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Days of Our Lives

Chelsea and Morgan and Stephanie try to get Cordy to face Ford in her accusations of rape. She says she just can’t do it. Chelsea tells her about how she was almost raped and how hard it was on her. She tells her how as soon as she went to the hospital administrator about the man that attacked her it made her feel a lot better. Cordy tells them all how hard it was for her parents to even send her to this school. She asks if they saw how the dean was with Ford’s father. She says he will never take her word against Ford’s. Then she says she doesn’t even know why she is telling them all this, because none of them knows what she is feeling right now. Stephanie speaks up and says actually she does. She says it wasn’t her, it was her Mom.

Cordy looked as if she was going to testify until she spotted Ford in the door. He appears to have scared her so she apologizes again and says she just can’t do it and runs off. The dean comes out and asks are they ready to start this meeting. Ford’s Father tells them that they very well can’t have a hearing without a witness so there is no sense in even having one. Morgan steps up and says well if Cordy can’t testify against him then she will be more than happy to do so herself.

Morgan is allowed to bring in four friends with her as she testifies. Stephanie was asked to go in but she said she would stay out with Cordy. Stephanie tells Chelsea not to let Ford walk. She then asks Billie if she has any idea what will happen now. She wants to know if they will tear Morgan apart with their questions. Billie says they will try every trick in the book to mess up Morgan’s testimony. The Dean sides with Ford and says there is not enough evidence against him which makes the girls angry. Chelsea says this isn’t over. She says they are all going to make sure that everyone on campus knows what Ford has done.

Colleen won’t leave Sami alone. She is telling Sami that EJ needs her there with him to give her the will to live. She can’t let him give up on living now. Sami says EJ threw her out, he doesn’t want her there. Colleen tells her that’s rubbish. It is her that he wants. Colleen asks Sami if EJ dies will she be able to live with herself. Colleen tells her she needs to tell EJ that she loves him to make him want to live. Sami says she can’t tell EJ she loves him, besides he would never believe her because he knows she loves Lucas.

The doctor’s are working on EJ and Stefano is outside waiting. He says a prayer begging the Lord to save his son. Tony walks up behind him and asks him what makes him think the Lord will listen to him. Tony tells Stefano EJ needs a father right now. Kate walks up and Stefano asks her to talk to EJ. She tells him to get Sami in there and let her do her magic. He says don’t even mention her to him, EJ is her husband yet she walked away from him. Kate agrees to talk to EJ but tells him not to blame her if he doesn’t listen.

Kate goes in and tells EJ she apologizes for flashing that gun at him and Stefano earlier. She says she was just so damn mad at him when she did it. He whispers to her that there is something he wants her to bring to him. She asks what it is. He says his Father taught him when he wants something to go after it and take it. He says he wanted Samantha so he took her. He knows now he can never make someone love him. He knows his Father is the only one he can count on now. So she goes out and gets Stefano. When Stefano comes in he asks EJ what he can do for him. EJ whispers for him to get him a gun. Kate calls Sami and tells her she needs to come to the hospital. Sami asks why, Kate says it is EJ, he is dying. Stefano comes out and tells Tony and Kate that EJ asked him for a gun. He says as God as his witness he will not rest til he finds out who has done this to his son.

Sami comes in and asks how EJ is. Kate tells her he has an infection and it’s not good. Stefano tells her he has lost his will to live. She asks if she can see him, Kate tells her to go on in, but Stefano tells her not to upset his son. She goes in and tells EJ that she is sorry that they fought, she just wants to help. He tells her to go away and she says she is not going to do that. He tells her to go be with Lucas, he is the one she loves. She tells him what if that isn’t true anymore.

As The World Turns

Holden wants to tell the kids about them getting a divorce. Lily thinks they should wait but he says no, they deserve to know. The kids are inside at the farm waiting to hear what they have to say. The kids want to know if it is Lily’s fault. Holden says they don’t blame anyone and they shouldn’t either. The kids say they will never be a family again.

Holden meets with his lawyer. The divorce papers have been drawn up, only needing his and Lily’s signatures on them before being turned into the courts. Holden hesitates signing them. He tells Bonnie that if he doesn’t sign the papers then that would mean that things would go back to the way things were before, no trust and all. So he says he has to sign them. Bonnie tells him it is stuffy in there so why don’t they go for a walk before he signs them. Bonnie comforts Holden with a hug and Lily walks up to see it, which upsets her.

Noah is called down to the police station and is told they have a box for him from his mother. It turns out to be what’s left of his mother’s belongings. He says he doesn’t want it but they talk him into going through the stuff in the box. He brings the box to Luke’s and goes through it. He finds stacks of letters addressed to him unopened. Luke tells him apparently they were sent to him but returned unopened and she kept them.

Emily calls Dusty and tells him she needs to see him. She says she doesn’t want to fight anymore. She wants to start over with a clean slate. When he sits down he asks her what she wanted to see him about. He says it is about the paper. She doesn’t think she can work with him anymore and since they both own the paper, she wants him to buy her out. He tells her that’s not going to happen. He says she can’t leave the paper, she signed a contract. She says she can sell out her part as long as it is agreed on. Dusty says yeah but he doesn’t consent to it.

Meg spots the private investigator and immediately thinks it is someone Craig hired to follow her. She goes straight to Craig and tells him this has got to stop. Craig doesn’t know what she is talking about so she explains to him what she saw. She tells him if he didn’t hire someone to follow her then maybe she just imagined this.

Meanwhile the investigator calls Rosanna and tells her he was spotted. Rosanna is upset and tells him she wants him off the case now, she can’t let anyone find out she has hired him. He tells her not to jump the gun yet here. Paul comes in and Rosanna tells him she got up early because she had a headache. He wants to call the doctor but she assures him she will be fine. She asks him to go to the Pharmacy and pick up some medicine for her. Craig goes straight to Rosanna and asks him why she hired someone to follow Meg. He wants to know the truth. The investigator tries to get Rosanna to keep him on the case. She says no he is fired. He tells her to at least listen to this before she decides to fire him. It was a call of Meg calling Paul trying to get him to meet her at the doctor’s office. She is supposed to get the results of the DNA test. But Paul tells her the baby is not his and not to call him again and hangs up. Rosanna still insists that he is fired. She says she will handle it from now on herself.

Paul meets Meg at the hospital and Meg tells him the fact that he is there only tells her one thing, no matter how much he denies it. She tells him she knows now he wants this baby, and he may as well quit denying it. When Meg leaves to have the test done, Paul turns around and sees Rosanna standing there. She starts asking him questions about what is he doing there, and she tells him she knows about Meg. Then suddenly she looks dizzy and she passes out. As Paul tries bringing her to a few on the hospital staff see and go to help. They want to know what happened and he tells them she passed out. They get her to a room so they can examine her. Rosanna is not responding to anyone. Paul tells the doctor about her being in a coma for two years and the doctor says they need to run some tests but she just might be having a relapse.

Lily runs into Dusty and tells him that she and Holden are getting a divorce and she just saw him with another woman. Dusty tells her well it is over with him and Emily too. So he asks her if she wants to get out of here and she says yes. She says though she would rather not go up to his room. He says he has a better idea, to follow him.

The Young and The Restless

Jack and Sharon are about to go to Phyllis’s appeals hearing but Sharon tells Jack she wants to go to the hospital instead if he doesn’t mind. They have found out that the baby is only 22 weeks along and if they have to deliver it then he won’t survive. Sharon sees Brad at the hospital and he becomes unglued. He is freaking out worrying that Victoria is going to lose the baby. He tells Sharon that Victoria wants this baby so bad, and God just can not take him from her.

JT sees Colleen at the coffee shop and she asks about Victoria. JT tells her that they say the baby is only 22 weeks old. Colleen asks what does this mean. He said well that betters the chances that the baby could be his. He is so worried about Victoria. He says before this he would have given anything just for the baby to be his but now he just wants Victoria and the baby to both be OK even if it isn’t his.

Victoria’s blood pressure is still too high. The doctor’s are really concerned about it. Nikki seems to be losing it yet she is trying so hard to be strong for everyone. Victor comes in and asks Nikki if she wants to take a break. She says no that’s ok, she says she was just telling Victoria that she is going to have to teach her grandson how to play the piano. Nikki tells Victoria that the baby is growing nicely inside her. JT comes in with Colleen and they bring Nikki some coffee. They talk her into going for a walk so when she comes out she tells Victor she is going to the cafeteria. He is on the phone with a specialist that specializes in fetal survival. Every doctor he talks to tells him that 22 weeks is not enough time for a baby to survive.

Colleen goes with Nikki to the cafeteria. She brings Nikki some more coffee and asks her if she wants something to eat. Colleen tells Nikki that after the fire and when she was in the coma, she was gone a very long time herself. She says her family willed her back with their prayers. Nikki tells her that Victoria willed her back too. She stood by her side a long time praying for her to come back.

Nick goes to Newman and sees Phyllis. When he walks in and closes the door behind him she hugs him, then they kiss. He asks her if this is a good idea for them to be doing this. She says as she locks the door, no this is a very bad idea, and then kisses him again. Then she unlocks the door. She gives Nick a pillow she made for Victoria.

At the courthouse Daniel talks to Heather begging her to understand that his mother is not a bad person and that she doesn’t deserve to be in prison. Heather doesn’t respond. She just sits there. Daniel calls Phyllis from the courtroom so she can hear what’s going on in the courtroom. Michael speaks to the judge on Phyllis’s behalf while Daniel hides his phone from the judge. The judge decides to take a 15 minute recess and when they come back Daniel is spotted with his phone in the courtroom. The judge orders Daniels phone to be confiscated and he is escorted out of the courtroom. Daniel tries to explain but the judge doesn’t listen. The decision of the appeal is now in the judge’s hands, all that’s left to do now is to wait on his decision.

The doctor comes in and checks Victoria’s blood pressure then asks to speak to the family out in the hallway. He tells them that her blood pressure is higher now than before and they need to deliver the baby now or she might die. They say it is too early. The doctor says he is sorry but there is no other answer. Victor tells him to give them a few minutes to decide, so the doctor say ok but he needs an answer very soon, that they can not wait much longer.

Jan Barrett

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