he could kill him right there and no one would know since no one knows they are there. Paul tells him that Meg came to him and begged him to come back to her. She wanted that baby to be his not Craig’s. Craig says well she did come home to him. Paul tells him Meg will never love him.

Meg goes to the Farm and tells Emma that Craig knows about the paternity test and he now knows that she slept with Paul and he is furious. She is scared to go back to the hotel with him now. Emma tells her to give him some time to calm down and she is sure he will be OK.

Noah gets a call from the police station telling him that his Father is being taken to the prison today and wanted to know if he wanted to come down to say good bye but Noah says no. Luke talks him into going to see his Dad so he won’t regret not doing it. When he gets there he is sorry he went. Noah’s Father bad mouths Luke to the bitter end, and just as he does, Luke comes in to support Noah. Luke gets really upset and stands up from his wheelchair without even realizing it. The police come in and take the Colonel away when Noah looks at Luke he tells him to look, he is standing.

Lily and Holden go for coffee after seeing Luke stand. They are so happy. Lily tells him that they have Noah to thank for Luke wanting to get well. Lily asks him to not fight right now, they have a lot to be thankful for right now. Then she asks him what are they going to do about Thanksgiving. Just as they start talking a man comes up with flowers for Lily. She asks who sent them and the man says Dusty Donavan. This changes Holden’s mood and he advises her to have her lawyer look at those separation papers, they need to do this and get it over with. Then he walks out.

The Young and The Restless

Lily cooked for Thanksgiving and she walks in and catches Devon trying some of her cooking. She sees him spit it out and asks if it is that bad. She gets mad and walks out leaving Devon asking what are they suppose to do now, they have guests coming. She says she doesn’t care, he can tell them she is sick, she just doesn’t want to have Thanksgiving Dinner without her mother.

Amber is cranky and takes it out on Daniel. Daniel makes her admit it is not because she is lonely, but it’s because she knows that Cane is having Thanksgiving Dinner with Lily. Later Lily calls Cane and tells him she is not going to be there for dinner but he is still welcome to go anyway but he backs out, saying he would rather not go if she is not going to be there. Amber is there when he gets the call and he tells her he is not going to eat with the Winter’s after all. Amber invites him to have dinner with her instead and he accepts but asks where. She says here after everyone is gone. So he agrees and says ok.

Phyllis takes Summer to the hospital to see Nick and to be with the family there for Thanksgiving. Brad and JT and Nikki and Victor are all there. Nick is in the room with Victoria. He tells her he wishes she would wake up and help him. He said it’s rough out there in the waiting room. He tells her their father is not talking to anyone, their mom is trying to hold together but without much luck and he doesn’t know how much more they can take. Brad talks to Vicky too, only he apologizes to her for all the mistakes he made with her before.

Everyone gathers around Victoria’s bed all praying for a miracle for her to wake up. JT and Brad try to talk to Nikki about the decision that has to be made about the baby. JT tells her he doesn’t want Victoria to die but Nikki refuses to talk about it right now.

Neil goes to Gina’s and asks for a whole dinner take out. Luckily she likes Neil and agrees. While at the club Neil sees Lily and tries to get her to change her mind about dinner. Karen gets Lily to join her to just talk. She tries to talk to Lily about her mother.

Lily goes home and tells Devon she changed her mind only to be surprised to see Neil come in with take out dinner for 8. Sharon and Jack and Noah come in and Karen and they are all ready to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Lily calls Cane and tells him she is going to be there after all so she invites him to join them again. At the dinner table Neil tells everyone they have a tradition in their family on Thanksgiving for each and everyone at the table to tell of something they are grateful for. Neil ends the confessions by saying he is grateful for his kids and his friends and they all say a cheer to a Happy Thanksgiving, then they start eating.

Amber is left at the coffee house alone since Cane went to have dinner with Lily instead and feeling sorry for herself. Daniel knocks on the door and tells her he has decided to join her for dinner. She cries and says he really is her best friend.

Lauren and Michael order take out and take it home to pretend it is a home cooked dinner. Kevin tells Michael and Lauren to wish him luck because he plans on proposing to Jana today. He decides to go to the prison to have dinner with Jana instead of at home. Gloria comes in with Jeffery and isn’t pleased when they tell her Kevin is not going to be there with the family for dinner. At dinner Lauren and Michael say next year they are going to need a bigger table. They tell Gloria that Kevin is going to propose to Jana. Gloria excuses herself from the table and calls Kevin and tells him not to do something he will regret. At the prison Kevin gets on his knees and asks Jana to marry him. In tears she tells him she can’t but he says he doesn’t want an answer right now.

Jan Barrett

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