Well it is the end of this soap week. As all soap fans know Friday’s are usually the important days so here is what happened with these soaps today.

Days of Our Lives

Steve offers to watch The Pocket Man for Kayla while she heads to the hospital to get Roman, who is being released from the hospital. Kayla is nervous about leaving the baby with Steve and talks him into taking the day to relax and she leaves with the baby. In the meantime Adrienne brings in a ton of books for him to read on parenting because he is determined to prove he can be a good father. Adrienne gives Steve some sound advice.

At the hospital Kayla tells Roman he is not strong enough to go back to work and refuses to sign his work release paper. She then makes Roman an offer for him to go back to work but to be restricted for 2 weeks at his desk only.

Max is being setup by a beautiful blonde from the casino. When she propositions him he wants to know what she is really up to. The blonde calls her contact asking how would they like her to seal the deal with Max and she says “yummy” she will let them know when it’s done. Stephanie sees Max and the blonde getting closer.

China Lee left her kids with Nick to tend too. Nick tries to locate China Lee and realizes he doesn’t know her last name and the kids won’t tell him. He calls the Las Vegas police and finds out she is in jail for soliciting and he is now stuck with the kids for 30 days.

As the World Turns

Carly trips over something causing Silas to think someone is there while looking for JJ.
Silas goes out to look around and Carly comes in and finds JJ. She unties JJ and sends him out to call the police while she distracts Silas and ends up fighting with Silas and knocking him out with the wrench. Carly runs out looking for JJ only to find him in a pond of quick sand. She tries pulling him out and she ends up in the quick sand pushing JJ out. Carly tells JJ she loves him and she sinks.

Katie learns about Jack’s accident and no one can even tell her where Jack is. She later talks to Kim and tells her about her engagement to Jack and shows her the ring that she dropped down the garbage disposal and then asks if she thinks that’s a bad omen. Brad comes in and tells Katie he found Jack. He is on the phone and he tells Katie he is sorry, Jack is gone.

Noah’s father tells him how proud of him that he is. But what he is really doing is trying to get Noah to change his mind about his choices for his future. He offers to give Noah cash to do whatever he wants with it, make a film or whatever, but only with one condition, and that is if he enlists in the army. Maddie walks in and meets Noah’s Dad.

Lily sets up a booking for a convention which she later learns from Dusty that the woman is a hooker and wants to turn the hotel into a brothel.


Kay and Miguel talk about being a real family now especially after they get married. Kay tries several spells top get them to the wedding and finally gets there.

Luis asks Pretty what was Fancy’s fault. Pretty turns to Sheridan and tells her to tell him the truth, but Sheridan thinks to herself that she can’t. Pretty tells Luis that her scar was no accident. She then explains to Luis what happened.

Theresa has a plan to stop Gwen and Rebecca from telling Ethan the truth. She gets Pilar and Whitney and Chad to huddle and they make their plans. They trick Gwen and Rebecca and lock them in the bathroom and now Theresa says she and Ethan can finally get married. Gwen tries breaking a window to escape still determined to stop the wedding.

Julian goes to the prison hospital to visit Vincent only to find him hiding under the bed  A Mystery person brings Vincent cookies only to crumble them in front of him leaving Vincent swearing that he didn’t tell them anything. The truth is revealed. It is none other than Alistair Crane himself.

The Young and The Restless

Adrian and Brad have a conversation that leads Adrian telling Brad since he won’t tell him the real story that he will just have to keep digging. Adrian and Colleen meet up after his return. He brings her a gift and they kiss. Colleen realizes that her father is the cause of Adrian not getting the job.

Sharon tries to comfort Noah but all he wants to do is go see Phyllis. Sharon agrees to take Noah to see Phyllis and when they get there Noah runs to Phyllis telling her he doesn’t want her to go to jail. Noah doesn’t understand why Phyllis has to go back to court.

Noah and Daniel play basketball and Noah asks him if he was mad since his mom testified against Phyllis. Daniel assures Noah that they are brothers and he is not mad at him. Meanwhile Phyllis tells Paul if he hurts her again she will make sure he is in the cell next to her.

Michael was served with papers from the courts where Heather has filed an motion to have Phyllis’s bail revoked. He runs into Paul at the courthouse and Michael warns him to back off the case. The judge asks Phyllis her reasons for what she done, and what made her change her mind about fleeing.

Michael tells Phyllis and Nick that the judge is ready with his decision. The judge lets Phyllis remain out on bail but she will have to wear a tracking device in order to assure the courts she will not flee. Nick tells Phyllis, “Let’s go home”

Kevin and Jana kiss as they get closer. Adrian goes to the hospital to see Jana. Jana’s memory keeps coming and going. Jana agrees to talk to Adrian about Brad Carlton and his family.

Colleen lets Brad know she knows about Adrian not being able to get the job in Paris thanks to him.

Janette Barrett

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