It is now the end of the week in the soap world, so here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Kayla and Hope talk about Sami wanting to marry EJ to end the vendetta. They admire Sami for being honest with Lucas through the whole thing. Kayla says yeah well its best to be honest all the time. Hope says not always, sometimes the truth can be deadly. Kayla wants to know what she meant by that. At first Hope says it was nothing but then she tells her that she found out something about Belle and Shawn. She tells her that Belle slept with Phillip and she tells her the whole story. Kayla tells her that she may have promised Belle not to tell Shawn but she didn’t promise not to tell Bo. When Hope says she is right and that she knows what she has to do, Kayla says but telling Bo might be the biggest mistake she ever does.

Belle is in her room when a knock is on the door. Putting her robe on she asks who is there. It is Phillip. He says he wanted to know if he could take Claire out with him for a little while but she says her Mom needed some cheering up so Claire is with her for a few days. He notices that Shawn must not be there and asks if he can come in but she tells him no. He says they need to talk, she says there is nothing to talk about. He says they made love, that should be enough to talk about, she tells him she wonders if Hope would agree. He wants to know what Hope has to do with this.

When she tells him he says don’t worry about Hope. He wants to make love again to her in Shawn’s bed. She tells him to go away and not come back for her or Claire. He says he will go but not til she looks in his face and tells him she wants Shawn and not him. She tells him she wants Shawn and not him, and she walks back into her room, leaving the door open. He comes in and tells her she lied to him. She says he has to go because Shawn would be right back, and she has to get dressed. He tells her to go ahead, so she takes her clothes and goes into the bathroom but doesn’t close the door completely. Phillip watches her as she puts her clothes on and when she comes out he kisses her. She pushes him away and tells him he doesn’t play fair.

She asks him if he wants the truth. She shows him a picture of Shawn and Claire, and then she says to Phillip, that she can live without him but as she holds the picture up to him, she says she can’t live without this. She confesses to him how hurt she was when he walked out on her and their marriage when they found out Claire wasn’t his. She said she felt worthless when he had Lucas deliver their divorce papers. Then she tells him it was Shawn there for her to help her pick up the pieces. It was Shawn there for her when she needed him. He tells her he didn’t know all this and he apologizes. She asks him if he loves her and he says more than anything. She says get the hell out of her life then.

Shawn is still being turned down at the police academy. The board is aware that Shawn was set up to look like an unfit parent which forced them to skip out when they ran away with Claire. But they will reconsider reinstating his application come the first of the year. Shawn tells Bo he can’t wait til the first of the year, he needs work now. Bo tells him to
quit this war with Phillip. He needs to stop worrying about Phillip. Shawn says every time he gets knocked back Phillip is there ready to step in his shoes.

Bo tells Hope about Shawn being turned down for the police academy. He tells her that there was a letter from someone that was against Shawn, saying that he doesn’t have what it takes to become a police officer. Hope tells Bo that she has something to tell him but makes him promise not to lose his cool over it. She tells him about Belle sleeping with Phillip.

Belle is trying to get Phillip to leave when Shawn walks in. Shawn isn’t happy seeing Phillip there and when suddenly Phillip says he is just leaving he and Shawn get into an argument and Shawn accuses him of writing that letter to the academy. When Phillip leaves Shawn starts to go after him but Belle stops him saying Phillip didn’t write that damn letter, she did.

As The World Turns

Iris sees Barbara again and asks her if she thought about the offer she made to her earlier about a baby for Gwen and Will. Barbara tells her to back off, she will never go for something like that and she doesn’t want to hear anything else about that and walks away.

Gwen asks Will if he is ever sorry that he married her. He says no, he married her because he loves her and he always will. He assures her that her not being able to have a baby will never change his love for her. Gwen tries to explain to Will why she feels this way. She says she keeps thinking about 10 years from now when all the guys his age have kids but they don’t. He tells her she is going to get him mad if she keeps this up. She says she is sorry and she is going to take a nap. The doorbell rings and it is Barbara. Will tells her they have got to find a solution for this or it is going to drive Gwen crazy.

Barbara calls Iris and tells her they need to talk. She tells her to meet her at the restaurant and they can talk. Barbara meets them and Cole is there. Barbara asks them exactly what is it that they are offering. Cole explains to her that Sofie is a great girl and she can leave it all to him, he can take care of the whole thing. Barbara’s terms include that Will and Gwen know nothing about where this baby came from and they can have nothing to do with the baby.

Meg has a dream that she comes into the room and can’t find her baby. In the dream she asks Craig what happened to her baby, he says it is not her baby anymore. Then she runs into Paul and she tells him Craig stole their baby, he tells her that it is not his baby. She wakes up screaming and Craig is there to try and comfort her.

The next morning after their wedding night Rosanna is upset. She tells Paul that it is important for a successful life together to be honest with each other about everything, and he agrees. So she asks him then why, when he went to the cemetery before their wedding, was he there with Meg. She doesn’t tell Paul she heard anything but is hoping he will tell her the truth but he fails the test. He doesn’t say a word about the possibility of him being the baby’s father.

Carly gets a call from an attorney wanting to know if she can meet him to talk about the case of the doctor misdiagnosing her condition. Carly says no she can’t but then he offers to go to her house to speak with her. She changes her mind and agrees to meet him. Jack wants to know who called and she lies saying the pharmacy saying she can go pick up her medicine. He says he can go get it for her. She says no that is ok she can go. He then says she can go get her shower and get ready and then they can just go together.

She manages to get away from Jack and she runs off to meet the lawyer. Once there she tells him she doesn’t know what all this is about. He tells her that the doctor would like to get this settled and put away so he is prepared to offer her a very generous settlement for her cooperation in this matter. Carly tells the attorney she can’t take the money. She explains to him that she just wants to put it all behind her now. He says but if it is done that way then it will not put closure on the case. They need her to accept the offer and sign the release form. He tells her to just think about what she could do with all that money. Jack walks in and finds Carly with the lawyer and sees the check on the table written out to her.

The Young and The Restless

The official report has come in and there was no evidence of any defects in any of the buildings. They have determined that the cause of the accident was from a Natural gas field. Nick tells Neil to find out who owns it and Neil tells him that the news reports confirm that Victor owns it. Victor reads the IST report and it says his company has followed all regulations and this is considered to be an accident.

Everyone is pointing their finger at Victor as being responsible for the accident. David tells Nikki that they know the reason for the accident. The explosion was caused my methane drilling outside of town. The Mining Company was owned by Victor.

Katherine and Cane are planning to get to Victor because of this. Katherine wants to go see Nikki in case she doesn’t know about this yet. When she gets there Nikki is happy to see her.

Victor talks to his people, and he says he wants to know who the hell was in charge of this department and he wants names. Nikki walks in and tells Victor that if he did this and if his company is responsible for putting their daughter in this hospital bed she will never forgive him for it. She says she prays to God that he had nothing to do with it. Victor tells her how dare her for thinking this. Nikki walks away.

Neil tells Victor that he has looked over the records and there everything was done by the book. Nick comes in and asks Victor to please tell him that he had nothing to do with this. He tells Nick that there was no indication that anything like this could happen.

JT is with Victoria talking to her trying to hard to wake her up. Nick listens in and smiles as he listens in. 

Nikki tells David that Victor has always tried to control everything. His business always came ahead of them. She thought about leaving him several times. She tells David that the only reason Victor bought those mineral rights was to spite her. If only she had left him before that none of this would have ever happened, her daughter would not be lying in that hospital bed fighting for her life if she had.

Cane tells JT that Victor Newman was drilling and that caused an explosion not the faulty concrete, He says that Victor is responsible for his fiancé being in that bed and for him almost losing his grandmother. Victor walks in and JT asks him if that’s true, Victor tells him that they are investigating it. Victor tells Nick of course he didn’t do this on purpose. He did everything by the book. All this is because of some broken monitor and some worker not doing his job.

Neil and Katherine talk. Neil assures her that Victor’s company played by the book. He checked the records himself. He says everything was followed to the code. Katherine tells him yeah well let her tell him something, Victor loves playing God. Katherine vows to throw so many lawsuits against Victor that he will need a team of lawyers to battle them.

Victor is feeling guilty, like he should have known better. Neil tells him this was an accident and if it makes him feel any better he would have done the same thing if he were in that position.

Jan Barrett

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