Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Stephanie comes in from the store with a pregnancy test. Kayla comes out and surprises her when she didn’t know she was there. Stephanie breaks down in tears and when Kayla wants to know what’s wrong she sees the pregnancy test. Stephanie tells Kayla that she is three days late and now she is so scared and worried about STD’s  and about being pregnant. Kayla tries calming her down and gets her to go take the test and tells her they will figure out what to do for their next step after that.

While in the back, Steve comes in and throws his jacket on the sofa on top of the pregnancy test box that Kayla left there. When she comes out he is in a mood to have some alone time with his wife. Kayla tells her they are not home alone that Stephanie is there. Steve says oh ok, where is she, he wants to see her. He heads to the room to look for her when Kayla stops him, telling him not to do that.

Phillip is at the bar and a girl comes up to him looking for some fun. Phillip is not in the least bit interested though. Max talks to him about it. Phillip explains that it wouldn’t be any fun taking a girl home and asking her to help him with his prosthetic leg. Max says he doesn’t remember Belle ever having a problem with that. He says Belle is the only woman for him.

Belle meets with Hope and finds the house all decorated for the wedding. Belle questions Hope doing all this for her and when Hope asks why she wouldn’t, Belle says because she didn’t deserve it. Belle tells Hope that she loves Shawn. Hope says she knows she does but the question is does she love him enough. She can’t help but wonder why she would let that happen with Phillip if she loves Shawn that much. Hope tells her in her opinion it looks like the wedding date was set only because Shawn wanted it, not because Belle did. Hope asks Belle if this is really what she wants. If not, she offers to help her bow out, and Belle wants to know if she is offering this because she is worried about her or that she just simply doesn’t want her to marry Shawn.

Bells assures Hope that she wants to be with Shawn, she wants to marry him and then he and she and Claire can be a family. Hope says thank you and says she is sorry to have asked but she just had to know and she mentions Kayla. Belle is surprised that she told Kayla about her and Phillip and wants to know who else has she told. Belle is upset now thinking Shawn’s family will all know what she has done and be judging her. Hope defends herself saying she has kept her promise by not telling Shawn and asks Belle if she knows how hard that has been for her. Later Belle thinks about Phillip and when he gave her his private number. She calls him and tells him she needs to see him. He tells her to meet him at the office and for her to take the private elevator.

Lucas and Sami argue about Will going to Carrie and Austin. Lucas tells her he took Will to the airport and put him on the plane himself. Sami can’t understand why he would let Will go without talking to her first. He says she is always talking about her having to do things to protect her family, well that’s what he is doing now, protecting his family. She says she didn’t have a choice though. He says well that’s the way only she sees it. He hands her a note from Will that he left for her. Lucas goes in with the twins to give her some privacy while she reads it.

When she reads it Lucas comes out and Sami throws the letter at him blaming him for sending Will away. Lucas tells her that he loves those babies with all his heart but that little boy belongs to EJ. He feels he needs to protect his daughter now so he tells Sami he is calling the lawyer to have papers drawn up to get full custody of his daughter. She tells him she just lost her son, there is no way she is giving up her rights to her daughter now. He says that’s fine, then she can have full custody but only if she forgets about EJ and stays there with him.

Max is having trouble in the bar with Phillip he is drinking too much and getting drunk. Max tells Phillip he doesn’t know how lucky he is to have the things he has. He says he would have died to have them many times when he was struggling to make ends meet in times of his life. When he walks away Phillip whispers to himself that he would give all that up if only he could have Belle back. 

As The World Turns

Carly calls Jack and tells her it is her and this won’t take long. He tells her she is right it won’t and he hangs up. Parker came in just in time to hear it and Jack apologizes to him. Parker tells him it is ok, he doesn’t blame him.

Carly looks in the phone book and calls asking for Katie. She decides to go look for her instead. As she is going out the door she runs into Gwen. When she tells Gwen she is going to see Katie to offer her the money that she got from the lawyer for the lawsuit, Gwen tells her that’s the dumbest thing she has ever heard of. She tells her she can’t pay Katie off. She tells her she needs to leave Jack and Katie alone now.

Gwen tells Carly as they are walking past the diner that she has to ask Henry something and while waiting for Gwen to come back Carly sees Katie in the window of the diner hanging a sign. Katie is startled and Vienna and Henry both go outside telling Carly she is not welcome there but Katie comes out and tells them it is OK, to let her come in. Katie lets Carly know exactly what she thinks of her. After that she calls Brad and tells him she just had a run in with Carly and asked him if he could come down to the diner, she could sure use a friend. He tells her yes he can, he would do anything for her.

Brad comes in and Jack asks him where he has been. Brad tells him well Happy Thanksgiving to him too. Jack says Emma has been looking for him all morning. Jack wants to know if he was with Katie all night. Brad tells him he is not married to Katie anymore so he has no say on what she does. He says yes though he did spend the night at her place.

Cole and Aaron have an argument over Sofie. Aaron leaves mad and while walking in town he runs into Alison that asks him what’s wrong. Alison tells him he is lucky. He has the picture perfect family with thanksgiving dinner out at the farm. He tells her that his Dad and Lily are getting a divorce and after the holidays he plans to spend some time with Luke. He has to work Thanksgiving Day so Alison said she will probably be in there to see him, which he thinks is a great idea.

Cole asks Sofie what she said to Gwen when they talked. He tells her after they give the baby up he wants her and him to move to California. She asks him if they can’t afford to raise this baby then how they can possibly afford to move to California. He tells her not to worry about that, he has it all figured out.

Cole runs into Alison while Aaron is off getting her some Cider. He puts the moves on her inviting her to go with him for a drink, but Alison doesn’t know who he is. She turns him down of course and when he walks off Aaron comes up disgusted after seeing what Cole done. He lets Alison know that was Cole. She says Cole as in Sofie’s Cole? He says yes and isn’t he a piece of work. Aaron asks Alison if she can go out with Cole for that drink to try and find out exactly what he is up to, after he tells her that Cole doesn’t want the baby Sofie is carrying.

At first Alison says that’s an insult and refuses to help, but when Cole comes back and asks her again she decides to try it. They are drinking shots only Alison gets the bartender to make hers with water and she gets Cole to start talking He tells her about his plans to move to California.

At the TV station Katie over hears a recorded conversation between Brad and Carly and she hears him admit that he knew Carly wasn’t dying all that time. Katie is devastated now to hear this.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis calls Nick and he tells her that Michael told him that it would probably take a few days before they hear about her appeal.

Lauren and Michael go over the grocery list for Thanksgiving Dinner. Lauren asks Michael to please keep Gloria out of the kitchen. He says he has it covered. Kevin got Gloria to help him at Crimson Lights to keep her out of the kitchen. As they talk the phone rings. It is the courthouse letting Michael know that they have ordered a decision to be made on Phyllis’s appeal today. Lauren asks does he think this is good news. He says honestly doesn’t know.

The Warden comes in at the prison and tells Phyllis to gather all her things. She asks if she is being punished. He says no not this time. She is being released. She won her appeal. Phyllis is all excited, now she will be able to spend Summer’s first Thanksgiving with her. Michael and Lauren call Nick to give him the news but he can’t leave the hospital right now so they tell him they will pick her up and bring her there to the hospital for him.

Nikki and Victor talk to a mediator about Victoria’s condition and the need for her to have the emergency c-section in order to save her life. Nikki is against it, saying Victoria would insist on them saving the baby’s life first before hers. Nikki tells Victor all she is asking for is a few more days to give the baby a better chance to survive. Victor says all the experts agree that a c-section must be done now in order to save her life. Nikki says she has to speak for Victoria in this. She knows she would want them to do what they have to in order to save the baby’s life.

JT and Brad are in the room with Victoria talking to her. The nurse comes in and asks them to step out for a minute so she can tend to her. Out in the hallway JT wonders if Victor and Nikki have made any decisions yet. Brad says he doubts that Nikki will be able to change Victor’s mind. JT accuses Brad of not caring about anything but the baby since he seems to think the baby is his. He says Victoria can always have another baby. He thinks they should do the c-section to save her life now. They argue about the situation, obviously both disagreeing with the other.

Karen lies to Neil about Thanksgiving Dinner. She doesn’t tell him about overhearing Lily’s conversation with Devon. She just tells him she has to go home so her mother isn’t disappointed. In the meantime when Cane comes to Newman to see Neil, Lily invites him to come for Thanksgiving Dinner.  When Cane leaves to meet with Neil, Karen confesses to Lily about the reason she isn’t going to their home for Thanksgiving. She tells Lily, she understands completely. Lily tries to apologize but Karen says it is ok, and turns down Lily’s invitation to still come.

Lily talks to Devon about this and he tells her that he thinks Karen is actually good for Neil. He asks Lily if she would rather see him lonely for the rest of his life. Lily goes back to talk to Karen again. She explains to her that she just lost her Mom and it has been really hard seeing her Dad with someone new. She says but her Dad really likes her and she trusts her Dad so will she please come. Karen finally agrees to go.

Phyllis meets Nick at the hospital. Brad wants to know if the work release program allowed her to come there. She says she is free. Michael won her appeal for her. Nick comes out the room and she runs to him. They kiss and he tells her he is never letting go of her again. She says she wants to see Victoria.

Jan Barrett

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