OK here is what happened in todays episodes on my favorite soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Shawn and Belle argue over moving out of Phillip’s. Shawn calls Phillip over to try and get him to admit that all he wants is to break him and Belle up so he can have her and Claire all to himself but of course he denies it and manages to turn things around to blame Shawn for everything. Phillip tells Belle he won’t let them take Claire away from him.

Shawn asks Belle what did she tell Phillip and she says she told him that they will be moving out into a room above the Pub, but under one condition. The condition is if they move out that he lets Phillip spend time with Claire. At first he doesn’t like it but she insists and they agree not to make any more decisions without discussing it with each other first. With that she leaves to go to Phillip’s to pack.

Julie reads the letter to everyone. It goes back to Colleen telling young Shawn of the chances of him going to America. Colleen and Santo argue about his feelings for her. Santo tells Colleen she has to choose if she wants to be with him or not and as she walks towards the door she shuts it and turns around and they embrace into a kiss. They are interrupted as thing get heated up between the two of them by a knock at the door.

As The World Turns

Alison tells Will and Gwen that the video is real, that it really happened..

Luke was just about to tell Maddie about Noah but when he sees Noah’s father standing there he changes his mind.

JJ and Carly and Jack get home with Sage and Parker there to greet them. As the kids go off for cookies Katie walks in and hugs Jack and he tells her he was hoping she would be there. Carly tells Katie she might want to loosen her grip there that Jack is still hurt. He says he is ok and takes Katie outside. While out there talking a news crew shows up to interview them about the abduction of JJ. Jack doesn’t think it’s a good idea for now but Carly seems to think it’s a perfect time for it. JJ gets all excited about being on TV thinking about what the kids at school would say about it.

Jack follows Katie back to the farm and asks her why she left so fast. She said she thought he needed to spend some time with his kids. He said well they need to be together too and talk about the wedding. She says “About that, maybe we should put a hold on that too”. Brad tells Katie that was the biggest mistake of her life.

Aaron and Sofie talk about the video. Aaron wants to be there for Alison but she won’t answer his calls.  Sofie suggests he be there for Alison when she is ready for him. Alison tells Dusty she has a message on her phone from Aaron but is afraid to answer it. As Alison walks away Cheri comes up from behind Dusty gloating.

Cheri is so anxious to show Dusty the video on the laptop. He tells her to give it up cause she can’t hurt Alison or Emily anymore. Cheri says “Oh no” and turns away.
Alison finds Dusty and she tells him about the video being online. Dusty threatens Cheri when she says he can’t do anything to hurt her,


Pretty tells Sheridan that she has changed, that she isn’t the sweet person she once knew. And now she feels anger at Sheridan for using her to get back at Fancy. As Luis is calling out for Fancy she hides from him to keep from facing him.

Alistair is fuming mad after hearing the news that Little Ethan isn’t a Crane. He is yelling so loud that Julian and Eve can hear him and realizes its coming from Vincent’s cell so they run to check it out. When they get to the cell Vincent is gone with the door left open. They chase down a guard and report it.

Pretty later finds Fancy in Alistair’s study and they argue once again. Fancy tells Pretty that she has won, that she no longer has anything left and for her to get out. She tells Pretty that she hates her. Pretty apologizes to Fancy and fancy doesn’t accept it from her. Before they can settle anything to their shock Alistair walks in.

While preparing for what she expects to be Luis knocking at her door she answers the door in her sexy nightgown thinking it is Luis only to find Vincent at the door. He tells her he is there to kill her.

Gwen is holding Ethan and Theresa from leaving for their honeymoon by telling them she wants to give them her wedding present for them. Whitney tells Chad it looks like Gwen is going to ruin this all for Theresa. Just as Gwen is about to tell Ethan Whitney interrupts and suggests they all break out the Champagne and makes a toast.

The Young and The Restless

Jana’s doctor tells Kevin the surgery is scheduled in two weeks. Kevin is not happy with this, since the doctor had already told him they need to do surgery as soon as possible. Kevin calls Michael for help.

Nikki and David end a meeting with David saying breakfast in bed would be nice next. Later Nick asks Nikki what’s up with her and this David guy. Nikki just says “I’ll get back to you on that”

Jill and Ji Min discuss their new business they are planning to start together. After a discussion with Katherine, Jill decides to go talk to Jack about Ji Min hoping to prove her mother wrong.

Katherine tells Michael she wants Jill taken out of her will. She wants to make sure Ji Min can’t get the family’s money. Michael tries to talk her out of it to keep from destroying their mother daughter relationship. Katherine signs the new will.

Adrian wonders if he should warn Brad about him revealing his identity in his book but Colleen disagrees. She tells him her father would stop it from being published faster than he stopped the job in Paris for him.

Janette Barrett

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