Here are today’s updates on my favorite soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Nick is at Hope’s house with the kids discussing them with her and Chelsea comes down and answers the door where Jett is waiting for her to head to the beach. Chelsea tells him to let her go get her bag and Nick asks her what’s going on. She looks at him and says they are going to beach and did he have a problem with that. Chelsea tells Nick she is not good enough for him so she has to let him go but Nick says he loves her.

Stefano asks Kate on the phone to go meet Andre to get the folio. Andre can’t go to him for obvious reasons and the folio contains material for only his eyes so he needs it. With Lucas and Sami listening in they get Kate to agree to help Stefano. Sami talks Lucas into letting her go meet Andre and promises to be careful.

Lexi tells Stefano that she has no intention of risking her life to save his by giving him a piece of her liver. He asks her if she wishes him to be dead. She says she wishes she didn’t but yes she does, because she knows that when he dies there will be one less piece of evil on this earth. EJ is going to be tested to see if he is compatible.

As The World Turns

Paul and Rosanna talk and he tries to keep her calm but she gets frustrated trying to remember things. Paul finally tells Rosanna about Jennifer when she threatens to call Craig and ask him what’s going on. Rosanna thinks its time Craig knows she is awake now. She tells Paul she wants him to take her back to Oakdale but Paul hesitates and Rosanna wants to know why.

Meg and Craig show up at Carly’s door to see JJ and Carly stops them. She tells Meg that she wonders if Craig ever told her about the night Rosanna was run off the road and put in the coma. Jack has a change of heart when Parker tells him how Craig was at the farm checking on them while Jack and Carly was gone. Meg tells Jack Craig has been good to her. Later Craig asks Meg to wear her wedding ring and Meg stops him saying she can’t wear that.

Sofie calls Gwen and asks her is she could talk to Cole and maybe give him some himts on how to gets started in the music business. Gwen agrees and goes to meet with them only when she gets there she sees that Sofie’s boyfriend is her brother and she asks him what is he doing there?


Theresa was about to tell Ethan the truth just as someone knocks on the door. Ethan opens the door. It was room service delivering Champagne and whipped cream and chocolate covered strawberries.

Gwen knocks at a door and blurts out that Theresa lied to him about Little Ethan only to find a stranger answering the door. oops wrong room. Just as they find the other honeymoon suite, Gwen is about to knock on the door when from behind someone grabs her arm to stop her from knocking. She turns around to see who it is only to find Alistair standing there. He tells them if one breath about Little Ethan is said they will both pay with their lives.

Luis tries to wake Sheridan only to find blood from her neck. Eve comes in to check Sheridan and she is ok. They hear a gun shot from the Mansion and they all run off to see what’s going on. They walk in and find Fancy and Pretty fighting over the gun. Luis breaks them up and holds Fancy back and then Julian holds Pretty back.

Tabitha and Endora find Norma handcuffed to the bed with Edna standing next to the bed with goggles on and a torch in her hand. Tabitha tells them she will not allow this in her house. Edna says she is only giving Norma a Brazilian Wax.

The Young and The Restless

Nick tells Phyllis he is not going to divorce her even if she does get the maximum sentence and tears of the custody papers she already signed giving him full custody of Summer. Lauren tells Nick that she may not always agree with Phyllis with business but she is really a great person.

Brad testifies against Phyllis at her sentencing hearing. Next up is Nikki and her testimony doesn’t seem to help Phyllis at all. And then next it is Neil Winter’s turn. In his testimony he accuses Phyllis of being responsible for his wife’s death and the judge rules that part as irrelevant. They call Lily in next, even though Michael objects. She looks directly at Phyllis and tells her she will never forgive her .

Daniel on the other hand testifies on his mother’s behalf bringing tears to Phyllis’s eyes. Just as he gets down from the witness stand Nick shows up and wants to testify. He tells the court she is a good woman and he is proud to call her his wife.

Phyllis testifies and apologizes to each one that she hurt and brings a few tears. The judge asks her if she needs a few minutes but she said no , then she pleads with the judge to please don’t punish her daughter by taking her away from her. As a surprise witness Sharon walks in with Noah who wishes to testify for Phyllis. Then Sharon gets on the stand and surprisingly tells the judge she doesn’t think Phyllis should go to jail. With that the judge orders a recess while he makes his decision.

Jan Barrett

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