Here is what happened today on my favorite soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Lucas tells Bo to go look for Sami but Bo says he will come find him first. Sami and EJ are stuck in the steam room and things are getting heated up pretty bad for them in there.

The doctor tells Stefano that they have found another donor for him, thanks to his nephew. Stefano see his Father again and tells him to go away and leave him alone leaving the doctor puzzled wondering who he was talking to. Stefano is still seeing his father. His Father tells him his work here is not done so he can not die.

Benjy goes missing from Bo and Hope’s house. Steve goes hysterical blaming himself for leaving him alone and runs out the door to look for Benjy.
While Hope and Bo and Kayla are on the phones looking for clues as to where Benjy went, Steve walks in wanting to talk to Bo with a bag in his hands. Kayla takes the bag and finds a bloody shirt which was the shirt Benjy had been wearing. Bo finds out that a homeless man found Benjy’s body down by the docks in a dumpster alive but barely. He was wrapped in a bloody sheet.

Bo stops the doctor from taking Stefano into surgery and asks him where they got the donor. Then Steve walks in and takes the liver and swears that he will flush it before letting them give it to Stefano.

As The World Turns

Lily tells Holden about what happened at the hotel when Cheri was killed and she confesses to him about her taking Dusty’s gun and bringing it there with her. Holden takes the gun and tells Lily there is only one thing to do and that is to turn it over to the police but Lily tries to stop him but fails. Holden hands Margo the bag with the gun in it. Lily says its not Dusty’s fault but Dusty takes the blame and Dusty tells the truth about what happened. Just as Lily is about to leave the police station Margo gets a call from ballistics, the bullet removed from Cheri is from Dusty’s gun so Margo places Dusty under arrest for murder.

Jack tells Carly he would like to go see a movie. She tells him Sage is away for the night and the boys could look after themselves but Jack is talking about seeing a movie with the boys not just her. Brad comes in and she tells him to offer to take the boys to give her some time alone with Jack. The plan backfires on Carly and Brad and the boys end up in the same movie theatre as she and Jack are in.

Meg runs into Meg in the hotel Lobby while Craig tricks the hotel clerk into finding Rosanna’s room number and shows up at her door.  Paul leaves Meg in the Lobby as he goes back up to Rosanna only to find Craig in the room with her. He tells him that it may come as a surprise to him but Rosanna already knows he had feelings before for Meg. Rosanna tells Craig she will testify against him. Paul tells Rosanna he will never let Craig hurt her again and that he will never let anyone take her away from him again.


Esme and Fox watched a movie together. Fox asks about Vicki and wonders why she doesn’t talk. Esme tells him her sister’s husband use to be really rich. Fox wants to know why Vicki is there then, and she says Vicki doesn’t know yet but her sisters husband, Vicki’s Father, lost all their money then killed his wife, Esme’s sister, and then killed himself.

Vincent and Spike meet together by the docks. Spike tells Vincent he has a list of names that Alistair gave him that he wants dead and they have to do it. Vincent shocks Spike by grabbing him and kissing him but Spike pulls away and tells him he doesn’t play that way. Spike looks at the new list he has from Alistair and finds Vincent is on the top of his list.

Gwen makes Rebecca have second thoughts about eating a chocolate éclair  that she got from the hotel after telling her that she wouldn’t trust any food that Alistair has been around because he just might want them dead too.

Alistair is choking Theresa when Whitney and Chad walk in and stop him. Alstair pulls a gun on them all when they try calling for help for Ethan and tells them he thinks he is going to just kill them all.. After a struggle for the gun Chad gets shot by Alistair. Security heard the gunshot and came in and Alistair escapes. They call two ambulances for Ethan and Chad. Chad tells Whitney he loves her and then passes away.

Luis catches up with Fancy and tells her he is not going to let her go, that he loves her and there is no such thing as the Crane curse. Luis carries Fancy to her bedroom and talks her into seeing things his way. As they fall on the bed together Alstair is watching from the door and saying Luis has to die.

The Young and The Restless

Heather talks to Amber about offering her a deal she thinks she can’t refuse. Amber tells Michael that Heather asked her to testify against Kevin and Daniel and she would cut her a deal. Michael blows up over this news. Amber tells Colleen that if they can’t get the money to pay back the government that they will not get out of the trouble they are in and Colleen tells her that the guys have their money. Amber is shocked and asks how, she tells her Daniel got the money from his mother and Kevin is getting his from his mother.

Amber has no one to get her share from. She asks Gloria to loan her the money for her share and Gloria refuses. She then talks to Colleen and Colleen accuses her of hiding the money and hoping to testify against Daniel and Kevin so she could get a lighter sentence then have the money for herself after. Amber remembers the night she buried the money and remembered Ji Min possibly seeing her. At the coffeehouse she runs into him and cleverly comes up with a plan to get a $100 bill from him to check the serial numbers to prove if he took the money she buried.

Phyllis and Nick and Daniel plan a day together for her last free day. She calls Noah and asks him if he would like to spend the day with them. They spend most of the day playing basketball and after they are back to the house, Phyllis tells Noah they could check to see what visiting days at the prison is so they could all go visit her and Noah tells her that he won’t go to the prison to see her and runs out.

The doctor finishes with Jana and thanks Kevin for his help and for not passing out on them during the surgery. Kevin asks him if he thinks the operation was a success but the doctor doesn’t want to discuss it in front of Jana. Later in the recovery room Kevin is talking to Jana when suddenly she starts speaking. They are all excited because they now know she can speak.

Jan Barrett

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