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Days of Our Lives

Phillip tells Belle the plane is about ready to go. He is excited about finding his son hopefully. Belle tells him she has to be back by 6 to pick up Claire but she confesses she didn’t tell Shawn she was going with him to Tulsa. She said she is putting it off until the last minute so there will be less time to fight about it.

Hope tells Shawn he needs to tell Belle the truth about him no longer having a job. Shawn tells her he has decided to join the Police Academy and this upsets Hope. She begs him to please talk to Belle so he finally agrees. Belle shows up to let him know she is going away for the day with Phillip but before she can he tells her his Mother is going to babysit that night so he could take his fiancé out for dinner. She admits it sounds good but not tonight because she has plans to go to Tulsa.

Kayla leaves Pocket with Steve while she goes to the hospital to check on Benjy. Steve is nervous but Kayla tells him she has faith in him to be able to handle it. Not long after she leaves Pocket starts crying leaving Steve at a loss as to what to do next. Hope shows up at the door and finds a frantic Steve with the baby crying.

Lexi and Kayla wait by Benjy’s bedside hoping he will wake up soon. They came up with a new antibiotic that Kayla thinks will speed up his recovery. As they sat there talking Benjy’s eyes open.

As The World Turns

Rosanna tells Paul she doesn’t remember everything but she remembers panic about the night of her accident. Craig was angry enough to kill her that night. Rosanna calls Carly to let her know she is back. Carly heads to Rosanna and while talking Carly wants to know if Paul has been totally honest with Rosanna about everything.  Rosanna says yes except she thinks there is more to it about Meg and asks Carly what all does she know about Meg.

Carly and Jack are watching videos of the kids with Jack and when Carly steps out the room a knock at the door gets Jack up to answer only to find Katie there. They kiss and Carly walks in and finds them. Back at the farmhouse Jack asks Katie to please marry him, like now!

Carly gets a call from Jack. She asks him if everything is alright. She wasn’t expecting to hear from him again so soon. He tells her something did happen that’s going to change everything and he was hoping he could meet her back at the house to talk about it. She is all excited assuming that this means he and Katie have broken up. Jack meets Carly at the house with Katie and they announce that they have decided to move the wedding up and they are having a get together tonight to make the announcement and they want her to be there.

Cole brings Sofie flowers as a peace offering and he apologizes to her for blowing up at her about meeting with Gwen. Later she runs into Gwen and finds out that Gwen has had a miscarriage.

After a night of lovemaking Craig tells Meg that he loves her. This throws Meg into a whirl and she gets out of bed and pulls away from him. He tells her he can’t help but wonder why she suddenly decided to give herself to him like she did after all this time. He thinks it was her way of trying to forget Paul. Meg tells him finally that she pulled away because she just wasn’t ready to say she loves him. She hugs him and then whispers to him that she really does love him.


Another messed up spell of Kay’s leaves everyone’s heads floating. She tries fixing the spell and Endora refuses her head to go back to her shoulders, Tabitha’s and Kay’s are back to normal but Edna and Norma’s heads are switched to the wrong body’s.

Luis finally convinces Fancy he wants to be with her. They end up in bed together with Alistair watching from the door. Alistair thinks to himself that Luis couldn’t be more wrong, he will never be with his granddaughter, because he will be dead. Pretty walks up and finds Alistair out there. Alistair tells Pretty that its not Fancy’s fault that she is a trader, he feels that it is Luis’s fault for corrupting her mind just like he did to Sheridan.

Hanging on the side of the cliff Spike and Vincent are holding onto Sheridan’s hands. Spike tells her to pull him up and he will help her find her son Marty, he is alive.  Julian and Eve show up. Sheridan is wondering if Spike is telling the truth. She must save him to find out. She loses Vincent and he falls. Eve and Julian won’t help Sheridan pull up Spike since she let go of Vincent instead of Spike. Julian finally helps her pull him up but they blame Sheridan for letting go of Vincent.

Pilar meets Theresa at the hospital and finds out Alistair is alive. Theresa fills her in on how Alistair poisoned Ethan and how he killed Chad. Paloma can hardly believe this news. The nurse seems to think that Ethan can hear anything Theresa says to him right now so that should mean he knows now that he is little Ethan’s Father.

The Young and The Restless

Nikki has a meeting with Katherine and agrees with her that they have to stop Ji Min from going public about Jack. Nikki tells David that Ji Min is a problem for them, she could lose everything.

Amber calls Katherine to tell her that Ji Min stole the money from her. Amber says he saw her burying the money and she had a $100 bill that she got from him that was part of the money. Katherine tells her she isn’t interested and for her not to call her number again and hangs up. Katherine later finds Amber and tells her if she can prove Ji Min took the money then that would make her very happy.

Katherine tells Jill if she got Ji Min to keep quiet about Jack to the press that she will reinstate her in her will. Jill is surprised but tells Katherine she can’t dictate to Ji Min what he can or can’t do, but later she tells Ji Min if he changes his mind about going to the press it would make life a lot easier for her.

Nick comes down asking for the liquid aspirin and says Summer is running a little fever.  They check her temperature and it’s a little over 100. Nick asks Daniel to take Phyllis to the prison so he can take the baby to the doctor, but Phyllis says she will not leave her baby while she is sick and then takes Summer upstairs.

The doctor comes and checks Summer and says she will be fine. It is hard to tell with children but it could perhaps only be a slight cold causing the fever. She tells Phyllis to calm down that Summer is a strong little girl, she will be fine. When she leaves they think ok now they can take Phyllis to the prison but still she refuses to go and tells them all to just leave her alone, then she runs upstairs. When Michael gets there to get her he says the Judge refused to extend her time to check in and Phyllis locks the deadbolt lock in the bedroom and won’t let anyone in.

Jan Barrett

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