Another week of the soaps are over, here is what happened in today’s episodes. 

Days of Our Lives

Jeremy tells Max that they have almost all the girls rounded up that they smuggled in to fly them out tomorrow night. Max tells Jeremy that they need to go to the cops after they get the girls out.

Lucas and Sami are in the athletics club trying to “fit in” while waiting on Andre to show. Lucas goes out to find something to wear to make them fit in better and as soon as he leaves Andre walks in.

EJ is in the hospital ready to give his piece of his liver to Stefano. The doctor brings Stefano in and he asks EJ how proud of him he is and this needs to be done only if he has no doubts or fear. So he looks directly and asks EJ if this is the case. Roman gets a call confirming that EJ is going to go through the surgery to save Stefano.

Roman and Bo interrupt the doctor from giving EJ a sedative telling them they have a warrant for EJ’s arrest for a number of outstanding parking tickets. Bo leaves to tell Stefano leaving Roman with EJ alone. EJ tells Roman to turn around while he puts his pants on and notices the syringe the doctor left with the sedative, giving him an idea. After he gets dressed EJ stabs Roman in the leg with the syringe.

Sami and Lucas messed up getting their hands on the folio at the athletics club from Andre. Andre ends up getting away. Roman orders Sami to go home or he will place her under house arrest, but she tells Lucas Andre couldn’t have gotten out without them seeing him and that he was still there, she could feel it. Sami spots Andre and Lucas goes after him only to end up finding a gun in his face with Andre holding the gun.

As The World Turns

Iris goes to Gwen and Gwen tells her that whatever she and Cole are planning they can give it up right now. Gwen wants to know why is Cole her responsibility. He left her when she was a child so she wants nothing to do with him.  Alison goes to Gwen’s house to talk to Will but Gwen tells her he is gone. Gwen makes it clear to Alison that she can’t deal with her right now since she has so much on her plate. Suddenly Gwen doubles over in pain.

Meg tells Craig that the reason she can’t wear the wedding ring is because of Paul. She explains about the ring so Craig fixes it by going to the jeweller and buying a new ring.
Neither of them know that Paul and Rosanna are on an airplane heading home. The doctor calls Craig telling him to remove his wife without their consent was a huge mistake, of course Craig knows nothing about what he is talking about. With some fast thinking Craig tells Meg he wants the two of them to go off somewhere together for a real honeymoon. This is his clever way of getting out of town before Rosanna shows up.

Lily tries to stop Dusty from meeting with Cheri but he doesn’t listen to her. He tells Lily he is going to make sure Cheri stays out of their lives. Dusty goes to see Cheri and she has this little innocent act on. She offers a truce by pouring him a drink. When he turns the drink down she plays the poor act that she needs a drink and asks him not to make her drink alone so he accepts the drink. Cheri tells him that 50 grand would help her gets started in another town and he said he is sure it would but she won’t get it. She says well she will just have to stay in Hopedale and he says in jail if he has anything to say about it. Cheri says to trust her he won’t and then Dusty drops his glass and starts to collapse. Lily tries calling Dusty but when he hears his phone he looks and sees Cheri lying on the floor dead.

Craig is trying to find out who was posing as him at the hospital with Rosanna and is frustrated because he can get no answers. He looks up and in comes Paul and Rosanna leaving Craig speechless.


Norma and Edna spy on Tabitha with Endora and say they can’t tear that beautiful girl away from her home.

Fancy tells Luis she knows why he came back to look for her, that he wants to tell her it is over between them now that he heard Pretty’s side of the story. She tells Luis she still loves him and good bye but he tells her he still loves her and she will never lose him.

Theresa once again tries to tell Ethan the truth but with her hesitation Ethan talks her out of it. He wants them to have their wedding night to remember as a good memory and says she can tell him what she has to tell him tomorrow.

Gwen tells Rebecca its not fair. She has waited too many years to get even with Theresa and she is not going to let Alistair’s threats stop her from getting her revenge. Rebecca begs her not to because Alistair will kill them both if she tells Ethan the truth. Gwen doesn’t care and goes to knock on the door but Alistair stops her. He tells her Theresa will not end up with Ethan and she will not end up with anyone, then he admits he had room service send the strawberries and he arranged for them to be filled with poison. Ethan ending up eating all but one of the strawberries saving the last one for Theresa but she doesn’t want it now. She says she will save it for later.

Theresa finally got the courage to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan and when he doesn’t respond to her confession she turns around only to find him sleeping on the bed.

The Young and The Restless

As they come out the courtroom ready to leave Neil walks up. Phyllis asks the others to give her a few minutes to talk to Neil. She tells him she meant what she said on the stand about being sorry. Neil tells her she is some piece of work. Sharon goes to Neil to try and explain why she said what she said on the witness stand about Phyllis. Neil admits to Sharon that what he wants is revenge, he wants to see Phyllis suffer because his wife is gone now.

Nikki feels good about herself for what she had to say at the hearing. Devon thanks her for her words, and she says she only hopes that what she had to say will make a difference to the judge. She hopes the judge will make his decision based on facts and not emotional feelings.

Nick and Phyllis invite Michael and Lauren over for what could be their last dinner if Phyllis is given jail time. Phyllis tells Daniel that she is giving him access to her savings account if she gets sentenced to jail and wants him to take $250,000 to help with expenses to help his case. Phyllis makes a video reading a book for Summer.

The doctor has managed to work Jana is for surgery which he wants to do tomorrow. He informs her that she will be awake during the procedure but he guarantees her that she won’t feel anything other than maybe a little pressure. As they are preparing for the next day Kevin sits with Jana and suddenly she has an attack and the nurses have to be called in.

Well it looks like we are going to have to wait to get the judge’s decision folks.

Jan Barrett

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