Here it is Friday, the end of the week in the soap world. Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The Word Turns and The Young and The Restless. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Days of Our Lives

Belle gets in her car and Phillip walks up before she can take off. He tells her they need to talk and she says no. She says that she and Shawn are getting married tomorrow. He says no, that he and she love each other and they belong together. Belle tells Phillip it was over between him and her the moment he walked out on her and Claire. He says it is not over, he tells her to look at him straight in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him and he will walk away forever if she can. She can’t do it, she says she can’t because she does care about him, but she says Shawn means more to her, he always has and always will. She tells him to get out of her car. He tells her if she wants to talk to him to call him on his private number. She says she threw it away.

Roman tells Kate that he has her gun with her finger prints all over it. He asks her for one last time to please tell him the truth. She insists that it is not her gun. When she refuses to tell him the truth, Roman reads her rights to her. Roman tells her she is trying to help her there, after he admits the gun he has isn’t hers. He knows she was at the church wanting to shoot, either EJ or Sami. She finally admits that she gave the gun to Phillip and asked him to get rid of it for her. Roman wants to know if Phillip did, she says as of yesterday he hadn’t. He tells Kate to call him and tell him to bring it to him if he still has it.

Steve is busted by Bo and Shawn when he goes for the gun behind the bar. Steve tries to explain about the gun. Steve tells Bo he was at an auto parts store when EJ was shot. Bo asks what parts store, then he says he knows the owner of that store and offers to go on over there and see if they will show them the surveillance tapes. Steve then admits that he wasn’t at the parts store and that he was at the church. He says once he was at the church he thought about Kayla and Stephanie and knew he couldn’t shoot EJ, so he left.

Bo goes to the station and tells Roman about finding Steve with the gun. He tells him about Steve’s story and how he was at the church. Roman stops him and tells him that the gun Steve had was his gun. He said Steve was lying to him to protect him.

Sami holds EJ close to her. She tells him that she is just going to have to prove to him that she cares for him. She looks at him and then kisses him, shocking him. Sami can’t tell EJ that she actually loves him, but she says that she does care and after all he is the father of her son and he needs him and so does she. She tells EJ she wants him to promise her to fight to live. She needs him to fight for his son. He says he can’t promise to live forever. She says she just doesn’t want him to give up. He says she came there today and gave him something to live for. He looks forward to holding his son in his arms.

Sami tells EJ she has to go home, that the twins need her. When she comes out the room, Stefano asks her what happened in there. Sami tells him she thinks she is going to be sick. He wants to know what happened. She tells him that she gave EJ something to live for just like he asked her to. He thanks her and says he will not forget this. She says she wants him to stay away from her family now. He says as long as his son is alive and happy he will keep his word.

As The World Turns

Rosanna wakes up and says she is not going to let Meg take Paul away from her. She attempts to get out of bed on her own. Paul is out in the hall on his way back to see Rosanna when he runs into Meg. She tells him she is glad he is there, they can read the test results together. He tells her no, he doesn’t want to know. He tells her about Rosanna and how he has to go to her. Rosanna sees him with Meg outside the room, and hurries back to her bed. When Paul comes back in the room he talks to Rosanna thinking she is still in a coma and tells her he needs her to come back to him. The doctor comes in and tells Paul Rosanna’s test results. He prefers not to talk in front of the patient so they go outside. As soon as they leave the room Rosanna gets back out of bed and overhears Craig and Meg talking. 

Rosanna hides so they can’t see her, then she works her way into the office to see if she can find out the test results of the DNA test on Meg’s baby. She finds out that the baby Meg is carrying is Paul’s. Rosanna heads back to the room and has to hurry since she hears Paul and the doctor coming back in. When Paul gets to the room he finds Rosanna is awake now. He starts asking her questions and she closes her eyes. Paul starts saying her name over and over.

Meg goes with the lab technician to find out what the results are for the DNA test. She is upset when the man tells her that these test results are 100% accurate and he can only tell her who they can rule out as the father. The results here show that Paul is not the father. Apparently Rosanna changed the results before she went back to the room.

Craig cheerfully runs into a nurse at the hospital. She mentions that he is in a good mood today and he says yes he is and why shouldn’t he be, after all he is a proud papa to be. She asks if he is there to see his wife, he says no, his wife left a while ago. The nurse tells him that she just saw Meg upstairs. When Meg comes out crying Craig finds her and wants to know why she is still at the hospital and then wants to know why she is crying. He wants to know if the baby is ok.

Will put together the crib they had bought when Gwen was pregnant thinking they would have it there for when the baby they are going to adopt comes. Gwen comes in and gets upset seeing it and asks him to take it away. Will calls Barbara and Gwen tells her that she wants to meet the birth parents of the baby they are suppose to adopt.

Sofie asks Aaron if he will help her track down some information about the couple that is suppose to be adopting the baby. The attorney didn’t give her enough information to make her comfortable enough to give her baby up to them. So she wants to use Aaron’s computer to see what she can find. While they are searching Cole walks in and asks what they are doing.

Jack and Carly go out looking for Sage and finally find her at home after looking for her out at the farm. Sage tells them she left like she did to get Carly and Jack back together and she thinks it worked. Jack sits down with her and tells her that they are not getting back together. They will still be a family but just not in the way that she thinks.

The Young and The Restless

Nikki is totally against them delivering Victoria’s baby. She tells Victor that Victoria would never forgive them if they let that baby die. Victor asks her how she can even think of letting their daughter die in order to save the baby. Nikki tells him she can’t live with herself if that baby dies. Victor wants them to deliver the baby but he and Nikki can’t meet eye to eye over it. Nikki tells Nick that she knows she is risking her daughter’s life but she knows what she would want her to do. She says all she wants is a little more time to give the baby to get stronger. 

Colleen and Adrian come in at the hospital. JT tells them that Victoria’s blood pressure has gone up again and if they don’t deliver the baby they could both die. Colleen calls Brad and lets him know that Victoria’s condition has worsened. He says he will be right there. When Brad gets there, he argues with Victor about him wanting to let the doctors deliver the baby. Brad says the baby only needs a few more weeks. Brad says they should wait but Victor asks him what he would do right now if that were Colleen in there. Would he want them to deliver the baby? This gives Brad something to think about.

At the prison Phyllis tries putting together a dollhouse to keep her mind off of things. All she can think of is the results of the appeals hearing. Jana tries talking to her about it but Phyllis tells her to hush, that talking about it might jinx the verdict. A prison guard comes in and tells Phyllis they have a problem and the warden will be coming to talk to her. Phyllis asks what is wrong, what did she do wrong. The guard says they found contraband in her cell. Phyllis runs after her say not in her cell, she didn’t have anything.

JT tells Nick he wants them to deliver the baby. Nick says everyone has an opinion but no one really knows what Victoria would want. Nick goes in the room and asks for a minute alone with Victoria. He talks to her telling her he keeps expecting her to open her eyes and say “Gotcha”. He talks about things that happened when they were kids. Later in the hall Nick talks to Victor. He tells Nick that the doctors all agree that of they don’t perform the c-section immediately then Victoria and the baby both could die.

Nikki sits on the bed with Victoria and sings a lullaby that she made up and use to sing for her when she was a baby. JT wants them to deliver the baby. He says that he and Victoria can always have another baby. Brad tries to get Nick to talk Victor out of letting them deliver the baby. Nick tells him no cause he can’t imagine life without his sister.

Adrian tells Nikki and Victor about how Victoria talked about raising her son while they were trapped under the concrete. They ask Nick to tell them what he thinks they should do. Since Victor and Nikki can’t agree on what to do they need his opinion but he says he is sorry, he can’t decide on which way to go with it. Nikki asks him to please help them, they need him. He says this is too hard to decide. He knows that Victoria would put her life aside to save the baby. Victor tells the doctor to perform the c-section immediately, but Nikki says no, she will fight him on this. The doctor says in this case then the hospital will appoint someone to make the decision. Victor says no, that will take too long.

Jan Barrett

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