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Days of Our Lives

Billie tries to comfort Lucas. She tries to make him see that Sami is with EJ right now at the hospital only because she feels she has to be there. Lucas asks Billie if she can give him a name of a good lawyer. He wants to protect his daughter and possibly go for custody. After Billie leaves Lucas calls Sami and leaves a message on her cell phone. A knock at the door finds a police officer with Will. They caught him drinking with some others and since this is his first offence they re releasing him to Lucas. Lucas thanks the officer promising this will not only be the first but the last time. Will tells Lucas he still wants to go back to live with Austin and Carrie.

Bo goes to Kate and wants to know the truth about what she done with the gun she had. She insists that she threw it in a dumpster. He says they searched every dumpster within 50 miles of the church and only found garbage. She says the truth is she doesn’t remember for sure what she done with the gun, she only knows she got rid of it.

Steve goes to the pub to try and get the gun he hid behind the bar. As he was reaching for it Shawn walks in and catches him. He says he is making himself a drink when Shawn looks puzzled at him for being behind the bar. He leaves and makes a call saying he couldn’t get the gun because Shawn caught him before he could.

Sami is with EJ trying to give him a reason to live. She tells him he shouldn’t give up on life. He thinks Stefano threatened her to get her to come there. She says she hasn’t talked to Stefano. He tells her to get out of there and go home to Lucas. She says she is not going anywhere and she admits to him it’s because she cares about him. She says that she could never love someone that acts like a loser. He tells her his legs are not working and they never will.

She asks him if he is trying to make her angry. All she is asking him to do is at least try, he asks why. She tells him for his son. She gets through to EJ and he finally agrees to fight to stay alive. He tells Sami he loves her and he cares about her deeply. He doesn’t want to stand by and watch her waste her life away on half a man. He doesn’t want his son to settle for an invalid father, he says he just won’t allow it. She asks him if he would rather leave his son without a father than to ask him to help him with his wheelchair. She says she will be there to help him which EJ catches right away. He tells her to go back to Lucas.

Shawn calls Bo and asks him to come to the pub because he needs to talk to him. Bo says ok and he needs to talk to him about something too. When he gets to the pub he tells Shawn that he should never have left the station to go to the hospital to check on Claire without telling someone. He said never ever do that again. The review board will be watching all that. Then Shawn tells Bo about catching Steve and how suspicious he was acting. He says after Steve left he decided to snoop around and see if he could find what Steve was looking for and he thinks he found it. He pulls out a gun wrapped in a towel. Bo tells him that was good detective work. They can’t tell anyone about this though since Shawn didn’t see Steve put the gun there. He says that he knows of a way they can find out for sure if he did though. They put the gun back and when Steve comes back Shawn makes sure they leave him alone behind the bar and sure enough Steve heads straight for the bar. When he does Bo comes out and surprises him.

As The World Turns

Craig asks Meg what she is doing there at the hospital. She says she didn’t want to worry him, it was about the baby. He wants to know what is wrong. She says nothing is wrong with the baby. She was out and she started having some cramps and decided to get checked but Craig doesn’t fall for it. She says with his panic state that is exactly why she didn’t call him.

Paul tells the nurse that Rosanna had been in a coma for two years and now he just can’t accept that she is having a relapse. Visions show Rosanna having a dream that she is in the hallway at the hospital and she hears crying only to see it coming from Meg. Meg is crying and Paul is standing next to her telling her the baby can’t be Craig’s, it has to be his. As she looks through the window at them Meg is having the baby and Paul is swearing to be with her. In the dream Rosanna is looking through the window and suddenly they shut the curtain over it so she can’t see. She tells herself that she can’t let this happen. She wakes up in the hospital bed after that.

Jack goes to see Carly and tells her he is taking the kids back to the farm with him. Carly says she won’t let him take the kids again. She had been away from them way too long. Jack says and whose fault is that. She admits it was her fault but she needs the kids there with her now. She says she knows she hurt the kids before but now she needs time to make it up to them. He tells her he is the only one that can give them the stability that they need. She tells him ok he can have them til Thanksgiving then she wants her kids back, she says she will fight him for her kids. She says they will share custody and he tells her well good luck with that. She says she will not give up her kids. He says to do what you have to do but you are not going to win.    

When Jack tells the kids to get their things together because he is taking them back to the farm they don’t all want to go. When they come down with their stuff, Parker doesn’t have his backpack and JJ says he is leaving it so he will have an excuse to come back there. Jack sends him up to get it when he notices Sage doesn’t have anything of hers together. He tells her to go get her things but she says she doesn’t want to go, she wants to stay with her mother. Carly asks Jack to let her stay and she will pack for her and bring her to the farm in a little while. Sage tells her she can help her get daddy back but Carly tells her that her Daddy and she will not get married again. Carly leaves to go pack for Sage but when she comes back Sage is gone. She calls Jack and tells him Sage is gone so he comes back to the house wondering if this is another of Carly’s tricks. She shows him the note Sage left her. She says it is dark and she is just a little girl and they need to find her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Lily and Dusty go to a place where they all went to when they were kids. They start drinking and Dusty plays the jukebox that reminds them of a party they were at when they were kids. They reminisce about the old days. They change the song to one they can dance to and they have a few laughs. As they are dancing and laughing suddenly Lily gets sad and she says she is sorry. He asks what is she sorry about. She says because now all she is thinking about is Holden.  They continue talking about when they were kids and Dusty tells her he remembers thinking how beautiful she was. Then he kisses her and she returns the kisses. Dusty says he could tell her he was sorry. She tells him being there with him tonight feels right and she wants to be with him. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and he starts undressing her.

Holden and Bonnie go for coffee. She tells him a lot about her life and what all she has been through. He tells her that if Dusty hadn’t have been around then all his and Lily’s problems would not be a problem, then apologizes about mentioning Lily.

The Young and The Restless

Nick comes in at the hospital and asks why they are all out in the hallway. Nikki says the nurse is in with his sister. He gives them the pillow Phyllis made for Victoria, and then he asks what’s wrong. They tell him the doctor thinks they need to deliver the baby. He says with an emergency c-section it should save her life. He asks well what about the baby. They say he probably won’t survive. The doctor comes out and tells them that there has been a slight change in Victoria and it could eventually be a threat to her kidneys, and he thinks they need to make a decision right now about the baby. Nikki asks him to continue treating her for the high blood pressure. They want to give the baby every chance possible to survive.

The doctor comes back and says that Victoria’s blood pressure is still too high even with the new medication. He says they have to deliver the baby now. He says he has called in the team of doctors. Victor tells him to deliver that baby. Nikki comes back and she tells Victor that she will not let them deliver this baby now even if it means Victoria will die. She says she can’t let that baby die.

Karen tells Neil that she won’t be going home this year for Christmas because there is too much to do there at Newman. She says she will expect to be compensated by this. He tells her that her being with them will be a much needed distraction for him. This is the first year he and his family will have the Holidays without Dru.

Gloria sits and plots when Kevin comes in and asks her what she is up to. She says she is working on a new project. Kevin asks her what project. She says it is a private one. He snatches the paper she was writing on and reads, Get Jeffery a job with Jabot in Hong Kong and frame him for a crime. She finds out some personal information about Jeffery online and decides on how she is going to handle him now. She tells Kevin she is going to make him fall in love with her. She calls him and asks him if he by any chance found her compact that she lost. He says yes and she asks if she can come over now and get it.

When she gets there she asks him if he is expecting someone. He tells her yes he is. She says oh well then she won’t stay, he says well if she doesn’t then he will be drinking alone. She tells Jeffery that she has a confession. She says that she loved William very much but now she finds herself attracted to him and she is feeling guilty over it. He kisses her and she tells him she can’t, and that she has to go. He walks her to the door and after she is gone, he is just standing there, when a knock at the door comes. When he opens it, Gloria is standing there. He kisses her again and whispers to her asking her to stay the night. She says no she can’t, she only came back for the compact that she came there for to begin with.

Lily and Devon surprise Neil when they bring dinner to the office for him. Before they can sit down to eat David comes in and tells him he needs to talk to him right now. Neil goes out and asks him what’s this all about. David said he was just served with notice that Nikki’s loan was due. Neil tells him that he is in charge of Newman right now while Victoria is in the hospital and he warns David to stay away from Victor right now.

David goes to the hospital to bring papers for Nikki to sign. Victor says this is hardly the time for business. David says, oh really, isn’t that interesting. Nick and Nikki and David go to the cafeteria to sign the papers. Nikki smiles after David hands her a gift bag for her and Victoria. She tells him he is so good to her, and then they hug. Nick watches from a distance in a disturbed look.

Neil asks Lily and Devon if they would mind if he invited Karen to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Lily hesitates but Devon says it is ok with him. Lily agrees but only after Devon did. Later when Neil asks Karen she only accepts when he tells her it is ok with the kids. Then Karen over hears Lily telling Devon there is something about Karen that makes her uncomfortable. She tells him she isn’t sure why but maybe it is because she seems to try so hard to get them to like her. Karen then decides to go home instead but when she calls her Mother she finds out hey are going to the Caribbean so she says that’s fine. When she sees Neil, she lies to him and tells him she is going to go home anyway, because her mom was upset that she wasn’t going home.

Jan Barrett

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