Well another week has gone by in the world of the soaps. Here are today’s updates.

Days of Our Lives

Phillip and Belle arrive at the Women’s Shelter looking for his son and Lauren. Belle claims she is married to Phillip. They don’t want to give out any information about any of their guests. This causes Phillip to panic and he comes clean with the supervisor and tells the truth about Lauren having his son, but the woman still refuses to help them.

After spotting Lauren and being knocked in the head Phillip tells Belle he can have the jet fly her back but he is not going home yet. He has to stay there and find out what Lauren did with his son. Belle doesn’t want to leave Phillip there alone so she calls Shawn and tells him she is going to stay overnight to help Phillip, Shawn says, but we have dinner plans tonight. Her response was she knows but she hopes he understands why she has to stay.

Shawn goes to Bo to talk about his plans to become a cop but Bo already knows about it. He tells Shawn it will have to wait because he is in the middle of a crime scene. When they talk Bo tries talking Shawn out of applying for the Police Academy.

Kayla and Steve talk about him being in jail til after Stefano’s “funeral”. She doesn’t like it since she can’t stand the thought of being without him but this is the only way they can think of to bring Andre out of hiding.

Rawlings gives Stephanie and Max parachutes and tells them they are going to exit the plane. When Max doesn’t want to cooperate Rawlings tells him he has a choice, either go out with the parachutes, or go with a bullet in his head. He also threatens to take Stephanie and make her one of his Angels. He agrees to give them a flashlight and a rope since it is dark out there and they both jump. Stephanie hurts her ankle when they land, so they hop into a cave that they find to spend the night in until daylight .

As The World Turns

The show was not aired today due to US Open tennis tournament. The show will return on Monday Sept. 10.


Eve goes to Valerie’s house to tell her about Vincent being dead. Eve finds Valerie home but sees her apartment has been trashed and Valerie tells her there was a break-in. After Eve leaves Valerie whispers to herself that if only Eve knew Vincent was really alive. Then suddenly she speaks in Vincent’s voice agreeing. Looking in the mirror Valerie peels off the mask and sees himself as Vincent now.

Tabitha and Kaye use witchcraft to try and save Endora from the boys downstairs. The boys from the dark side grab Endora and go to the door of the basement and Miguel runs after her. The door is locked behind them and Tabitha and Kaye bang on the door screaming for them. With spells together Kay and Tabitha get the door open and they both go downstairs and can’t find Miguel or Endora and they fear they are gone for good.

Sheridan finds Spike and knocks him to the ground, then holds a gun to him and asks him if he lied to her about Marty being alive. Spike says yes he is alive and he takes her to a video room where he shows her Marty playing with a toy train. Spike tries walking out after this but Sheridan pulls the gun at him again and tells him he is not going anywhere. Spike zooms in to the calendar in the video to prove to Sheridan that it isn’t pre-recorded, that Marty is really alive.

Luis shows up in the room with Sheridan and Pretty. They have no clue that Alistair is watching them on his hidden camera. Alistair tries working the control that’s programmed with the device inserted into Fancy but it isn’t working well. He gets upset saying this wasn’t suppose to happen to his beautiful granddaughter, with Pretty standing behind him hearing him yet once again. Fancy tells Luis that her head is killing her, and then it stopped. Now her nose is bleeding, and she can’t get it to stop. Luis goes to call 911 when he looks back Fancy falls to the floor.

Theresa is leaning over Ethan’s hospital bed asking him to come back to her, when he wakes up. She asks him if he remembers her talking to him while he was in the coma. He said yes and he remembers her telling him that he has a son. She told him that they can now be happy as a family. He wants to see his son. Pilar is outside ready to bring in Little Ethan when suddenly Gwen walks in carrying a baby boy. Apparently this is the new man in Gwen’s life. She tells Ethan this is his son, leaving Theresa in shock.

Ivy and Sam and Julian show up at the hospital and the doctor tells them that Ethan is well on his way to a complete recovery after eating poisonous strawberries. Sam and Ivy end up kissing when they hear about Ethan waking up.

Fox and Esme are in bed together discussing their future. Fox tells her that he once thought Kaye was the one for him but now he knows she wasn’t, he now knows that she is the one. Fox gets up to go get champagne and before he could get back someone shot him in the chest from the door.

Well this is the last show being aired on NBC. I don’t have Direct TV so I can’t write
updates for it anymore. Personally I think it sucks that NBC would take off a show like Passions just so they can add a fourth hour on their morning News Show, The Today Show. I think everyone of Passions fans should write in to NBC and complain.

The Young and The Restless

Summer is feeling better now and out of the hospital but Phyllis doesn’t know about it yet. They have forbidden her any phone calls at the prison for the week. The warden tells Michael that her visiting privileges have also been revoked for the week. Michael takes Nick with him to the prison posing as his assistant so Nick can visit with Phyllis to let her know about Summer being better now. A guard from the prison recognized Nick as Nicholas Newman, so the warden bans him from the prison and has him escorted out with Phyllis begging him not to do that, she needs her family.

Katherine asks Maggie if they found out how Ji Min’s windpipe got crushed, along with numerous questions concerning his death that Maggie is not able to answer. She just says as of right now it seems that he fell causing the windpipe to crush but it will take a few weeks for all the tests to come in before they know for sure.

Jill talks to the reporter and tells him that Ji Min had a recording where Jack admitted to him that he owned Jabot and that’s what he was going to announce at the press conference. Jill goes to Victor and tells him she wants the tape of Jack’s confession. She says Ji Min told her everything but Victor denies knowing what she is talking about. She then goes to Jack and tells him she wants that tape and they argue. The reporter tells Jill without proof he can’t print the story about Jack.

Katherine calls Jack and warns him about Jill talking to the reporter and about the tape. She then goes to Nikki and tells her about the tape and that Jill thinks Victor has it and that they have got to get their hands on that tape, or they are all going down.

Noah turns the TV on just in time to hear a news bulletin where the tape of Jack’s confession is aired. Everyone in Genoa City that is involved hears it.

Jan Barrett

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