Today starts another week with the soaps. So here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Stefano tells Roman that if his son dies there will not be a Brady alive that will not suffer. Stefano wants Roman off the case, but Roman tells him he has already offered to step down but was told no.

Bo and Hope discuss the suspects he has for the shooting. Roman comes in and they mention to him that Bo seems to think Kate could be a suspect and Bo wants Roman to help him check her out but Roman thinks Bo is off base suspecting Kate and refuses to help him. He says he will not go behind Kate’s back and spy on her, but if they get a warrant to check her apartment then he will abide by that.

The doctor tells Stefano that one of the bullets that hit EJ is lodged into his spine and when he wakes up he will be paralyzed. He tells Stefano that he needs to find someone that will give EJ the will to live once he finds out what he has to face. EJ wakes up and talks to Stefano. He asks if the wedding really happened. Stefano tells him yes, he and Sami were married. EJ is confused and says he can’t remember anything. He tells Stefano that he can’t feel his legs and Stefano explains to him what the doctors said. He wants to know if Samantha knows and Stefano says no. Then EJ asks Stefano to leave him alone for a little while.

When Sami gets to the hospital Stefano tells her that EJ is paralyzed and may never walk again. He tells her that their truce is as fragile as her infant babies are.

Sami tells Lucas that if EJ dies then Stefano was going to come after the Brady’s. He tells her then they will have to fight back. Sami tells Lucas how she can’t get it out of her mind at how EJ fell into her after he was shot and his blood was everywhere. Sami wants to call the hospital and Lucas sees her finger with EJ’s wedding ring on it still. Lucas wants her to remove the ring. He thinks they should get her marriage to EJ annulled and then they remarry. Sami says they can’t do that. She tells him that EJ wasn’t the only target in the shooting. Apparently she was suppose to be shot too but was missed.

Phillip brings the gun that Kate asked him to get rid of to her and tells her he can’t figure out a place to get rid of it at. She assures him it has nothing to do with EJ being shot but Phillip is not so convinced. She wants him to throw it in a river, or bury it or put it on a Kiriakis plane to take it out of the country, anything just get rid of it. Kate tells him she bought the gun on a black market and she bought it for protection.

He wants the truth from her about the gun or he is turning it over to the cops. She tells Phillip that she did go to the church and she was planning to shoot EJ but then she said she started thinking about who she hated the most, Sami or EJ. She said the gun went off but as soon as it did she heard other shots from somewhere else also. Phillip says well she doesn’t really know if she hit EJ or not. She says no she didn’t, and he asks how she can be so sure. She says because she was aiming at Sami. Phillip agrees to take care of the gun.

As The World Turns

Outside the church Carly asks Jack if he is sure this is what he wants. He tells her that it is what she wants and that’s all that matters to him. She says she needs to know it’s what he wants but he tells her he is there now because it is the right thing to do. Carly says ok let’s go inside then. Before Jack follows her he notices someone sitting in a car on the road and he says it is Katie, and he runs after her. He comes back and says who ever it was left before he could catch them.

Katie goes to the farm and finds Brad there. She sees he is packed and ready to leave. She tells him he can’t leave her now. He puts his arms around her as she cries.

Lily talks to Carly before the wedding starts. She begs her to please tell Jack the truth. She says if he finds out on his on he will end up despising her. She says she is keeping this from him because she is so desperate to marry the man she loves and she just might end up losing him forever instead.

Meg asks Paul for some hair samples so she can get a DNA test done on the baby. But she starts with a cramp and suddenly Craig shows up and asks her if she and the baby are ok. Meg assures him that the baby is ok as she looks at Paul. Later out in the hallway at the church Paul hands Meg a sample of his hair and tells him when she gets the results, she doesn’t need to call him and he walks away. The private detective that is following Meg reports to Rosanna about Meg coming in for the DNA test.

As they are about to say their wedding vows Carly stops the wedding. She tells Jack she needs to talk to him first. She says that she suddenly realized that if he was the one that was sick she would be so hurt. She then confesses to Jack that she is not dying after all. He asks her to repeat that and she says the doctor’s were wrong, she is not dying. Everyone celebrates and Jack kisses her. Rosanna asks her is this is what she meant the other day when she told her everything was going to be OK.

Jack asks, the other day? How long have you known. Carly says she will explain all this to him after the wedding. He doesn’t want to go on until she answers him. She finally answers for a while now. Jack asks Rosanna to take the kids out of there so he can talk to Carly. He asks if it was before the trip to Montana. She tells him since the night Katie told him she wanted her distance. She says she tried to tell him several times but she just couldn’t. Jack tells her then all this time and talk about a miracle happening was all a set up since she already knew she wasn’t going to die. Carly tells Jack she knows he still loves her and he says how can he now that she has lied to him over this.

At the farm Holden and Emma walked in and Holden tells Lily about Carly knowing that she wasn’t dying all along. When Emma walks out the room Holden asks Lily if she knew about this and Lily admits to him, that yes she did. Holden asks her how come she didn’t tell him. She says because it wasn’t her secret to tell. He starts to get mad and accuse her of still hiding things from him when she stops him by telling him too bad, this time she kept a friends’ secret.

The Young and The Restless

Nick tells Phyllis about the new condition they claim that Victoria might have. They aren’t sure if it is what she has since he doesn’t have all the symptoms. They are worried about the baby. They think he is too small to survive if they have to deliver him now. But if Victoria’s blood pressure doesn’t stabilize they might have to induce labor.

Nikki comes in while JT is talking to Victoria to tell him the doctor wants to talk to them about Victoria. Victor has donated a new machine to the hospital that they can use to check on the baby and tell more about Victoria’s condition.

Jeffery calls Gloria and asks her to join him and Kevin tells her to stay away from him. He says the man is dangerous. Gloria says she can’t, she is going to beat him at his own game. Jeffery pockets a small recorder into his jacket pocket. When Gloria meets with Jeffery he tells her he is thinking about buying some land in Genoa City. The subject of William comes up and she mentions the cream he gave her that William had sent him. She says she uses it everyday for the memory of William. Jeffery seems surprised that she uses it. While talking Jeffery’s phone rings and excuses himself to answer it. As he walks away Gloria needs a pen and looks in Jeffery’s jacket pocket for one and she finds the recorder, on! He comes back and says he forgot his pen but Gloria hands him one.

Abby visits and Brad and Colleen tell her about Victoria and the accident. She tells Brad she would like to go see Victoria. Nick comes in and tells Brad about the news from the doctor. He tells Nick Abby wants to go visit Victoria and he wants to know if he thinks it would be a good idea. Phyllis comes in and shocks Brad when he sees her. She tells him she is on a work release program and she was there to stay.

David talks to Nikki and she tells him even though she knows Victor is really responsible for this she can see him doing everything he can do help Victoria get well. He says it must be hard for her to be around Victor. She says no it isn’t at all. She can see the pain in Victor’s eye.

Kevin brings some food from the coffeehouse for the family of the victims, and he sees JT. Kevin wants to know where everyone is. JT tells him about the test they are doing on Victoria and how the baby might not survive if he is born now. Kevin is very sympathetic and let’s JT talk to him. Kevin gets a text message from Gloria telling him that Jeffery is taping her. Kevin goes home and asks Kevin why Jeffery is taping her conversation with her. She wonders what he has to gain by it and wants to know what he is up to. She tells Kevin she is going to test this cream out herself. Before Kevin and stop her she puts some of it on her wrist. She says all she feels is a little tingle maybe. Kevin asks if it is getting worse and she says no. She gets no reaction to the cream. The only thing she can figure out is that Jeffery kept the real cream so he can toy with her over it.

Victor and Nikki are trying to grab a bite to eat while they are treating Victoria. They talk about the baby and how they are planning a future with their grandson. Victor speaks of buying him horses and giving him riding lessons.

Brad brings Abby to the hospital to see Victoria but they have to wait til the doctor is done examining her. Brad tries to calm her down since she seems really nervous. He tells her if she has changed her mind about going in that it is ok but Abby says no, she still wants to see her.  When the doctor is done they bring Abby in to see Victoria and she talks to her telling her she loves her and gives her a picture she drew for her.

The doctor comes out and tells them he wants to upload his findings with the other doctors before telling them anything but said he will get back to them as soon as possible. When the doctor comes back he says he thinks the baby will not be able to survive outside the mother’s womb since his lungs were not developed enough. They need about another 2 weeks inside the womb to develop its lungs and they are going to do all they can to protect the baby and his mother. 

Jan Barrett

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