Well for some unexplained reason Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless was not aired here in Calgary today. I suppose it could be because of the holiday weekend. So I can’t give an update about them today but here are todays updates for As The World Turns and Passions.

As The World Turns

Holden shows Luke the newspaper about Dusty shooting Cheri and they tell him that they heard Dusty threaten her before at the hotel. Maddie tells Holden that Lily was there when it happened. Luke asks Holden what’s going on between him and Lily but Holden tells him not to worry about it. Holden confronts Lily about Dusty and they argue. Lily tells him to go to the party and she will meet him later. He asks her where she is going and she tells him she is going to the police station to post bail for Dusty. At the police station Lily tells them she wants to post bail for Dusty.

Lily sees Carly in a dress that use to be Jack’s favorite on her, so Lily tries talking her out of doing whatever it is that she is doing. Carly says she is just going to a party which she was invited to. She confesses to Lily that she just knows Jack will come back to her and she just knows that Jack will never marry Katie. Lily tells her she needs to accept that Jack is in love with Katie now.

Katie and Brad argue over Brad stepping in and watching Carly for her while she was gone. She says she specifically told him not to, that she doesn’t have to worry about Jack and Carly now. Jack barely notices Carly in her seductive dress which upsets Carly. Sage tells Carly Katie asked her to be the Flower Girl in the wedding. JJ tells Carly she is a bit overdressed for a BBQ.

Jack and Katie thank everyone for coming to the party and then Jack gives a long speech about how he found Katie in his life. He surprises Katie with a gift, it is a watch which doesn’t fit her wrist. Katie assures Jack it is ok and goes inside to put the watch back in the box. As soon as she walks away Carly goes straight to Jack but Jack practically ignores her. Katie tells Carly this has to stop.

Noah’s Dad goes to meet Henry and Vienna since his son and Henry’s sister are moving in together. While they are talking Maddie walks in and doesn’t see him, until Henry tells her they have company. She needs Henry to co-sign for the new apartment. Meanwhile Noah and Luke talk and once again Noah denies to Luke that he is gay. Maddie walks in and asks what did she just walk in on and both say nothing but she doesn’t buy it. She tells them both this time she wants the truth.


Fox tells Esme that she and Vicki are welcome to stay at the mansion for as long as they want to. She tells him he is her hero then kisses him on the cheek. After talking for a while, Fox takes Esme into his arms and kisses her. Just about then Vicki wakes up upset from a nightmare.

Alistair tells Pretty he is sorry for the things he said to her earlier in the library. He is reeling her into his control by telling her what she wants to hear. She tells him she will do anything he asks of her but to himself he tells Pretty to put a bag over her face. Out loud he tells her Fancy is dead to him now. And that she is his granddaughter. Pretty hugs him, as Alistair thinks to himself for her not to put her scarred face on him. Alistair asks Pretty if she wants to get revenge on her sister, but Pretty seems to have a change of heart. Alistair tells her not to fall for Fancy’s act. He tells her he thinks Fancy needs to be punished and after thinking of it a few minutes she agrees. He says good, then he is going to tell her how to do it. He takes Pretty to a secret room that Pretty has never seen before. He wants her to call Fancy and get her to come home, and that way as he says it, she can get the little Bitch that ruined her life.

Eve gets drunk at the bar thinking about Vincent being dead because of Sheridan. Sheridan has Spike in a grip telling him she wants the truth about Marty, but then suddenly they hear sirens. They hear Sam’s voice and Sheridan let’s go of Spike and he runs off. Sheridan tells Sam that Spike ran off in the opposite direction from where he really ran off to. Sheridan starts to explain what happened when Eve walks up and she tells Sam that Sheridan killed Vincent and she wants her arrested for it.

Eve lashes out at Julian for his family doing what they have done to her family. Then she tells him she hates him and all the Cranes but cries on his shoulder.

Theresa is sure that Ethan is waking up and they can finally be a family with the kids.  Rebecca reminds Pilar that Theresa is not Ethan’s wife that she is Alistair’s. She says when Ethan wakes up he is going to hate Theresa for keeping his son from him all this time. Rebecca calls Gwen and tells her Ethan is about to wakeup and that Theresa told him he has a son and she needs to get back there before she loses Ethan. Gwen tells her she can not come.

Theresa tells Ethan once again that he has a son and that she hopes he is not mad at her for keeping this from him She takes his hand and tells him if he can hear her and if he can forgive her to please squeeze her hand. He squeezes her hand and she is so excited.

Jan Barrett

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