Here is todays events on the soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Lucas locates Sami in the steam room but the door is chained locked so he has to get something to cut the lock. When he gets the door opened he finds Sami leaning over EJ. Sami talks Lucas into giving EJ CPR so he won’t die and Lucas saves EJ’s life. Lucas tells Sami he is worried about her and EJ.

Steve is holding the liver Stefano needs for the transplant. Bo has no warrant to hold the evidence back but Steve will not give it up. He holds a bottle of bleach over it threatening to pour it all over it, when Bo knocks it out of his hand and the doctor takes off with Stefano into surgery. Bo tells Steve he has an idea and Steve likes the look in Bo’s eyes.

Billie tells Phillip that he needs to bring a woman with him to the Women’s Shelter to look for Lauren and the baby and have her pretend to be Lauren’s sister. She suggests he asks Belle to go with him. When he asks Belle she accepts right away without bothering to ask Shawn.

Max warns Shawn that he just might be out of a job soon because he might lose the shop. Shawn doesn’t understand so Max confesses the story to him. Shawn decides to hold this news back from Belle until he knows for sure what’s going to happen with his job.

As The World Turns

Will comes in from his business trip only to find Alison with Gwen. Alison tells Gwen she is going to go and give them some time alone, and when she leaves Gwen tells Will that she lost the baby. Later Alison runs into Barbara and is told to stay away from Will and Gwen. Alison tells Barbara that Gwen lost the baby.

Rosanna wakes up screaming for Paul. He was on the phone and went rushing in to see what is wrong. She says she woke up and didn’t know where she was, she was all alone. She asks him not to leave her alone anymore.

Craig tells Meg he resents Paul for how he has made her feel about herself. He said he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. As they are about to eat breakfast Paul and Rosanna come in announcing that they have come to take back what belongs to Rosanna. She wants them out of her house. She tells Craig she is taking her life back and she will make sure he pays her back for every dollar he took from her. Meg explains to Rosanna what happened the day that Paul went over the cliff.

In a hotel later Craig tells Meg no matter what Rosanna and Paul take from him they can’t have the one most precious thing and that was her, They hug and Meg tells him she really wants to be his wife in everyway, right now. She starts to undress.

Rosanna starts using the phone to call Carly and suddenly she remembers about the night of her accident.


Vincent is begging Spike not to kill him Just as he is about to pull the trigger Sheridan comes up from behind him and stops him telling him she is not going to let him kill her nephew. Sheridan escapes with Vincent from Spike. They are driving of in the car and  Spike is following them but as she tries going faster the car starts cutting out. It is running out of gas. Vincent panics and grabs the wheel and they crash the car but they get out the car before Spike gets to the car.

Spike chases them down by a cliff and just as he is about to pull the trigger Sheridan offers him more money than her father has to make him stop. Thinking she got somewhere with him Spike grabs Vincent and they both fall and are hanging on the rocks and Sheridan tries to pull them both up. Spike tells her to save him and he will help her find Marty and tells her he didn’t die in the train wreck. He is alive.

Two ambulances show up for Ethan and Chad. Whitney tells them to fix him, to get his heart beat back that she knows they can do it. Ethan has a pulse but it is very weak. Theresa blames Gwen on this all. At the hospital Whitney finally comes to terms with accepting that Chad is dead and tells Theresa that she should go in and tell Ethan before he dies about him being little Ethan’s father or else she will never be able to live with herself. Then suddenly they start yelling from the room where Ethan is that they are losing him, with a beeper going off. They get him stabilized for now. The doctor tells Theresa he is ok for now but is not out of danger. Whitney pushes Theresa more to go tell Ethan the truth now. Theresa tells Ethan and Ethan whispers to himself he has to live now, he has a son.

Tabitha and Edna and Norma find Kay in the attic looking for something special for her wedding. They walk in as she runs across a floating talking head. Tabitha tells her she needs to quit using her magic because she doesn’t know how to control it, she needs more practice, but Kay doesn’t listen to her. Kay is determined to do it her way and places a spell only to end up tearing her own hair up into a mess.

The Young and The Restless

Nick grills burgers on Phyllis’s last night home. Phyllis gets visitors to tell her goodbye, including Jack and Victor. Jack tells her that he is going to miss her. Noah walks in and asks Jack if he can go home with him. As they are leaving Phyllis asks for a hug and Noah tried going out without it but she stopped him. She whispered to him that even though he thinks he hates her she knows better and that she loved him very much even if he never visits her in jail. They walk out the door and Noah comes running back in hugging Phyllis.

Amber shows Daniel the $100 bill she got from Ji Min then tells him about her suspicions about Ji Min having the money she buried.

Jill and Ji Min plan to go public about Jack buying out Jabot from Katherine. Katherine then goes to Victor about it to warn him but Victor isn’t as upset about it as she thought he would be.

Victor calls Jack to let him know about Ji Min’s plans. Jack visits Ji Min and Jill and Ji Min tells him he has a lot more to lose than he does.

Sharon comes in and finds the dog whining at the door inside the closet. When Noah comes in she asks him why she locked him in the closet and he said it was to punish him for doing something wrong. He says Phyllis is going to jail for doing something wrong so the dog should be punished too.

Jan Barrett

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