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Days of Our Lives

Morgan is feeling sick. Ford is pretending to care. Ford takes Morgan and sets her on the bed once she is passed out after drugging her. He says she is looking hot and he knows that she wants it.

Max notices Ashley all upset. He goes after her to find out why. He knows that she had been hanging out with Ford earlier. She finally tells him that Ford got a little rough with her and she just wants to forget it now.

Cordy is confessing everything to Chelsea and Stephanie about Ford raping her. Stephanie goes out looking for Ford. Nick tells her that Morgan drove him home. She says oh no, Morgan can be in big trouble, cause she just found out that Ford raped Cordy. Chelsea asks everyone at the party if they know where Ford lives. No one answers but one guy tells her to check his website and maybe someone would recognize his room from his web cam. Chelsea asks, He has a web cam? And then tells the guy to give her the website or she will kick his ass.

When they get it they can see him with Morgan on his bed. As they watch Ford covers the camera with something so they can’t see but they can still hear. Jett and Max are on their way over there. Morgan wakes up groggy asking what is going on and Ford tells her that everything is ok, she just had a little bit too much to drink and she should go back to sleep. She falls over and goes back to sleep, from the drug he gave her. He is about to unhook her bra when Max storms in yelling for him to get the hell off of her, and then he and Ford start fighting when Jett comes in and grabs Ford. Ford yells for them to wait til his Dad hears about this. Max covers Morgan on the bed with his jacket.

They need to get a statement from someone that Ford has attacked in order to hold Ford in custody. Cordy says she can because he raped her, he is the campus rapist. Cordy decides after all this not to leave school. She tells Stephanie it was because of her and Chelsea, that she changed her mind.

EJ and Stefano are furious when Kate tells them that the twins were left with Kayla and Steve. EJ runs out the door to go see them and Kate tries to stop them til Stefano holds her back. He tells her that EJ has the right to see his own son. Kate says to let go of her. He tells her to stay out of matters that don’t concern her. Kayla and Steve won’t let EJ in to see the baby. He goes back to Stefano’s and tells him about it. Stefano calls a judge friend of his and tells them that it is about a custody order. When he gets the order, they go to Steve and Kayla’s only to find that the place has been quarantined, no one is allowed in or out.

In Santa Domingo while Sami is sleeping Lucas finds the letter from EJ telling her the DNA results from the twins. Sami comes up to him and sees the papers in his hand. He looks at her and asks her just when she was going to tell him about it. She tells him she just wanted this one last night with him to be special. Lucas is not happy.

As The World Turns

Jack spies on Brad and Katie together. Brad had picked Katie up and she was telling him to put her down. When he does she slaps him and he pretends that she hurt him. She tells him he is such a big baby. Brad takes Katie back to the farm where she is reminded of her wedding to Jack and she breaks down and cries. She later apologizes to him for breaking down but she just can’t seem to help it. Brad tells her to cry or do whatever she wants to with him, he will always be there for her.

Rosanna and Paul are talking before their wedding. Paul says this is the most important night of his life and he wants to marry her right now. He kisses her. Then he says the next time they kiss she will be his wife and he will be her husband. They go off to get dressed and ready for the wedding.

Carly asks Jack where he went. She didn’t think he was going to make it back in time. He apologized. She says he went looking for Rosanna but she was back way before he was. He shushes her as Rosanna comes out in her wedding gown.

Rosanna walks up to Paul and the ceremony begins. The priest asks if anyone objects to the joining of these two in matrimony. No one speaks, but Paul thinks about what Meg told him. Jack and Carly repeat their statement that Rosanna asked them to read during the ceremony making Jack think and Carly is hoping it will be making him think of her. Then Paul says his speech to Rosanna. Rosanna pulls her hand back. They ask her if she is ok. She is silent for a moment and then she speaks. She talks about how everything was so dark for so long and when she opened her eyes she saw Paul there for her. She says there is an unbreakable bond between her and Paul. She says after tonight, no one, past present or future will ever come between them again. They then repeat their vows and exchange rings and they are pronounced husband and wife.

After the wedding Carly can see Jack has something on his mind so she asks him if she is going to have to drag it out of him. He admits to her about seeing Brad with Katie. Carly tells him he seems almost jealous about seeing Katie with Brad. Jack says maybe he is. Carly calls Brad and tells him about Jack seeing them and he says good. She says that’s not good, she wanted this wedding to make him think about her and remarrying her, not of memories with Katie. She asks Brad to find a way to get Katie to go out of town for a few days. He tells her that Katie just mentioned something about going out of town. Carly says good, Brad says no not good, because he wants her there with him. Carly tells him well then go with her.

Brad tells Katie maybe her going away wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. He speaks of a few places that would be nice to go on a vacation. Katie stops him and tells him that it doesn’t matter because he is not going with her. Brad says she does want him to go with her, to think of the ratings, and besides she is happier when he is around because he makes her laugh. She says this is true but she needs to do this by herself.

Barbara goes to the cemetery after the wedding with flowers in her hand from the wedding. She goes to where Hal is buried and talks to him about the wedding. When she leaves she runs into Iris. Iris tells her she got a new lead on a baby. Barbara asks her why would this interest her, and she says because it’s going to cost her. Iris tells Barbara that her son got his girlfriend pregnant and for the right amount of money she is sure they could arrange for Gwen and Will to raise the baby.

Meg lashes out at Craig for trying to run her life. He tells her she is pregnant with his child and he just wants to make sure she is ok and that the baby is ok. She tells him he doesn’t own her or the baby, that he can not tell her how to run her own life. He tells her the one thing he wants from her is that she be a better wife to him. He says he thought marriage is supposed to be about compromise. She says of course it is. He says then how comes she can do anything and everything she wants to do and that’s suppose to be OK but him wanting to make sure she is ok is wrong. He says he is only trying to make sure he never loses her, that’s why he acts like he does when he comes home and finds her not here.

The Young and The Restless

Paul comes into the hospital room as Nikki is brushing Victoria’s hair and Victor is talking to her. They go outside to talk. Paul tells him that the one person that could probably give them some answers is dead, talking about Joe the foreman. However he has managed to find out a few things about Joe. He had apparently been involved in some construction theft before and a few other illegal things but he had covered himself fairly well. Victor tells him to be do what he can to find out more.

Jack and Sharon talk about this so called evidence they have with the dog hair. After hearing that it hasn’t been determined just where the dog the hair come from they try figuring out just who would be a suspect here. Jack comes up with Victor’s name, after all he does have a dog about the same color and he knows for a fact that Victor went to Ji Min’s room mad.

Cane tells Katherine that he knows for a fact that everything in that garage was ok with the exception of the cracks that JT found just before the collapse. He is feeling so guilty thinking that somehow all this could be his fault. He gets Paul over there so they can discuss this. Cane tells him that they are having a meeting at Newman and they need something to tell them.

Phyllis is enjoying the work program. She says 8 hours a day is better than 24 hours a day in the prison. When she sees Nick at work she finds it so hard to keep her hands off of him but she tells him if they risk it and get caught then she will lose these privileges.

Gloria asks Kevin if she can go with him to the prison to see Jana. He is reluctant to let her but Gloria tells him that after the ordeal at Clear Springs she has looked at life differently and she would like to make peace with Jana. She knows he is in love with Jana and wants to try and make things better between them. Jana mentions to Kevin and Gloria about the Chaplain and about Phyllis talking to him about Jack Abbott. Gloria tells her that she knows Jack would have never left him out of his Will. She just knows that Jack forged that Will.

At a meeting at Newman, Katherine and Cane and David and Jack and Neil discuss the Clear Springs incident. They ask why JT, a private investigator, was hired with the construction crew. Cane says the man needed a job but then was advised to tell them the truth. Cane comes forward and admits they hired JT to help them find out about the theft on the construction site and how they suspected things weren’t being followed by code so they were investigating it.

Jack goes to the hospital and sees Victor. Victor asks about Noah and Jack says he is ok and then asks Victor how Victoria is. Jack tells Victor that it might not surprise him but he was now a suspect and he tells him about the dog hair. Victor says that doesn’t surprise him since Jack was the last known one to speak to Ji Min before his death. Jack tells Victor that he will probably be the next suspect, and Victor asks him what he is talking about. He says well the dog hair is from a Golden Retriever and he happens to know he was also at Ji Min’s hotel room with his dog too. Victor says for his information when he went up to Ji Min’s room and knocked on the door, no one answered so he never got to talk to the man. Jack tells Victor point blank, that he did not kill Ji Min.

Devon and Phyllis are working together. He asks her if there was any more news about the Clear Springs deal. She says well there are some rumors and he asks what kind of rumors. She tells him there is word that it could be sabotage against Newman and that it could be connected with the sabotage of the Newman plane going down too.

David tells Nikki when he calls her that it is confirmed now that there was substandard concrete used at Clear Springs and they are waiting on the final reports for it. Nick is furious and tells Nikki then that means that Katherine knew about this. She defends Katherine by saying lets not jump to conclusions. He says Katherine is a shrewd business woman and if he finds out that she and her company knew anything about this he is going to sue them for everything they have for being responsible for putting his sister into a comatose position threatening her life.

At the Chancellor Mansion a man comes in and announces to Cane and Katherine that they now know what caused the collapse at Clear Springs.

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