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Days of Our Lives

Chelsea and Morgan are worried that if Cordy changes her mind about testifying against Ford that he will get away with rape. Ford antagonizes the girls while waiting on the Dean to call them in. Billie has finally had enough and she tells him if he speaks to any of these girls again then she will personally kick him out of there. Just as she says that Ford’s father walks in and tells her if she does that then she will lose her job. Then he announces that he is Ford’s father and also his attorney.

Chelsea can’t reach Cordy on the phone but she finally walks in the door. Billie asks for a few minutes with Cordy before going in. Billie tells her that she looks scared and asks her if she is OK. Cordy says she can’t do it, she can’t testify against Ford. Stephanie has flashbacks of what had happened to her.

Lucas goes to Kate and tells her he wants the gun he gave her when she faked being attacked. She tells him she doesn’t have it anymore, that she got rid of it. He tells her he wants it back to be sure the cops can’t trace it back to him. She finally tells him she gave the gun to Phillip. She admitted to him about her pulling the gun on EJ at Stefano’s so she got scared and wanted to get rid of the gun. Lucas tells Kate to tell Phillip he wants his gun back. She says it’s probably too late, then Lucas says well maybe Phillip has done him a favor then. Kate thinks Lucas shot EJ so she tells him if he did she will do whatever it takes to cover it up for him.

Sami goes to see EJ at the hospital and he wants to know what she is doing there. She says she wanted to see him. He asks her if she has heard about his diagnosis. Sami said she was worried that he wouldn’t make it. When she asks what she can do to help him, he says she can leave, she says no she isn’t going anywhere. She tells him she is sorry about the pain he is going through. He says that’s odd coming from someone that vowed to make his life miserable. He tells Sami she is off the hook. He knows she has a teenage son and two young babies at home to take care of. She doesn’t need to have to take care of a crippled man for the rest of her life too. He tells her to go home to Lucas. He says he will talk to Stefano and tell him this is what he wants. Sami tells him not to give up. He tells her he has nothing left to live for. She says wrong, or has he forgotten about his son. He refuses to look at the picture of his son. Then he tells her to get out.

Sami goes home to Lucas and tells him she won’t be going back to ICU. She tells him EJ is dying and he has given up. Lucas asks why she cares. She tries to explain to him that if EJ dies then they will never be safe. She tells him that Stefano would come after Johnny and rip him away from them and his sister, and then she asks him if that is what he wants. Lucas goes to check on the babies, when Colleen appears to Sami and she tells Sami that she was right, that she is the one that needs to give EJ the will to live.

Kayla questions Steve about his where he was the night EJ was shot. He says he was at the auto parts store to get a fan belt. She asks did he buy one, he says no they didn’t have one. She asks did he order one and he says no then he asks why all the questions, doesn’t she believe him. She says yes she does but Bo will want proof of where he had been that night and a receipt from the parts store would have been proof. Kayla reminds Steve of the night they got married and how he vowed to never lie to her. Then she asks him point blank if he shot EJ. He tells her he did not shoot EJ and she asks if it’s because he was at the auto parts store and he says yes. She says fine that’s all she wanted to know. He says fine then he will go warm up the car. When he walks out he thinks back of shooting his gun in the church then running out.

Stefano goes to EJ’s room and tells him that Samantha just told him that he turned her away and wants to know if that is true. He tells EJ that he is not the first one to be crippled and he must not give up. He says a DiMera would never give up that easily. EJ started having some sort of convulsions and Stefano keeps asking him what’s happening while a buzzer goes off.

As The World Turns

Jack admits to Carly that he does love her. He tells her what he has been through since she told him she was dying and now that she didn’t tell him the truth when she found out it can’t be forgiven. He says right now seeing her in this dress and standing at that altar, the last thing he feels for her is love. She says she knows it’s a lot to ask of him but she thinks they can go on together and get past this.

Carly tells Jack they had made so much progress and they had gotten so much closer that she just didn’t know how to tell him the truth. She said she tried so many times. He tells her it would have just taken three little words. He says he went to bed every night praying for the miracle that he didn’t even believe in. He said he ruined his life because of a liar. She says it wasn’t all a lie. The doctor’s did tell her she was dying. He asks if she wants him to feel sorry for her. She said she would like for him to understand what she went through. He figures out now what the kids meant when they said everything was going to be OK now and she admits that she did tell them in her own way so they wouldn’t be worried about her leaving them again.

Carly insists that she knows he loves her and she loves him. He walks out of the church and gets into her car. Carly follows him and stands in front of the car begging him to forgive her saying she is sorry and she will do anything to make it up to him. He puts the car into reverse then takes off leaving her standing there.

Brad is with Katie. He convinces her that she is a single woman now and she is free to do what she wants. He tries getting close to her and they almost kiss but Katie pulls back before it happens. She says they can’t do this. He says we can’t do what? She says almost kiss. They decide to have an indoors picnic. Katie calls down for dinner and a bottle of wine. Katie says her neck is hurting so Brad offers to give her a massage. She tells him yes that’s the spot. A knock at the door makes Katie think that it is room service so she says come in. When the door opens it is Jack. Katie is shocked. Brad says he will give them some time alone and cancel room service. When he leaves Katie notices that he doesn’t have his ring on his finger. He tells her he didn’t do it, he didn’t get married. She says she knows that Carly lied. He asks if she was going to let him marry Carly without telling him. She tells him she was at the church and she heard what he said to Carly so she didn’t think it would matter. She tells him that he can’t come back to her just because he found out the truth.

When Jack leaves he goes back to Carly’s. She tells him he came back home. He says only because he had to get his things. She tells him the kids are there if he wanted to talk to them. He says no he will talk to them tomorrow. She says she loves him and she knows that he loves her. When he starts out the door she tells him he has walked out that door lots of times and she has always chased after him to get him back but if he walks out this time she won’t go after him. He tells her that losing her was something he didn’t think he could take it, but now he swears to God he wishes he never had to see her face again, then he turns around and leaves her standing there.

Barbara hires an attorney to handle the adoption of Sofie’s baby for Gwen and Will. She pays him a huge retainer to make sure that Will and Gwen never know where the baby came from and to make sure Sofie never finds out who is adopting the baby. She calls Cole and tells him she is with the attorney and they need to meet with him about the adoption. Cole tells Sofie their attorney called and has found a couple to adopt the baby. They meet with the attorney. When the attorney shows Sofie a picture of a couple he claims will be adopting the baby she says she can’t do this. Cole goes after her and talks her into it again.

Gwen and Will have JJ and Parker and Sage. Will comes in with pizza for them but the kids aren’t so excited because it only reminds them of what was going to be served at the reception.

Alison is working at the hospital now and she went to call in a patient only to see Sofie there. She is surprised to see Sofie back in town. After Sofie goes in to see the doctor Alison sees Aaron walk in and she puts two and two together figuring he is there for Sofie. After they talk she realizes he didn’t even know she was in town. Then Aaron tells her she looks good in her nurse’s uniform.

The Young and The Restless

Paul tells Michael and Lauren about him telling Heather that he kidnapped Sheila and Michael accuses him of being selfish. He says he has put them all jeopardy.

Gloria is about to go through Jeffery’s room when Kevin calls her to warn her that he is on his way up there. She scrambles to get to her phone and drops the key to the room inside the door and the door shut on her when she answered the phone locking her out. When Kevin tells her to get out of there, she hurries over to the elevator and pretends to be just coming in there. He asks her what she is doing there. They make plans to get together later for a drink and she is planning on him inviting her to his room so she can search the room.

Gloria gets Kevin to agree to knock on Jeffery’s door at a certain time and tell her an emergency came up, he asks what emergency, she says she knows he can come up with one. Later they meet for drinks and she manages to get Jeffery to invite her back to his room. She tells him he has a lovely room. When she turns around he kisses her. She goes to the restroom and calls Kevin and tells him to come quick. She gets Jeffery to wash wine glasses saying they were dirty. While he is in the bathroom doing that she searches the room and finds a note that William sent to Jeffery saying if something happens to him don’t let her get away with it.

Daniel tells Amber that Heather turns out to be human after all. He tells her about how Heather broke down and cried when he apologized to her about his outburst over his Mom. Amber says that’s a plan to get something from him. He says he don’t think so since he has nothing she would want. He sees her at the coffee shop and decides to ask her about his Mom. He tells her in the four years he has known his Mom he knows she is not a bad person. Heather is surprised to hear that he cares for her even though she didn’t raise him. She leaves and then she calls Paul and tells him they need to talk and that she will meet him right now at the Athletic Club.

Lauren goes to talk to Heather. She explains how it was so hard for her to leave her apartment cause of the panic attacks. She tells her that no matter how much hell it was for her to be trapped in the collapse in Clear Springs, she wanted her to know that that was nothing compared to the hell that Sheila put her through. She tells her that Paul saved her life by doing what he done with Sheila literally. She tells her that Paul is really a good man. Heather says a good man would never abandon his own child.

Heather chews Paul out for others knowing about him being her father. She tells him about Lauren and Michael going to her about them. Paul explains that no one else knows, that Lauren is his ex wife so naturally she knows. She asks if she has any brothers or sisters. He says she has a half brother, Ricky. She wants to know where he is. He says in Los Angeles living with his grandparents. She asks if he knows Paul is his father and Paul says yes, they have a rather good relationship. She tells him she is not going to prosecute him. She says she doesn’t have any evidence, but she tells him to tell Michael that she plans to do to Phyllis what she can’t do to him at the appeals hearing tomorrow.

Jan Barrett

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