Well its time for another week of my favorite soaps. Here is what happened today on Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, Passions and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Lucas is with Andre holding a gun in his face. Lucas tells him he wants the folio but Andre says no and then hits Lucas with the gun then kicks him. Andre knocks Lucas out and drags him off hiding him when he hears Sami calling for Lucas. He ties Lucas up and puts him in the car with blood all over his face.

EJ stabs Roman with the syringe with the sedative then runs out only to get stopped in Stefano’s room by Bo, and gets handcuffed. EJ pleads with Stefano to give up Andre but he refuses. Just as Bo comes in to take EJ to jail, Stefano gives in and tells them Andre is at the health club to meet Kate to get the folio for him.

EJ manages to escape and heads for the health club to save Sami. As he is looking for Andre Sami gets impatient and goes looking herself only to be cornered by Andre. He locks Sami and EJ up in the steam room which is really dangerous for the babies. Bo and Roman also make it to the health club but Roman is still feeling the effects of the medicine in the syringe.

Stefano is lying in his hospital room where he starts dreaming thinking he sees his Father. He has a chat with him. As his Papa disappears, the doctor comes in trying to give him oxygen he tell the doctor “The end is here” with a deep laughter. At the same time Andre is saying the same thing with the folio in his hands.

As The World Turns

Gwen tells Alison she is ok, it’s just been a stressful day and as Alison starts to leave Gwen doubles over in pain. Alison gets Gwen to call the doctor. When the doctor doesn’t call back, Alison calls her mother to come check her. Susan tells her she needs to get to the hospital immediately because she is cramping bad and she is bleeding, she may have lost the baby. Later back at home Gwen refuses to call Will to tell him she lost their baby.

Craig is in shock when he sees Paul and Rosanna. He tells her he was just told that she woke up and recovered and that was wonderful news. She said she remembered some things of her own and asked him if he was really happy to see her. He says of course he is happy to see her, then asks Paul how did he survive the fall over the cliff. Meg walks up asking Craig why he didn’t get a table and when she see the shock on his face she turns around and sees Paul standing there and passes out.

Dusty wakes up after being drugged and finds the place a wreck and Cheri dead on the floor with a gunshot wound and his gun lying on the floor close by. Margo tells Dusty to meet him at the station for some questioning, after he tells her he was walking down the hall and heard a gunshot only to find the woman lying on the floor dead. At the station they do a search on Dusty and she tells him he has now become a suspect since the only fingerprints in the room were his and Cheri’s. Margo decides to hold Dusty for 24 hrs and advises him to call his lawyer.


Fancy tells Luis she is guilty of what her sister has accused her of even though there is an explanation. Luis tells her he loves her and she says she can’t be with him because she is a Crane and all the Crane’s are evil.

Theresa is yelling for help as she tries to wake Ethan up when Alistair walks in and surprises her. He tells her Ethan is dead and he knows this because Ethan ate the strawberries with the poison in it, but he didn’t mean for Ethan to eat them, it was meant for her. He wants her dead now and grabs her throat and tells her she can take her last secret to her grave.

Tabitha scolds Kay for using her magic and messing things up. She tells her that she doesn’t need magic to make the life for her and Miguel good. Meanwhile Miguel thinks he is going crazy and talks to a psychiatrist.

Endora turns Tabitha’s kitchen into a circus and the doctor sneaks in and sees it all. The monkey jumps on the doctors back scaring her and she runs out and tells Miguel he is not the one that’s nuts that its them and this house is nuts, then runs out.

The Young and The Restless

Jana is preparing for her surgery. Kevin and Colleen are going to be there waiting for her.
When the doctor tells her he will give her time to say good bye to her friends she gets hysterical thinking he means she will never see them again and tells everyone she can’t go through with the surgery. Kevin talks her into doing this and agrees to go into the operating room with her. As Kevin is showing Jana the cards during surgery and something goes wrong.

Phyllis is scared. Today she should receive the judge’s decision for her sentencing. Nick is there for her and wants to make love to her an hour before they are to be in court.

The judge orders Phyllis to stand to hear her sentencing.  The judge orders her to serve 6 years in prison. Michael asks for her to be allowed to stay free on bond pending her appeal and the judge denies it. He orders her to turn herself in to the Genoa City Police by 4:00 tomorrow evening.

Noah stops Brad at the courthouse and tells him he knows what he has done, that he is online a lot and read everything. Sharon walks up to him and he yells out to her about her having sex with Brad while married to his Dad and while Brad was married to his Aunt Victoria. He says they are all guilty and why does Phyllis have to be the only one to go to jail. At home Phyllis is with Daniel and Summer and the baby says Mama bringing more tears to her eyes.

Jan Barrett

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