Well here we go again for a new week of the soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea comes in and finds the kids with Nick. She tells Nick if he brings those kids home with him he can count her out. She is tired of him putting everyone else’s happiness ahead of theirs.

Shawn tells Belle he has finally found them a place of their own. Belle doesn’t like his idea. She doesn’t like living above a Pub even if the rent would be free. So she refuses to move. Shawn tells Belle if he doesn’t go over and tell Phillip that they are moving out then he is going to do it himself. He tells Belle to please don’t choose Phillip over him.

Jeremy comes clean with Stephanie about his business. She finds out what he is doing is also putting her into danger and tells him he Dad was right, Jeremy is nothing but a crook. Then Jeremy works his charm on her by telling her he loves her.

Max and his hot blonde are in the elevator and as she gets Max stripped down to nothing she gets behind him and pulls out handcuffs. She cuffs him to the bar in the elevator then tells him the deal is, he stays there and she goes home.

Stephanie and Jeremy walk in as Max is back in the room slipping his clothes back on.

As The World Turns

Brad tells Katie he didn’t mean Jack was dead but he had just vanished from the hospital. Jack showed up just in time to pull Carly out of the pond with the quicksand. As Jack gets Carly breathing again Silas comes from behind Jack and knocks him out with a shovel then tells Carly he is going to take care of all three of them once and for all. They all start fighting and Jack ends up getting Silas down with a choke hold. Carly stops him from killing Silas. Jack turn Silas over and handcuffs him just as the sirens get closer. Jack’s phone rings and its Katie, he tells her everyone is OK and they got JJ back. Katie tells Jack she loves him and he said that’s good to hear cause his loves her too. Carly over hears it and just looks disappointed.

Noah and Luke find themselves in a position and end up kissing, which is interupted when Noah’s phone rings. It was Noah’s Dad scolding him for being late meeting him and Maddie. Maddie wins Noah’s Dad over and this impresses Noah making him think maybe him and Maddie should move in together. When Maddie tells Luke about it he tells her that he thinks she should know something about Noah.

Sheree talks to Alison after she plans to put Alison and Dusty’s tape online. She tells Dusty its not over yet. Gwen receives an email from Dusty just as Alison walks in and it was the video of Dusty and Alison in bed. Aaron happens to see the same video from a customer’s laptop at work.


Alistair tells Vincent he isn’t there to hurt him, he is there to kill him. Meanwhile Julian and Eve talk to Vincent’s doctor about Alistair. The doctor seems to think the whole Crane clan needs to be in therapy.

Alistair was going to kill Vincent til Vincent tells him he has a secret he should know about and it involved Little Ethan. Alistair makes Vincent tell him. When he tells him that Julian is not Little Ethan’s father that Ethan is, Alistair loses it and starts screaming that that ruins everything.

While they have Gwen and Rebecca locked in the bathroom Theresa and Ethan continue with their wedding. Ethan stops the preacher as he was about to announce them man and wife and they think about the past together. When they come back to reality they kiss. Once again as they are about to be announced man and wife Theresa stops it telling Ethan she has something to tell him before they get married. She changes her mind and they are finally announced husband and wife.

Gwen and Rebecca knock the bathroom door down by pulling out the hinge pins and Chad walks up just in time to grab Gwen as she starts to run but Rebecca knocks into him releasing Gwen and the two of them run off only to find that the wedding is over. Gwen tells Ethan she has a wedding gift for him, and its one that people will talk about for years.

Sheridan is enjoying watching Fancy suffer as Pretty tells Luis her story. Fancy says it didn’t happen like Pretty said it did but Pretty insists Fancy did it on purpose. Luis defends Fancy saying she is not capable of that then asks Fancy if what Pretty says is true.

The Young and The Restless

As Nick and Phyllis examine her ankle brace they notice something different about Summer’s cry and when Nick picks her up he finds that Phyllis is right, the baby has a fever. After they get Summer to sleep Phyllis and Nick share a dance.

Adrian talks to Jana about Brad but because of the tumor Jana goes from reality to a make believe world so Adrian isn’t sure anything she tells him is reliable. Just as he starts to leave she says he never asked her what Brad’s real last name is. She reveals it to be George Kaplan.

Colleen tells Adrian what Jana told him about her father is all true and she decides to tell him everything. Adrian tells her that this story needs to be told and in his book. That it is her legacy and she agrees, it is not up to her father, its up to her.

Jack leads Sharon on a treasure hunt and at the end she finds two tickets to Paris and then surprises her with one more ticket for Noah. He thinks that it would be good for them to get away together. Sharon thanks him and then thinks back to her kiss with Nick while they were locked in the vault together.

Gloria tells Kevin he needs to talk to Jana when he knows its really her talking and find out what she wants him to do in the case if she goes into a coma after her surgery and not ever having hopes of her waking up.

Janette Barrett

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